Football Bits & Pieces

NOTE: I’m wondering if I got ‘punked’ at the LOI Day event. The guy I talked to there looked exactly like our old DL position coach Inoke Brecterfield… and when I asked him if he was Coach Brecterfield he said “yes”  I introduced myself and we started talking about things we had in common (Pacific Islands) and about our current DL Jeremiah Taleni (who Brecterfield recruited and coached).  7511380

But the point was brought up on here that Brecterfield was almost sure to have been in Wisconsin on Wednesday for their LOI Day. gig.  I have been researching to see if Brecterfield was indeed in Madison, WI and can’t verify it.

In the interest of accuracy and honesty I’ll say that now I’m not sure at all it actually was him – but if not it was a very strange thing for someone to do.  And if it was that is strange in other ways also.

Watching the Super Bowl last night made me remember the best comeback I never saw.  Back in 1970 my oldest brother and I wpitt-stadium-pittsburgh-pennsylvaniaent to all the Pitt home games like we had ever since we were born.

The year before in ’69 Pitt was 4-6 under Carl DePasqua and had lost to West Virginia 46-19.  In ’70 we were sitting at a surprising 3-1 and had a three game winning streak against Baylor, Kent State and Navy when WVU came into Pitt stadium. They were 4-1 and nationally ranked at the time.

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