New Hosting Site for Discussions

My POV friends and confidants,

I took Tossing Thabeets’ (best screen name ever) suggestion and ditched Skype which required all parties join Skype in order to communicate.

Instead we will use a hosting site named and it is as simple as can be.  All a caller has to do is dial the websites regular phone number and then enter a 10 digit “Meeting’s unique ID code” and the screen will ask you what name you want to use then Hey Presto!  you are in the discussion group.

You can also get into the discussion just by clicking on a link I will provide you via email or via the POV comments section…

Here is the front page and at the top you will see a bar that looks like this over toward the right side:


You’ll click on the “Join Meeting” box and that will start you into the below process.

Before you do that I will have sent an email, text or posted the meeting’s ID number. An example of you’re using your computer is that I will either send you an email, text or post  this link:

https:/ (that last number was our session’s unique ID # from last evening  – it changes with every meeting). Do that and you are in Bluejeans.

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