Stealing a Topic for Today…

…. but it’s a good one.

Every so often I go on the Pitt football message boards and take a look at what the posters on there are talking about.  Actually, that is how Ike and I got to know each other so long ago.

When I started writing for The Pitt Blather I cut down on the boards until I wasn’t visiting them at all.  However as I said I still go on maybe twice a month to see what’s up.

Yesterday I did this and ran across a post that really caught my eye and one I think you all will enjoy talking about.

On’s Panther-Lair’s pay site (subscription) message board Between Fifth and Forbes” (the best board by far) a poster calling himself Swervin27 posted this topic:

Favorite under the radar player at Pitt and why??

In essence he is asking the other posters who they consider an unheralded Pitt player who contributed more than the media talked about.  Swervin27 also asked that the superstars be left out as they obviously were not “under the radar”.

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