Wed. Night POV Roundtable Call-In

(Note: when you log into the Meeting URL to participate please ensure that you have all radios and TVs near you off and no other web pages loaded up on your computer… the Bluejeans people said any of those might have been the problem two weeks ago.  Thanks)

Let’s get back in the saddle and try this again.  I hope it works out.

Here is the info to get into the Bluejeans Roundtable meeting  for 7/5/17; 07:45 pm – 09:00 pm…

Meeting ID


Phone Call-in:

Dial one of the following numbers:
  • +1.408.740.7256  then;  404863#
Enter the meeting ID and pass code followed by #  (404863#We’ll get that pass code later and post it in a comment.