POV LOI Day Meet Follow-up

First off let me thank my some of my Pitt Panthers Phanatics Friends ( a great Pitt football group on Facebook) for including me in their LOI Day evening:  Frostee Da Komen, Kevin Dell and his wife, Chris Lotz, Eric Garver, Bill Schenk, Corey , Ron , Alonzo, Jeff , Gabby, and others who I would recognize in a crowd but can’t remember a name to save my life. Great times with you all and thanks for not breaking the bank at the Bettis Bar.

Can’t forget the unofficial Pitt Football historian Bob Jeffery of Facebook’s Real Pitt Football Talk.  He is a font of knowledge when it comes to anything related to the Pitt program.

Now you guys need to get onto the actual articles themselves on the POV Blog and comment on there.

Polls lie.

Ours said 14 people would attend the Pre-Pitt LOI event frolic at Bettis’ and nine of us actually did – but then again they were the eight smartest and probably the most handsome of all our commenters… I’m excluded from that high company.

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