Discipline; What Is It Exactly ?

I was wool gathering yesterday afternoon right after I put the Sunday podcast up.  I started thinking about why fans like what they like, what they dislike and /or are ambivalent to issues surrounding the Pitt football program.

It seems we are all different in our approach to what we want and expect out of the program.  I know what I expect and I haven’t been shy of stating it. I’ve been called old-fashioned or references made to my military background as having influence over my opinions – and that has to be true in a sense especially when discussing disciplinary issues.

But what have we seen transpire over the last decade or so that has had us discussing this topic?  After all Pitt went from pretty horrid in that department to almost pristine. Is it the recruiting ? Yes in some ways.  Is it the leadership we have had in place over the last five years? Most certainly.

Paul Chryst and Pat Narduzzi have done a remarkable job in setting tough but reasonable standards and then holding the young men responsible if they don’t meet them.

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