Welcome Scout.com Pitt Fans!

One of the last free message board sites for Pitt football has fallen by the wayside and turned into a subscription series so I think we’ll be visited by new members to the POV and let’s welcome them aboard.

I’m talking about the Inside the Huddle message board where I first got interested in talking about Pitt football in public around 15 years ago. I started out posting topics and replying to posts on there and started really discussing Pitt in public.

Our friend Ike and I got to know each other there years ago.

So, for the ITH guys we’re glad you have come over here to find a new home. You’ll see that it is a different format from the message boards in that I post up an article and you guys let loose with whatever you want to talk about afterwards. That’s the beauty of it here on the POV; we have some great in-depth discussions about every aspect of the football program.

We also have a few pretty strict ground rules here; one is that we don’t discuss politics in any way shape or form and two; I limit the post to no heavy swearing which means you can say things like hell and damn but anything further than that will be flagged and sent to me as an email and I will not approve it. That sounds draconian in this free speaking day and age but it really isn’t. It keeps things on topic here at the POV.

In essence we have very few off topic discussions that don’t pertain somehow to the University of Pittsburgh or directly to Pitt football.

Have at it!

This ’17 schedule ain’t chopped liver…


Favorite receiver of all-time:


Will this help?


PSN wants you to buy them a drink…


Some other topics:

Oklahoma State has their wonderful QB Mason Rudolph and their best WR returning after passing on the NFL draft. That’s a home game and I expect us to see 50 plus points on the board for the other team.

Who is the one player on offense and the one player on defense who you feel we can least afford to lose due to injury during the season?