Charlie Partridge & the 2017 DL Unit

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Lets talk a bit more about this recent hire and what it could mean for Pitt… and I’ll tie it in with the continuing series of looking forward at the different units for 2017. 

Here are some details about Partridge’s tenure at Pitt earlier on in his career:

Partridge’s initial Pitt tenure was from 2003-07. He had a positional focus on the defensive line for four seasons and the linebackers in his final campaign. Partridge also served as the Panthers’ special teams coordinator in 2006-07.

 In 2007, Pitt ranked fifth in the nation in total defense, yielding just 297.7 yards per game. The Panthers closed that season with one of the most celebrated victories—and defensive performances—in school history: a 13-9 upset of West Virginia that shattered the Mountaineers’ national title hopes. Pitt limited the high-powered WVU offense to just one touchdown and 183 total yards.

Well, I remember that game pretty well. Do you?

Sad Pat…

Our DL and especially our linebackers got after Pat White like they were fireman and he was a house on fire.  Chased him all over WVU’s field and into the stands almost. There was continued heavy pressure  on him and here were the results.

Here is what White had done that season; in passing he had 1,724 yards (68%) and 14 TDs – not too shabby for a wishbone QB.  As a runner he excelled with 1,335 yards at a 6.8 ypc clip and also 14 TDs. That was awesome .

But we held him to 5/10 passing for 50 yards and 14 carries for 41 yards which was only 2.9 ypc.  No only season’s lows but embarrassingly poor. Yeah Us!  The Good Guys prevail!

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