POV’s Saturday Bits & Pieces & QBs

Huh, a few things to cover right off.

Our Roundtable was linked to a Rivals.com free message board on Friday and there seems to be a lot of conversation about the posts two of the Rivals readers put up.  I want to clear a few things up with that.

Here is the thread if you want to read it.  In essence the Roundtable was posted up and the others guys said:  wow, that’s a tough “listen”-none of these guys know much about Pitt FB.”

I think some people expected me to be bothered by that but I wasn’t a bit – but I did want to make a clarification.

First I very much wanted to make clear that what we do over here on the POV is non-professional, unpaid and, believe me, non-profitable in its entirety.  I think those posters over there expected it to be a professional recording like some other media outlets like the newspapers and radio stations do… and like Rivals’ own Chris Peak does so well.

Second and specifically I wanted to get across that the whole intent of starting and writing articles for the POV was to generate high-level and civil discussions about Pitt football, the athletic department and the University it’s self.  That would be accomplished by my throwing out ideas and opinions and then having the wonderful Pitt fans dive in and talk about the subjects (and obviously more).

So – that was the only reason I posted my reply over there – I think it is important to attract other knowledgeable fans to our site to contribute their thoughts also.  I at no point felt I had to ‘defend’ The POV to anyone. That doesn’t really need doing at this point.

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