POV; 7/6/2017 Roundtable Video

Here is the roundtable video that Rich, Rich and Reed recorded on Wednesday evening.  The audio held out until almost a full hour then we started getting reverb again… does any reader have any idea why that may be happening?

Enjoy it – we discussed what made us Pitt football fans then went over went over some of the recent articles published in the last week or so.

Note: I mentioned in a comment in the last article that I’d go back and look at some preseason reviews and predictions from national media outlets because some are so off base it is rather funny.  However some are right on track also as we’ll see also.

I’m drafting that piece not for tomorrow morning.





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  1. Oh man, that was a really cool round-table guys thanks to the tre R’s, Reed, Rich and Richard!!

    Lots of laughs and stories….. but the 3 best PITT fans? Hmm? Get on board all you other POV’ ers!

    Great talk and discussion and sounded great up until the 35:00 minute mark? Definitely some sort of interference somewhere? I’m thinking Wifi or mucking about the internet while on bluejeans?

    Seriously, it was so enjoyable to watch and listen to great PITT fans tell their PITT stories and thanks again for a great podcast………………………. ike I got some feedback coming but not tonight. 🙂

    We All We Got
    We All We Need!!


    1. I read that too. But again someone noted recently how many readers and posters here (not blowing smoke lol) are clearly very intelligent, thoughtful people who follow the University of Pittsburgh and especially its athletic program infintely times closer and with more investment than so many sports writers —- who just, “pop their heads-in” for a brief moment, then rush-out some quick analysis about Pitt and where it stands.

      My very Optomistic Pitt-Supporter reaction to these rankings of “Athletic Success” : Only a few schools listed in all of these rated top 65 Power 5 Athletic Programs (I have no idea what criteria they even used, they said they used some Athletic Director algorythm whatever) were schools that just got into the Power 5 the last 5 years(!!):

      None of these recent Power 5 programs were rated highly (all outside the top-50) because it takes some time to build-up formely non-power 5 facilities + programs, up to schools that have been getting $15 million more dollars every single year than Pitt until 2013.

      Obviously some purely National Writer doesn’t give a hoot about that — but as a Pitt -person that is huge to comprehend and understand to give a little credit to the Panthers as the program builds.

      All the rest of the schools besides Pitt and a few others have been Power 5 (i.e. $$$ tens and tens of millions of income Pitt has totally lost-out on) for at minimum over a decade, including all the former Big East teams who bounced for the ACC way back-when.

      For example along with Pitt, here are the other recent-Power 5 joining programs out of the 65 total, which all were ranked 50 overall and lower:

      Pitt (Hail to Pitt!! Only school that matters in the USA anyways 😉 ) / Rutgers (Big 10 from Big Least) / West Virginia (obviously Big Least too) / Utah which joined the Pac 12 from the Mountain West / and TCU joined the Big 12 from the Mountain West —-> like Pitt, all of these schools that have only been Power 5 for 5 years are less are ranked outside the top 50, which as I’ve stated about $$$ would be obvious and clear.

      Not making excuses — Pitt is in the ACC now period, so time push-away the long-timers and get some elbow-room at the ‘Big Boy Table’, for sure.



  2. Great post DK. Well said.

    Again the round-table was very entertaining. Great job guys!

    Here’s a question that could be considered off topic but imo it’s not. < (hint)

    Name your three most electrifying SPORTS games in PITTSBURGH history. (games played in Pittsburgh and you didn’t have to be there)

    #1…?? Pirates playoff game against Cincinnati when Cueto drop the ball
    #2…?? Wanny’s first game against Notre Dame
    #3…?? Last years psu game, when we kick butts and took names.


    1. well, sadly for many here, that was electrifying.

      However, maybe he meant an 09 prime time game vs ND which Pitt won


  3. As far as that Yahoo sports article HbgFrank posted above …. it indicated that Pitt’s inclusion in the ACC was not welcomed by ADs.

    If you remember, Pitt and Syracuse were brought into the ACC because of their basketball success. No way, Pitt would be brought in today .. so Pitt fans can forever thank Jamie Dixon for being in the ACC . This is ironic since Dixon was maybe the only one associated with Pitt that didn’t like the move.


  4. Yes I was referring to the Notre Dame, Wanny’s first game. It was a dad ending for sure but that game was electrifying at the beginning. I remember the vibe was incredible.

    Didn’t PITT have a long pass completion for a 7-0 lead at the start of that game?


  5. A game I remember that was electrifying was Pitt winning a close game vs Va Tech in 2003. Lousaka Polite bowled over a VT LB for the winning TD with about 30 seconds left. I was at the game but believe it was a prime time TV game.

    As far as the crowd being electrified …. 2 Pitt losses

    2002 Pitt vs WVU. In final drive Pitt drove to about their 9 yard line but could not push it in in 4 tries.
    2009 Pitt vs Cincy

    But the most electrified crowd I ever witnessed was the first playoff game in Steeler history (after 40 years) .. which turned out to be the Immaculate Reception game.


  6. If the ACC had to do it over again, who would have they picked. Pitt and Cuse basketball havent been very good lately. At least Pitt has a good football program. I think both schools would be picked again. The choices were and continue to be limited. I’m thinking Maryland wishes they would have stayed. Rutgers is just glad anyone took them. If the ACC took Louisville, they should consider WVU and Cincy. Think of a division that has Pitt, WVU, Cincy, Cuse, BC and Louisville. 3 six team divisions.


  7. Sorry to change the topic, but an interesting article on Cardiac Hill about who would be Pitt’s breakout player(s) this year got me thinking. There sure are a lot of guys that could and we really need to “break out”

    The three transfers Browne, Hendrix and Clark surely are candidates, none have done anything on the field but have the pedigrees. All would go a long way to improve our chances this year. Of course Hamlin, and to some degree Whitehead are candidates. Both have to overcome injuries, Whitehead a sophomore slump and a change of position. Lots of depth at D-back, who will step up?

    Hopefully one of the running backs has a breakout year, but which one? We could also wonder about receiver, linebacker and D-line.

    What other youngster or lesser known upper classman will make the big jump. Any incoming freshmen?

    Certainly a lot of unknowns but a whole lot of opportunity exists. We need multiple guys to seize the day!


    1. gc, I concur. This team could have a half dozen new success stories to delve into by season’s end.


  8. My most electric game was the Dorsett 300+ yds vs Notre Dame. I had recently graduated and had friends sneak me into the student section. Every time TD scored everyone was hugging and kissing, screaming and crying. It was so emotional after years of absolute misery.

    Notre Dame was by far the biggest Dog, much bigger than PSU or WVU back then. They had a huge national following. We knew we had arrived in the “Big Time”


  9. Feedback/reverb is usually caused by the sound from your speakers getting to your microphone and creating a feedback loop. You will want to isolate the two. The best way is to use a headset or earbuds with a mic ( a la pre-iPhone 7 earbuds work well). Another step is to keep your line muted until you speak. You can buy a decent bluetooth headset for $30.

    My company is transitioning from a traditional conference call solution to Skype for Business and folks haven’t got around to buying headsets yet, are using their earbuds with their laptop speakers or are just plain stupid. It is creating havoc but like all change folks will come around slowly. Since I wasn’t paying for it I have a $200 Plantronics bluetooth headset on my desk. Works like it should.


      1. I just got off a Skype meeting no more than 20 minutes ago. Works well … just don’t ask me how ot set it up


  10. Breakout player possibilities.

    Darrin Hall
    Deandre Schifino
    Chase Pine
    Bricen garner
    Therran Coleman
    Damar Hamlin
    Kaezon Pugh
    etc etc etc……..
    Maybe I should have just wrote down the few players that really don’t qualify for a breakout season?

    I really don’t expect much from the jet sweep this year. You would think any team PITT plays would be super ready for it….. and the hand clapping that befuddled Frankie’s offense last year? This may still befuddle Jimmie “one finger” Franklin’s boys.

    I do remember the PA announcer that WVU game, funny as heck and the guy was fired after the game.

    Shell admitted he was lazy in his younger days.

    About the players lost last year and went elsewhere, Sometimes the better kids just want to spread their wings and leave WPA and there isn’t much any coach can do about it. I can’t blame Narduzzi in his second year for not turning those kids around. …but PITT did get Pugh and Hamlin.

    The Pitt POV is a one of a kind blog and PITT site like no other. Reed, looks like you and the POV are on the map and could be a force moving forward for all things good for PITT!

    EJ is great. Don’t know the guy but I do see the passion in the way he handles things down there, I hope PITT never loses him.

    I like Lyke. I think she’s on the beam and has handled her early days as an AD splendidly. I didn’t want an AD to come into PITT and start bossing everyone around and changing things willy nilly.

    Again the round-table was crisp as can be for the first 35 minutes which leads me to believe that an outside interference popped up from someone’s other device??

    I will not (if I can help it) miss next weeks round-table as it looked like lots of fun….. Plus there is only going to be more and more to talk about in the very near future… Hope that those who have already participated continue and some of you other experts decide to finally join in. ………..ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need


  11. ike, I think the jet sweep will be fine again because Henderson is so fast. He also makes good decisions on when to turn it up field. Also possible to reverse it to FFrench, another speed burner. I have seen very little out of Hall that makes me think he will break out. I look for Ollie to return to form or possibly one of the new guys, On Cardiac Hill they mention Moss, but I don’t see that either. In most cases runners have it right away or they don’t. Never a doubt with guys like Conner, Shady, Graham etc. The first time I saw TD shift gears I knew.

    Ollie is the biggest mystery, only explanation is attitude, Guys that run over 1000, usually don’t disappear.


  12. gc: I mention Hall for the reason he’s a coaching favorite it seems. Meaning he will get a good long look to show his abilities.

    I remember early lat year here on the POV and other message board people bemoaning Ffrench getting carries and how he looked slow. You’re right though, he’s not slow, he’s fast as heck and his first name is Maurice… but he ain’t no joker…

    Ollison is a mystery, a big one. He was in the game almost all of the time but got very little carries, so I wonder about the doghouse thing? ……….. ike


    1. There is no mystery, is there? Didn’t it come out after the season that Ollie was out of shape, but showed up for spring this season with a new attitude and trimmed body?

      ike, you don’t that Hall being from Youngstown has something to do with it, do you? Actually, IMO he’s like Chris James … looks like he’s ready to break out any time but hasn’t yet to do so.


  13. I think Ffrench will be nearly as dangerous as Quadree on the jet sweep this year, by the end of last season he was clearly more comfortable with knowing when to make his cut and was ripping off some great long runs because of that. Earlier in the season he missed out on some big opportunities because he wasn’t making his cut at the right place. People weren’t happy about it but he needed that experience and it paid off later and will pay off now in 2017.


  14. Hall being from Youngstown may have something to do with it but I kinda of doubt it. Hill is the one who likes Hall and we all know that Narduzzi doesn’t meddle into the assistants job? 🙂

    If Ollison was in the doghouse which I think he was then why did he play as much as he did? I still can’t find a snap count on him but he had more snaps than Moss and Hall put together.

    Me? I think Hall is a good one. Injury prone so far but he has jumps going towards the O-Line. I’m thinking at least all three returning backs not including Georgie (he will get his) will get many carries and probably one freshman. I wished one of those newbie’s would have enrolled early. ike


  15. Ffrench is a crazy great athlete but I do remember some complaining about him early on last season and I thought, …. well you know what I thought!


  16. I think Ffrench and Henderson need to catch more passes and develop as WRs to make them more effective. They are so fast and good in the open field. We need to find ways to throw it to them too!


  17. Thanks wwb but I’m talking about actual snaps played. Ollison was in there a ton blocking and running wheel routes. QO played a lot. Just not many carries.


  18. One thing that Watson has done in the past was to hand over the QB job to either a talented freshman or sophomore that he believed was superior to who started the season. My fear is that he’s currently so happy to be back with a job as OC that he won’t have the courage to replace Browne if he falters. It’s real early but my hunch is that the best QB has right now may be our incoming freshman QB Pickett. It would take a lot of guts to pull Browne for a freshman and not have your job on the line in doing so.—-So I guess my “real long shot” for a breakout player this year is Pickett.


    1. If Pickett sees the field this season, it will be because the Panthers have had multiple QBs go down with injuries. Not good for Pitt.


  19. I hope the graduate transfer former No. 1 QB recruit in the country who has a grand total of like 3 and a half games of college experience isn’t replaced by the 3 star true freshman QB who has a grand total of 0 games of college experience. I prefer not writing off whole seasons which is what will happen if either true FR Pickett or RS FR MacVittie replaces Browne. Or if DiNucci ends up being starter for most of the year. Unless they out-Tyler Palko Tyler Palko in being gamers and go on a tear.


    1. Like I said Watson in the past has pulled his upper class starter for a more talented underclassman. I believe Browne will disappoint most all our pov followers fairly quickly this season. Thus Narduzzi and Watson may be faced with the scenario I outlined in my previous post. I’m just hoping I’m wrong about Browne and he is able to replace Peterman without Pitt missing a beat.


      1. Well then you’re thinking something is gonna happen which isn’t since Pickett, MacVittie and DiNucci are nowhere near as talented as Browne. It’s not even close.


    2. Everybody gets hung up on Browne’s “starting” experience. 3 games as USC’s starting QB yes, but the kid got on the field as a freshman way back in 2014 for some mop up duty while the coaches were burning his RS on the sidelines.

      Max has been in battle before & has seen a total of 14 opponents through his helmet’s face mask. He has been around the block more than once and to discount that body of work, now portraying him as a retread thrown away QB because he was a wash out at USC is just unfair.

      Look it. With no Sam Darnold breathing down Browne’s neck last season at Southern Cal we’d be talking about which truly “NO EXPERIENCE” QB will be starting against YSU in a month & a half while Browne leads USC into the PAC 12 fray for the 2017 season.

      Long live Max Browne.


  20. jrn, that actually the kind of pick we should all give out. You know, an off the waller or one from the outfield. ..It’s just that I disagree with it. 🙂

    MacVittie will be the surprise QB this year that leads PITT to another good season. Is that off the wall enough for you guys?

    I keep saying this Schifino kid will get some playing time. Being real good is in his blood and he’s smarter than your average bear.. ike


  21. Ike,
    Your original question about top Burg game of all time: Game 7 1960 World Series with Maz hitting the bottom of the 9th, 7th game home run.
    Concerning Ollison:
    Yes he definitely had “snaps” but he didn’t have carries. Which is like having a thorough bred race horse come out to smooth the track by dragging a grate behind it but not allowing the race horse to run the race!


  22. Pittman, I can’t help it that you are an old man and I’m so young and handsome. 🙂 .. I do remember being out on our front porch and the whole neighborhood banging on pots and pans acting strange after that game. AWESOME!!

    Would you bet on a fat out of shape race horse with your own money? Neither would Pat Narduzzi.

    Meanwhile over on another message board of sorts, Reed posted up a great comment after a few wanna be’s tried to insult the POV. I take umbrage to those people as that they don’t know enough to have an opinion about us.

    Way to go Reed. …….. ike


  23. Ike, I seem to remember that Ollison came into camp last year looking mean and lean like a race horse. Was that not what was reported? Or am I mistaken?


  24. I believe he came in this past spring mean and lean … last spring, freshman Chawntez Moss became the #1 RB even though he was with the program just a few months (enrolled in Jan 16). Remember, JC was still taking cancer treatments last spring


  25. Not so sure Pittman? QO upset the apple-cart one way or another or somehow? Narduzzi is no trump when it comes to social media so who really knows? < if that comment is allowed?

    One thing I do know is that, the closer it gets to fall camp the more optimism I feel. Now that’s scarey and adrenaline talking.

    I’ll say it, this year will belong to Narduzzi and his coaching staff……… NO!!! …… His recruits will not be ready and in place at their young age but there is enough older players along some key positions ( O-Line) to fortify and stabilize the football team…..but watch them fly around! Maybe mistakes but at a zillion miles an hour imo!! This is what Narduzzi is known for.

    The crazy thing I keep coming back to is that PITT has had trouble for years with regrouping if you will and making that serious run with a stocked senior team loaded with experience. Like the book says. “One brick shy of a load”

    I’m on board with this years PITT football team and can’t wait for the good surprises they have in-stored for us all this year… .ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need


  26. Here’s my Email in case someone wants to tell me to shut-up or go to heaven.. ike210@don’tbother.com


  27. Reed – Thanks for the defense of the round table.criticism on the Panther Liar free board.


    I admit I am not a PITT alum and I definitely am not a rolling encyclopedia of all thing PITT but I am a PITT fan and damn proud of it.

    I have listened to the round table since the start and when Reed, Ike & others put out the request for for participants, I responded.

    I will happily go back to listening if more knowledgeable PITT POV’ers will join the discussion. I think the round table is a excellent way to discuss PITT football (& put a face to a name.) & it is just one of the many ways the POV is the best PITT free site.


  28. This year’s recruiting class — if two more defensive studs committ soon that would be huge:

    If Pitt can finalize the deal with Aliquippa (Pitt Legacy HS it feels like!) Safety Kwantel Raines that would be wonderful. He’s got insane size at 6’3” too so he’s got a bright career ahead as a Huge Safety, or he could even be a future Explosive Linebacker — http://247sports.com/Player/Kwantel-Raines-90392

    And then if Pitt can get a commitment soon from Colombus, OH Linebacker Brian Asomoah
    http://247sports.com/Player/Brian-Asamoah-46036146 — that would be great. Man….he looks really, really athletic and hits-heavy. Listed at 6’1” so he could very easily be a 220 pound havoc-wreaker at OLB in the 4-3.

    If those two commit to Pitt, and Pitt can get one more really athletic cornerback that defensive talent-infusion will help keep building the program.

    This year’s impact player: It just has to be a Quarterback for me, period. That’s any year where Pitt doesn’t have that true, “Comprehended Commodity” returning — and the only two solid returning QB’s Pitt has had in the last 20 odd years were Nathan Peterman / Bill ‘Gentle Arm’ Stull so it’s been really ‘tuff.

    With great recruiting young players on the lines and skill positions always step-up. But at Pitt as a Football Fan you always have Quarterback Shell-Shock after watching ‘garbage -> up to basement-floor mediocre QB play’ drag down entire teams (Tino Sunseri blowing the gaskets of pitt fans, and 3 coaches in 3 years, Chad Voytik dragging down the ship and nullifying historic, all time seasons for James Conner on O and Aaron Donald on D — up to Pitt ‘highlights’ of Tom Savage mediocrity until Nathan Peterman’s arrival).

    I am hoping to the lucky-stars that Max Browne this year is Pitt’s Ace Starting Pitcher and Pitt’s absolute break-out player in 2017 — yet I also hope in 2017 Thomas MacVittie will be utilized as an huge Ace-In-The-Whole, Read-Option change-up, offensive game-changer with Shawn Watson.

    Watson’s most recent, relevant, true Offensive Coordinator + QB coach experiences (a la what’s he’s doing at Pitt now with his home-boy Pat Narduzzi), were at Nebraska with Bill Callahan for 3 seasons during their Steve Pederson years (but he got their QB’s and tons of offensive players to the NFL — look it up) — and much more recent, positive and relevant: Watson did a wonderful job as OC and QB coach at Louisville where he coached the offense and was Teddy Bridgewater’s QB coach.

    The Texas stuff was a fiasco all-around. Defense, Offense, and oh-yeah even special teams —- everything was horrible before and after Watson was the OC. That was an all-around disaster for Strong and I do not blame Watson for that at all.

    And before I even really paid close attention to Shawn Watson, I noted back during his time with the Longhorns, that the QB’s were horrible for Watson and he had no options —- one of his QB’s Swoopes became their Henry Hynoski type big-back and the other QB Jerrod Heard was moved full time to Wide Receiver where he still is. Neither could read a defense or operate a pro-style passing offense a lick.

    Shawn Watson though now at Pitt has everything he could hope for to work with, under an awesome (Stable and Ascending unlike Texas!) program and culture with Narduzzi —- so he’s gotta squeeze freagin’ Magic outta “Last Hurrah” 6’5” Max Browne —- and he really must utilize secret-weapon, “Young Assassin” 6’5” T-MAC with read-option runs and triple-option looks to keep defenses totally off their equilibrium.

    Watson has two 6’5”, NFL Prototype QB’s to work with and I think Max Browne is breakout-Star #1 and #1-A T-MAC rips-off huge read-option plays in key moments (especially in the Red Zone too) — but Max Browne I call for as break-out player #1 —- a “Baby” Cam Newton at Auburn level coming-out party.


  29. Hey Darkie, I can’t read ur stuff without the italics, bold lettering, hashtags and everything else.
    Don’t let folks here give u grief.
    Do you, man!
    Do you!


    1. Darkie needs a pep talk from our President.
      No matter the criticism just keep being your own kind of crazy Dark Knight.


  30. Hall doesn’t have the wiggle I like to see in a RB, but if you check you find he is very good at gaining 2 or 3 yards after contact. He hits the line at full speed.

    I think that’s what Coach Duzz likes about Hall.


  31. Couple things here:

    Pitt-Cocks. Don’t sell yourself short here. You have the knowledge/stories and quite frankly what some seem not to have, the guts to come onto the round-table and express their PITT feelings and I can’t say it enough how I appreciate that. To hell with people that have opinions on an anonymous message board. We show are faces….

    MM, right on. That’s Hall’s MO. He will make it stick this year with many big big run’s.

    Darkie, be yourself my man and that was a really great post right there…. and I go back and agree with you on MacVittie. He will play this year and surprise Reed among many others! Just watch the Darrin and Thomas show………………………………. ike


  32. Darkie…you are the ” black-light poster” of the POV… turn it on man… bring back your unique STYLE.. boring is not your style… last post was ok but without your pizz-zzaz .. something is missing- the real you


  33. …….. and by the way Reed. Why do you feel the need to explain to an another PITT football site of what we talk about and do here?

    I stand proud and ready to defend the knowledge of our posters and what we chose to talk about on this POV site.

    Chris Peak is a great PITT man and really knows what he is talking about, so no offense there. Love his Podcast’s and the talk on his forum.

    What we have is special though! …. ..ike


  34. PittcockFan (Richard),
    Thanks for sharing Reeds defense of the Round Table. Those guys simply displayed their arrogance and laziness in that they were too lazy to actually read Reed’s article to see that Reed was asking for our opinions on the top 3 games from the Walt Harris era to the present. NOT the top 3 games of all time in Pitt’s rich football history!
    I, for one, am so thankful that Reed is not an elitist who only attracts elitists to his blog. Instead, Reed is down to earth and appreciates ALL Pitt football fans like you and me and every POV commenter.
    Reed, thank you for being the Pitt blog writer for the ordinary, everyday guy (and gal).


    1. You’re not inferring banning the elitists are you? It’s OK if I still hang around with you commoners, right?


  35. Hey Darkie, all of those QBs you put down until Peterman’s arrival. But isn’t it something how good a QB can be when surrounded by quality skill people and a great OL?

    For proof …. I offer Bill Stull of 2008 vs Bill Stull of 2009


    1. 2008:
      12g 330att 188compl 57% 2356yds 9td 10int 119 rating

      13g 321a 209c 65% 2633y 21td 8int 151rat


      1. of course, another consideration is offensive coordinators. compare Stull under Cavanaugh (08) vs Cignetti (09) …. and Peterman under Chaney (15) vs (16) Canada


  36. coordinators, offensive line and experience. all those things matter in QB play. plus schedule and whether the D doesnt force you to score 35 points to win a game.


  37. This should raise some eyebrows.

    The player I’m predicting is the “Pitt Breakout Player for 2017” is a known entity.

    He is poised for greatness on the national stage, if only his talent is utilized fully as the offensive weapon that it is.

    My prediction is that Pitt gets some attention nationally this season from the impressive stats that “The Squirrel” accumulates this coming season. You ever try catch a squirrel? Yeah, that was his HS nickname.

    His HS fame led to the production of the video short titled “The Gingerbread Man” Don’t know the origin of that title in the least, but those who witnessed his HS exploits know of his breakout potential and that his college ceiling has yet to be realized.

    The kid is a triple threat as a ball carrier, as a receiver and especially as a return man, Quadree Henderson is the Panther that breaks onto the national scene in 2017 & puts Pitt back on the map as a top 25 football team in 17.


    1. Never seen a guy have two breakout seasons in a row. He is a spectacular return man, best ever at Pitt. If he starts catching the ball in the open field look out.


      1. Wouldn’t it be great though? Two time All American, with enough national hype produced by his stats in 2017 that he hangs around for his 4th year at Pitt trying to become Pitt’s 2nd Heisman Trophy winner?

        “I Have a Dream”!


  38. Pitt Cocks – you ain’t going anywhere – we enjoy your commentary on the Roundtable. But really guys – four or five POV’ers on there makes it so much better. Mark off Wednesday night for your POV Roundtable debut.


  39. If our O-line comes together, we should have another spectacular offense. With Weah, Henderson, Clark and Aston, we have exceptional skill players at those positions. A stable of running backs, and more depth at wideout. The wild card is Browne, but he will have a whole arsenal of talent to spread the ball to.


  40. Wow, what makes this years O so exciting is that the POTENTIAL is there for another offensive scoring beast! But what is also deep inside of our souls tempering our excitement is ALL the UNKNOWNS! Like for example the guy who is OVER the entire offense – Watson; and the guy who touches the football 99% of the time – Max Browns, and the O line, and YIKES!!!
    We should hope for the best but expect the worst. NAH FORGET THAT!!!!!
    I’m hoping for the BEST and expecting the BEST! (the heck with those old wise sayings :>) )


  41. Every new year beams with excitement, that is what makes college football the best sport. It isn’t like the professional sports where you can typically slot teams in at the beginning of a year and know where they will finish (with a few exceptions of course). There is no dynasty or even talk of one with college sports (although close with Alabama the last few years).

    Complete talent turnover every 4-5 years makes this sport so exciting. Add to that new coaches and the unknown as to whether they are an upgrade, a push, or a downgrade and you have the makings of great entertainment.

    The days to the new season are fast approaching and I am hopeful our senior leaders have pushed the right buttons for the youngins to step up!!


  42. Best of luck to Rod Rutherford who was just hired as head coach of Perry high (his alma mater)

    His coaching experience includes a GA at Pitt in 2009, QB coach at St Vincent’s in 2010, and WR Coach at IUP from 2011-15. He also is involved as a trainer for a local group that develops high school and college players in the off-season.


  43. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised with the offense this season. In addition to the jet sweeps I expect more of a screen game and getting the ball to our play makers in space. I don’t think we’ll see more ball control either. Narduzzi has been very clear that he wants an attacking offense. As we’ve seen recently no score is safe. Trying to run the clock out has become more risky than keeping the pedal to the metal.


  44. As far as the round-table goes, I can’t believe Reed doesn’t have twenty or so PITT fans wanting to jump on board. It’s loads of fun and come kickoff time in less than two months we will have the technical problems worked out. So, for the guys that have joined in we need to keep it going and for those who haven’t joined in YET! Jump in! It’s a hoot. ….. ike

    We All We Got MY Brothers!
    We All We Need


  45. Ike – it’s too early. I have a two kids. Would have to be a 10pm start time for me to join.


  46. Pittman4eva….love QH and what he brings.. the fumbles were on the ” lo- light ” video…


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