POV Roundtable Tonight – 7/12

trickRemember that we’ll be having a POV drinks & dinner get together on Saturday evening at 6:oo pm at The Porch in Oakland – smack in front of Hillman Library.  I’ll be there around 5:00 so that I’ll be drunk enough to deal with you all before you get there – wives, friends and families welcome also.

Wow – what a great discussion on stadiums, attendance, etc… in response to the last POV article.  We have at this time 148 comments and all mean something and are great views into other readers’ minds on those tender subjects.

BigB asked for Reed’s input there and I’ll say this.  After I write an article that gets so well discussed – especially if it is a subject that I, and you guys, feel the Pitt administration need to become aware of – I’ll send that along usually via emails.

If it is something truly very important then I draft a formal letter and send it to Pitt – original to the office that has responsibility over the subject with copies to others I think need to see the info.

Sometimes I get responses back and sometimes I tell them there is no need to write back.

But I am a big believer that if you want to ensure something gets read – and especially if you expect a response – the hard copy is the way to go.  Email lessens the impact of the message and can be too easily overlooked.

I highly suggest you all do the same… it is one thing to state our opinions on here – another thing altogether to send it to the source.  When doing so mention things like if you are an alumni; a season ticket holder and thus Panther Club donor, and if you donate to other areas of the University.

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher

University of Pittsburgh

4304 Wesley W. Posvar Hall

230 South Bouquet Street,  Pittsburgh, PA 15260.

Athletic Director Heather Lyke

Athletic Director’s Office

Petersen Events Center

Go get them!


We’ll have our weekly Roundtable Discussion again this evening starting at 8:00 pm.  I’ll be in the meeting around 7:45 or so if you want to join in a bit early.

Here is how to get in via internet:

Meeting ID

Just want to dial in on your phone?

1) +1.408.740.7256(United States)

2) Enter Meeting ID: 303520973
3) Press #
4) Enter Moderator Passcode: 2615 #

I went out and bought a good set of earphones so that my speakers won’t cause reverb like it has in the past. I suggest you all do the same.
Here is the info from Bluejeans on the subject:


Steps to help you reduce/eliminate echo from your computer include:

  1. Avoid dialing into the meeting from a telephone in the same room with your computer video endpoint (click here for description)
  2. If using built in speakers in your laptop:
    • Lower the speaker volume, or
    • Add an external speaker with built-in echo cancellation. Place speakers far away from the laptop mic and reduce volume to a comfortable level.
  3. If using an external microphone, move the microphone away about a foot away from the speakers.
  4. Adjust your mic/speaker settings from your computer control panel:
    • Reduce or turn off the microphone boost option.
    • Disable all Playback and Recording enhancements (click here for instructions).
  5. Avoid keyboard typing with an unmuted mic and step back from the laptop when using hands-free mode.
  6. Some computers have an echo cancellation feature but it could be compromised on high CPU load. Closing a few processes can help enable that feature.
  7. If nothing else works, using a headset or ear buds instead of speakers will eliminate echo.