Pitt Football’s Glory Days: Part 1

Sometimes when I’m trying to figure out what to write for the next article I take a look at some of the historical stuff that pertains to Pitt football and I try to figure out patterns or events that I can point to which would be interesting to talk about.  With that I have found something that I think will be nice to share with you guys.

Lets look back at what we all feel were the glory days of Pitt football.600px-pittwvuatexpopark1908.. and to me that means not going back to the turn of the earlier century, the early 1900s, even though we did kick ass then when football was a different animal all together and we played at Forbes field… but into the 1930s. 

In other words lets look at Pitt’s first rush of success from when football was more modern and the forward pass was fully integrated.

Today we’ll make that Part 1 of our look-back.  Part 2 will cover 1974 until 1983 then in Part 3 we’ll look over the last decade… yeah, believe it or not the last 10 years have been a highlight for us. Continue reading “Pitt Football’s Glory Days: Part 1”