Found the Future in a Pear Tree

It’s no surprise to Pitt fans by now that Pat Narduzzi has hired ex-Pitt Defensive Line c4pojy6xaaehdwpcoach Charlie Partridge as our new DL position coach .  Partridge was a fan favorite back in the early Dave Wannstedt head coaching days. You can see on his job chart that he was here from 2003 until 200 when he went to the Wisconsin Badgers.

And he was a fan and player favorite.  Our defenses were pretty good back then but his forte was player recruitment and then developing those players into real mainstays at their positions.  That was in his younger coaching days… he’s grown up since then.

What is pretty interesting about this hire, and this is based on  intuition, is that because  we are hiring a staff coach who has been 1) DL coach, 2) Co-Defensive coordinator, 3) Asst’ HC and the 4) a HC at Florida Atlantic. We are setting the future table.

My Pitt friends, what does that resume’ say to you?partridge-salary

That’s right… he’s Josh Conklin’s replacement as Pitt’s Defensive Coordinator if thing don’t get 1000% better on defense next year and quick like.  I think this is the first case of Pat Narduzzi really seeing the handwriting on the wall when it comes to Josh Conklin’s abilities and lack of production at a Power Five school.

Partridge was making $591K at Florida Atlantic (94th nationally) before he got fired there. So he’s not breaking the bank here at Pitt and I’ll wager he’s making less than that.  He’ll have one year under his belt if a change is called for at the DC spot.  If we start out badly enough and are getting burned in the passing game like we did last season then he’s on staff and ready to serve as an interim-DC in a pinch. 

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