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Huh, a few things to cover right off.

Our Roundtable was linked to a Rivals.com free message board on Friday and there seems to be a lot of conversation about the posts two of the Rivals readers put up.  I want to clear a few things up with that.

Here is the thread if you want to read it.  In essence the Roundtable was posted up and the others guys said:  wow, that’s a tough “listen”-none of these guys know much about Pitt FB.”

I think some people expected me to be bothered by that but I wasn’t a bit – but I did want to make a clarification.

First I very much wanted to make clear that what we do over here on the POV is non-professional, unpaid and, believe me, non-profitable in its entirety.  I think those posters over there expected it to be a professional recording like some other media outlets like the newspapers and radio stations do… and like Rivals’ own Chris Peak does so well.

Second and specifically I wanted to get across that the whole intent of starting and writing articles for the POV was to generate high-level and civil discussions about Pitt football, the athletic department and the University it’s self.  That would be accomplished by my throwing out ideas and opinions and then having the wonderful Pitt fans dive in and talk about the subjects (and obviously more).

So – that was the only reason I posted my reply over there – I think it is important to attract other knowledgeable fans to our site to contribute their thoughts also.  I at no point felt I had to ‘defend’ The POV to anyone. That doesn’t really need doing at this point.

I enjoy message boards and used to be on them all the time before I started writing for the Pitt Blather. I still go over and read stuff and sometimes what I read on there turns into an article on here as it triggers more questions in my mind that I want your opinions on.  I always try to attribute that source though.

Yes – it is “our” POV but that isn’t a closed circle – I want to attract as many fan friends on here as possible and I think you all want that also. 

BTW – that post on Rivals turned into a nice conversation.

OK – ’nuff about that.  What a great response on all things Pitt football in the last article’s comment section.  Dr Tom’s posting of Q. Henderson’s highlight made me think back to a suggestion I made at the end of last season.

As you can probably tell I am not all that confident in Both Moss and Hall’s abilities to be a featured D1 back. I just haven’t been all that impressed with them… and who knows what we’ll see from the staff as far as Qadree Ollison goes right?

20160910mfpittsports36-2So I’d move Henderson to Tailback behind our stud FB George Aston (“It’s a good day to hit someone in the mouth!!“) and see what happens.  He certainly has the straight ahead speed to hit the hole more quickly than any other back we have on the roster; his sweeps are well know successes and he has break-ankle lateral moves like we haven’t seen since … well since Dorsett maybe.

Too small? I don’t think so – if our OL is going to be as good as fans are saying it’s going to be then he’ll have space to maneuver in.  Put it this way – Dorsett was 5’11” (really about 5’10”) and 175 lbs in 1973 when he burst onto the scene. Henderson is 5’9″ and 190 lbs – and he’s built like a brick house when you see him out of uniform.

Let’s do it Pat!  You get paid to think boldly and hey – the kid has a 10.5 ypc average on 60 carries coming into ’17…  Could be the next “Big Thing” in the backfield… and as Boyd also did he can still return kickoff for us.

Besides – I think we are really going to have to rely on our running game this season – much like we did in 2014 with Voytik and, to some extent, in 2015 during Peterman’s first year with us.

On another note:  As I have mentioned in the past sometimes I reach out to other bloggers and/or  media types to get their opinions on some issues.  I also do a lot of talking with, and asking questions to, other people and writers up in the Press Box during the games.  I really do try to formulate well-informed opinions whenever possible so to get you the best look at things I can.

So with that I just finished a rather detailed email exchange with two USC bloggers and a junior sportswriter in Los Angeles and asked them for their skinny on our new QB Max Browne.  20170316ng-pitt2-1What I got back was  interesting and not all that surprising… to me at least.

First off all three sang praises as to Max Browne’s character, personality, teammate and leadership abilities, and an all-around good guy. I think we all figured out that part of him already.

They also said we’d be getting a smart ball player.

As far as the physical traits go it was somewhat of a different story. They all agreed that his arm strength was a bit above average but that he was inconsistent on getting the ball into the receiving windows at the 20-35 yard distance – which encompasses the standard 15-20 yard out patterns.  His touch on the short swings was “fine” and his accuracy on shorter passes was “OK”.

His deep ball was “maybe OK” also but that the OCs didn’t call those plays much when Browne was in as, again, he was inconsistent in deeper throws. 

That makes sense given his stats when he had his chance at the starting job.  His 2017 yards per attempt was a very poor 5.5 and his yards per completion was a poor 8.74.  This wasn’t just a pass or two folks but on 112 attempts.  Including his 19 attempts before 2016 his career ypa was only 5.8 and ypc was 9.4… they are both on the low side. 

For our info compare that to Peterman’s full starting year of 2016 with 9.3 ypa and 15.4 ypc and to Voytik’s starting 2014 year of 7.7 ypa and 12.7 ypc.  Browne needs to get up to at least Votyik’s production for us to have success in my opinion.

They also said that his mobility was such that one guy wrote “You better have great pass protection on the OL or he’ll get flustered.”  When I asked about that he responded with “Browne will make quick decisions – not always the right one –  but more often than not he’ll get the ball off.”  He’s not a runner in any sense but can tuck the ball and pick up some yards if needed sometimes. 

Browne’s career rushing work is 13 carries for 10 yards at a .76 yards per carry clip and six of those 13 carries were sacks (all in 2016).  So he’s no threat to run.  Boy, we Pitt fans were spoiled with our last two QBs in that talent area for sure!

When I asked about how they each  though Browne would  do this season the consensus was that he’ll “work his ass off’ and the “players on offense will really like him“.  When I replied to the guy who said that last piece that it was a lukewarm endorsement he replied  “The endorsement fits what he’ll do”. 

So I asked could him we please have Sam Darnold instead and the answer was  “… get behind every NFL team for that!”.

These guys liked Max Browne but when I asked if Browne had stayed at USC for this season would he have been QB2 in a back-up role behind Darnold two of them stated they thought that 3* Matt Fink was the next QB the USC staff wanted to get onto the field.  The other said he guessed “perhaps” Browne would be but wasn’t sure that would have happened.

When I asked them about Browne’s 5* and #1 QB ranking coming out of HS back in 2013 each one stated that it didn’t matter once Browne suited up at USC as they have churned out great QBs who were ranked lower than that – it depended all on his play once he got on campus. 

When directly asked if he played like a 5* recruit at USC they all agreed he hadn’t.

The only negative issue shared was one writer said that “people were not real happy at USC” when Browne publicly discussed his intent to transfer out of their program after only the 6th game of the season and didn’t wait until the regular season was over as most players do. Apparently that torqued the staff off and bothered some players. As it would have bothered me had he been at Pitt – that move was not great for locker room cohesion.

If you remember Voytik waited until after the bowl game to announce he was leaving Pitt – for much the same reason Browne left USC – he was passed over by another QB.

So, those exchanges told me pretty much what I’ve thought all along – that Browne isn’t missed all that much at USC although he was a fan favorite his first few years and was always well liked.  At Pitt he will be a very much-needed addition for us at QB but will most probably not see stardom here or have the ’17 offense built around his passing. 

He’s more like a decent D1 QB who is getting a last chance to shine as a game manager type player… and there is nothing wrong with that.

As for our POV commenters’ thoughts that if Browne struggles in the first half of the season he could be benched –  I do agree with that.  He’s a lock to start the season, not a lock to finish it if he’s not playing well – especially since Narduzzi and Watson have to get another QB ready to play as a starter in 2018.

I think Narduzzi will give Browne a pass in the first three non-conference games but if he’s not doing well in the beginning of the conference schedule; Georgia Tech, Syracuse and NC State, he’ll make a change.

Let’s hope there is no thought of that happening because he’s doing well.  But I really don’t believe Narduzzi wants to be 4th in the Coastal Division again when the dust settles.  He needs Pitt to be in that ACC championship game.

As a review here is the career stat sheet for Max Browne so far:

MBstatsHere is that great Henderson video again for your viewing pleasure, thanks Dr T –


Here is a real blast from the past. Take a look at this entry from Pitt’s 1973 Media Guide that mentions Dorsett in the “Some Newcomers to Watch” section:


I think he was a bit faster than 4.5 my friends.

Here is a great link for referencing info Pitt football’s past teams and just for fun to look at as a fan.  It is a university website that links to every Pitt media guide in football and basketball from 1950 until 2005 Save that in your bookmarks.  Here is a look at the cover page.

Media Guides

50 thoughts on “POV’s Saturday Bits & Pieces & QBs

  1. QD’s side step that broke that first kickoff return was amazingly quick. A thing of beauty for sure.


  2. We don’t know much about Pitt football!? But Reed said we were the most knowledgeable POV-erts ever ;-). Butt seriously Reed, glad you took the high road. We are doing this because it is fun, and occasionally give each other a hard time, meet new people, learn more about our new POV friends,..etc. So definitively not to showcase our Pitt football knowledge, or lack therof.


  3. Somehow I get the feeling that your second point in the article may have been directed at me. (I did ask why defend) I thought the comment over there was very insulting and uncalled for. I’ve settled down and decided to make the POV my home base and I’m sure happy I did. Great articles, great people and great informative commenters.

    BTW, I think Peak is the top of the line at what he does. I did message there before but I gave my screen name to one WaltHarris4Prez (my son) so I don’t post there any longer. … but every chance I get, I try and inform posters to give the POV a try. I sure want your blog to continue growing as it really is a great PITT football site.. enough about that.

    I think we pretty much know that Max (opie) Browne won’t be appearing on Dancing With the Stars anytime soon. but I don’t think Tom Brady is known for his dancing feet either?? Getting the ball out quick is the key there.

    here’s a question though. If Browne was sacked 6 times that would be at least 30/35 yards off his YPC average. So he ran for something like 7 times for 45 yards at a whopping 6.3 yards per carry after allowing for the sacks. So he’s a duel threat QB? Yes I’m kidding… ike

    Stats when tickled or tortured they will confess.


  4. sorry but I don’t see QH as a 20+ carry per game. I’m happy just where he is. IMO, by November, Pitt’s #1 RB will be a freshman, most likely Davis


  5. I loved seeing Jordan Whitehead in the Pitt offensive backfield every once in awhile from the last two years. Not only was it a change up that caught the opposing defenses guessing, it also ALWAYS produced a big play. I see that being a very real role for QH as well. Use Henderson every way possible he is a weapon of mass destruction for us.

    No doubt that Max Browne is intelligent. Look at that portrait of him above. That’s the largest cranium that I’ve seen in quite some time. Max could sell some billboard advertising space on that forehead of his. There has to be a massive amount of gray matter that exists inside that skull.


  6. Doc,
    Maybe Reed could put a POV ad on Max’s forehead!
    Something like:”The POV – Try it and see”
    (In blue and gold glitter). Maybe Upitt could get the Carrick 5th grade art class to design it! :>)
    Speaking of Upitt where has the lad been??????


    1. Getting close to the wedding date, his Estonian future bride probably has him enrolled in obedience classes by now.


  7. My neighbor donated $$$ to the Nits and they endowed a game locker with his name and business.
    My question: do we do that? There are lots of creative money-making endeavors (gimmicks) out there and we never seem to do any of them.
    Years ago, took care of the processor of Nittany Lion Franks. Asked if he would be willing to do the same gig for Pitt.
    “Sure. Dogs is dogs and i wanna sell as many as i can.”
    So i called the athletic department and they acted like i needed to be roomies with Darkie at Western Psych (no offense, bro).
    That said, if we are always strapped for funds and hiring on the cheap, cant we get a little creative with the fund raising?


    1. AD Lyke will be taking care of the fundraising. Don’t worry bout that stuff. She is large and in charge.

      She’ll have a big deficit with men’s basketball, but the other sports are expecting (cough) increased attendance in the coming seasons. Football should be the main focus for creative attendance boosting.

      One idea could be to solicit $1,000 from 100 businesses to buy tickets for the Boy Scouts, Boys Club, local church youth groups etc. That would be an easy $100,000 that could add 6,000 butts to cover the currently empty yellow seats.

      (*) Lyke


  8. I’m hoping for Max Browne’s performance this season to be along the stat line of Tom Savage or Nate Peterman’s first year, which I could live with..


  9. Following my comment above… but Browne’s stats wil. Be supplemented by a change of pace QB coming off the bench to give a different look. Hopefully both QBs stars together will approach the productivity of Peterman last year!


  10. Anyone have an in with recruiting? I have a nephew, 5’11” 180 who runs a 4.45. He’s got some D1-AA offers but got buried by a coaching change and a new coach who has no connections and doesn’t onow the recruiting game. I’d love to have him at Pitt. Can anyone get he tape to Narduzzi and staff?


    1. My nephew has the same measurables and will be a JR this coming season. My brother-in-law sent his film to Chris LaSala at Pitt earlier this year and my nephew was then invited to one of the June camps. I assume LaSala gave the film to the coaching staff.

      Without knowing your nephew’s year in HS, it is hard to advise. If he is going to be a SR, I would call Chris LaSala directly.


  11. Not having seen the FR backs and with only QO as a back with success the idea of QH is indeed fascinating. I think he could take the pounding as did Dorsett. One thing about Dorsett and the 4.5. Back then 4.5 was like a 4.3 today. it was his first step up field and the ability to turn on a dime. Which brings me back to the beating QH would take – players are much bigger today. That said it would be an intriguing idea.
    As to other sites intellectual superiority it reminds me of grad school in poli sce at Pitt. We thought students who thought that highly of themselves were engaged in intellectual masturb*tion. I would not take a shot at any other site on the basis of intellectual superiority (though we are the best on line and in person lol).
    Former Pitt player in the news (good news) Rod Riutherford has been named HC at Perry Traditional Academy in the city.



  12. I am a fan of Max Browne’s potential (but not in the Dark Nights gung-ho spirited style). I remember when Peterman transferred in from Tennessee. Not all of us saw his potential ( I was a Bertke fan).

    But compare the two- Browne & Peterman. Both started against Alabama & both sucked,. I tried to copy/paste Peterman’s stats at Tennessee & they make Browne’s look like a Marino clone

    Not impressed that two/three SoCal bloggers/jr. sportswriter weren’t impressed by Browne’s performance. He followed after Cody Kessler (9,500+yards. 88td’s & only 9 ints. in three years) & replaced by the front runner for the ’17 Heisman award winner. Would anyone of us if asked by an Arkansas State fan if Chad Voytik was the real thing, would have said Yup. (well maybe Emel would have.)

    Browne has made two mistakes in his career at SoCal. First not transferring after his freshman year & two then not leaving after his redshirt sophomore year. (He graduated & still had two years of eligibility left.) Instead, he stayed & didn’t see the Dornold train coming. I blame that on the SoCal coach who gave the starts to Browne to get him to stay. Didn’t want to crush Dornold with Bama’s & Stanford defense & then be stuck with a true freshman (Fink) as the backup with any injury.


  13. Max Browne was voted team captain by his peers. That carries the most weight for me. I wouldn’t read too much into a sample size of statistics that includes 69 passes (58 as a starter) with 2/3 of his starts against Stanford and Alabama.

    I’d like to see what bloggers/beat writers would have said about Flacco when he left after losing the QB spot to Palko. Probably something along the same lines as what these guys said. I was on team Palko but Flacco turned out alright. What I’m getting at is that Darnold and Browne can both be good QB’s.

    Nathan Peterman had a YPA of 2.2 at TN and was benched during one of his starts against Alabama. He lost his job to Joshua Hobbs, who also turned out okay. Tennessee fans are still in shock at what he turned out to be. I can’t imagine TN bloggers/beat writers being as kind as the guys Reed spoke to. Ultimately, both QB’s turned out to be good players even though one left the team after losing a QB battle.

    What were AZ fans, bloggers, beat writers saying about Tom Savage when he dipped?

    Browne is transferring for a reason and he lost his job but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good QB.

    Time and circumstance played more of a role than anything. These elite, blue blood, schools are littered with blue chip broken dreams because of how good the intra-team competition is. Throw in a coaching change and everything goes out the window.

    During his time at USC, he was behind established starter, and future NFL QB, Kessler for 3 years. Take into account that Browne was not the current Head Coach’s blue chip recruit either… Darnold was. Max Browne was never just given the job. The new coaching staff had to ride out a steady Kessler and were itching to get their guy in there.

    Browne faced an uphill battle from the beginning of spring camp and barely won the job then. He was never really in the long term plans for the existing coaching administration … but they were’t going to throw a redshirt freshman out there against Stanford and Alabama.

    Just a normal day in the life at these football factories. I’m glad to have Browne at Pitt. Hopefully, he makes a statement.

    As I’ve been saying, I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised by the offense. I think it will be very diverse and a little less one-trick pony this season … I loved that one-trick pony by the way. I’m smiling just thinking about that jet sweep.


  14. I think the trio of Moss, Hall, and Ollison will be fine, regardless of whether one becomes the feature guy or they use more of a committee approach. Browne is the real question mark.


  15. ^^^ @ “PITT-cocks Fan” — Wow…. you freagin’ NAILED IT with that analysis!

    Sam Darnold did get some PT in game on against Alabama last season, and looked just as helpless against that ferocious Defense as Max Browne did in the game.

    Then, next week at home USC gets a “cupcake game” vs. Utah State, and Sam Darnold actually got more playing time and opportunities than Max Browne got —- EXACTLY like you said, the USC staff was just trying to build-up Sam Darnold slowly. Browne was just a pawn in their game.

    So, week 3 up in Palo Alto, vs. at that point top-10 Stanford (finished 10-3 so they were still great) with a Stud-Packed Defense — Max Browne does play that whole game. This is the only game I really can analyze Browne on as the Alabama game is just a fiasco and there is no footage of Browne in the Utah State game.

    I actually posted the full USC v. Stanford game like 3 times on here and probably Ticked off Reed each time 🙂 lol.

    But Max Browne in that game had elite Size (eye-test) and now at Pitt he’s been hitting the weights so it’s not the physical. His arm strength looked totally NFL solid — but like the other writer said Browne rarely took deep shots — It was obvious Browne was playing on a crazy-short Leash and knew he could get yanked any second.

    We’ll see soon! Pitt Fall Camp is almost here!!!

    haha Okay now — @Reed — haha Quadree Henderson as the running back?!

    First off, he goes down on first contact, and he’ll get hurt real-quick at running back it’s just such a ferocious position

    But much more importantly, and to-the-point —-> Do you not see how much that dude fumbles??!!!! It will be Pitt v. Georgia Tech circa 2014 every game if Quadree Henderson is getting handoffs behind the line, and running into the guantlet of Monsters in the box! Quadree Henderson — Shifty-Smurf — running into 300 pound lineman and 225 pound linebackers toma-hawking at the ball + Fumble City right there haha.

    Instead, how about another proposal: let’s see about Quadree Henderson actually being a real receiver this season before he elevates to the NFL? THAT is the closest thing to any position switch! Especially with A.J. Davis and Todd Sibley (potential beasts) coming into Pitt — and I just will not give up on Qadree Ollison. He is just too dang big and fast and he should be two full seasons stronger in the weight room and improved from back in 2015!

    I think Qadree Ollison…..and, really actually, ALL the other runningbacks at Pitt just took a back-seat to James Conner who Pat Narduzzi was goona feed-feed-feed(giving Conner just what he asks for in his TD celebrations, FEED Me!!! 🙂 haha) James Conner and get him to the NFL.

    I think Qadree Ollison comes back GANGBUSTERS and gets 1,250 on the ground, and 300+ receiving when Max Browne constantly looks for him on the wheel routes outta the backfield.

    AND I predict 400 rushing yards and 5 TD’s from Thomas MacVittie running reed-option / QB Wildcat plays with Max Browne splitting out — totally MIND-FUDGE for defenses because MacVittie is a 6’5″, 230 pound receiver level talent who can throw, run, and catch too.

    Shawn Watson’s gonna get creative! —– Maybe even have some packages with Quadree Henderson line-up in the backfield for triple options / sweeps / pass plays just for you @Reed 😉 haha



  16. @Reed —- Max Browne doing anything on the level of Chad Voytik????

    AND Voytik got WWE Body-Slammed just to rub-it-in hahaha I will never, ever forget that — this play is the embodiment of his Pitt QB career it was rough for all parties.

    I say more, Upgraded Bill Stull play and performance from Browne this year. Bill Stull was 6’1”, 205 and had a very gentle, delicate Arm (lol) — but the dude straight up is right-there with Nathan Peterman as the 2 best QB’s Pitt has had by a Lonnnnnng-shot and they are the only two QB’s to put-up real winning seasons. BTW I keep saying 9-3?? Well I’m saying Browne is gonna help lead Pitt to 9-3 this year, finally with big wins vs. North Carolina at home, and Miami too.

    If Max Browne can just a real Bill Stull level ‘Facilitator’ — a 6’5”, 220 pound, way stronger-armed version who is smart enough to get the offense in the best plays to succeed at the line (Tiny-Tino, Savage, and Voytik never learned about these space-age things called “Audibles” unfortunately, but Stull and Peterman did a great job at this) — and then if Browne, once the ball is snapped, can finally gain confidence and execute getting the ball to Weah, Henderson, Chris Clark, and the Qadree Ollison outta the backfield it will be a 9-3, top-20 ranked season, Book It 😉 .

    Keep in mind, those USC bloggers have never, ever seen Max Browne get to really establish himself and get his bearings on Offense, which would have happened if he could’ve tuned-up against an average team. Just like Tennessee Volunteers fans only got to see Nathan Peterman in his career play a little bit vs. Top Defense Florida Gators then get destroyed and hurt —- and then play a little against Alabama before coming to Pitt.

    Against ‘Bama and Stanford, Browne never looked “Shook”, which is that Prey-In-Headlights look where you think that QB just, “Doesn’t Have IT“. Browne always was composed and tough even in the Alabama Slaughter — it was just to hard against those teams to gain any traction. I always thought against Stanford Browne was truly Right-There — and just needed that spark to click (like Juju Smith Schuster now of the Steelers dropped a DIME THROW for a TD that would have changed the game) —- but to Pitt’s benefit Browne was benched the next week. But this turn-of events in the end is great for Browne, Narduzzi, Shawn Watson, Pitt Football and most importantly all us fans! 🙂 . I think after this wonderful season Max Browne will always be a Proud Pitt Panther .

    We’ll see regardless if I’m clairvoyant, or totally full of malarchy —- FALL CAMP IN A MONTH YA’LL SO CLOSE!!ps I’m clairvoyant, I was just playing-around


  17. Get Hype for 2017 it’s gonna be the RANAISSANCE of Pitt Football!! It’s gonna be LIT!

    The whole team 2017 is gonna be faster, stronger:

    ^^^Last Year’s way-slower Pitt team Beat the National Champs, AT THEIR HOUSE!

    Pitt is IT!!


  18. @ Tossing – Time, place and circumstance is critical to every analysis, whether it’s playcalling or the play executer. Those down on Browne have no clue what he brings to the table yet. His sample size is too small and his competition was too much for anyone in their first starts. Of course playcalling was conservative and set him up for passing down failure.

    USC coaches kept him as an insurance policy and to use him to take the losses on his shoulders and then turn the easier schedule over to the new qb. Same with here at Pitt. At a minimum, he starts the first three games against excellent competition. If he plays well, he keeps his job. If he is terrible, we go to the RS Freshman, or dinuch.

    It’s a psychology game between coach and player. This is why top athletes need to study the two deep before committing to the big teams. The coachspeak is “if you want to be the best, you practice against the best so that the games are easy”. A great example is Robert Foster. I really hope it works out for him and he gets enough film to get in position to be drafted. If he doesn’t, it was a terrible decision to go to Alabama. He could have gone to any division 1 team with lesser wr talent in the wings and gotten plenty of playing time. Fingers crossed for him, but Bama has a couple of young 4 and 5 stars ready at wr and already projecting a top 15 nfl wr talent coming out.

    Max Browne is the same. He has a chance which is all he wanted. He either sinks or swims. If swims, the Pitt decision was great for him. Regardless, the Pitt decision to offer was smart. Browne looked at the roster and recruited Pitt because of the poor 2 deep at the qb position.


  19. In 8 weeks we will all get some idea of Browe’s potential or lack there of. My fear is that he turns out to be a Hackenberg look a like back in the pocket with many sacks forthcoming.


    1. Max Browne isn’t a DEADBEAT-TEAMMATE like Hackenburg was first-off —- but also Browne has a ridiculously-quick throwing motion (i.e. “quick release”) and he gets rid of the ball super-quick —- often-times, honestly, “too quick” where he may want to wait a second to try and make a bigger play.

      Browne also is actually quite quick and made scrambles and evaded pressures in his tiny-samples vs. Alabama and Stanford. He was always dialed-in and composed, but he just was not given the slightest opportunity really to get Confident / Dialed-In as he was fighting-for-air against Elite Competition in his very first starts I viewed.

      I think Max Browne, in the 4th start, might have CLICKED against Utah in that 4th start but again, thankfully for Pitt, Caly Helton went with his “Golden Boy” (aka not Browne haha) and now Max Browne, aka Bill Stull 10.0 is here at Pitt!


  20. ^^ I think Max Browne is Pitt’s Karma Reversal version of Joe Flacco leaving, with a Star now coming into Pitt.

    Joe Flacco —– “Why would some 6’5”, talented QB need to be transferring down to D-1AA FCS??? He must have been bad and washed-out.”

    NO —- Max Browne just wasn’t the dude Clay Helton WANTED and thus he knew his career was done at Southern Cal.

    Max Browne — in not already — will become a super-proud Pitt Panther and after this 2017 season he’s gonna end up right in that discussion of top 1st round QB’s.

    Pitt faces one of those “Top QB’s” early, Mason Rudolph at Home —- Pitt could very well win that game, and do so with PANACHE lol.

    And in week 2 Pitt has penn state —- they’re gonna be solid this year, maybe a 10 win team —- one loss is gonna be from the ‘Blue ‘N Gold’ Pitt Panthers’. 😉


    1. Dark Knight, you might be routinely MANIC, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to you being crazy, at least not all the time. Some may be shaking their heads with that crazy talk about beating a team like Penn State at their own house in a cult packed Beaver Stadium but to those doubters I say, “Not So Fast My Friend”!

      So go ahead and explain to me why Pitt DOESN’T go into creepy valley and smack those Paterno loving cult members square in the teeth taking home our second win in a row against the nitters? Oh, and please don’t use the revenge motivation as a talking point because the air gets let out of that balloon as soon as those pussies realize come about the end of the first quarter that their opponent actually considers this game as one against their hated arch rival and that once again they just want it more than you do!

      One thing Pitt has never lacked is the ability to get up for the big game! Even when we were mired in the morass of season upon season of SOP, there were always the surprise WTF moments against teams like Miami, VT, ND, WVU & yes our arch rival penn state where we came to play and took the day.

      Until those self righteous a$$holes at the dairy college admit that Pitt is the ONLY TRUE RIVALRY on their schedule they are going to continue to find themselves on the losing end of that cat fight with the Panthers. I’m with Darkie on this one.

      Game two, a meaningless OOC game against a soon to be absent opponent on Pitt’s schedule? I think not! Rather a huge game for the Panthers! Not only because of the dormant rivalry once again awakened, but also because it serves as the springboard game to instill confidence in this unproven 2017 Panther squad. Validation that the team that Narduzzi & Co. has assembled for battle for the 2017 Campaign is every bit as worthy to go up against the best and bring home a win. Just like last season’s crew was.

      Make no mistake about it. Those signature wins last season didn’t go unnoticed by those youngins dressed on the sidelines that never got their uniforms soiled & bloodied by NOT participating in the fray. It’s a team thing! If guys like Caprara, Webb, Taleni & Lewis can make it happen the guys behind them, that now get their turn can do it too, they’ve witnessed it first hand. That is “experience” right there! The “experience” that not one single player on penn state’s team has every had the luxury to experience for themselves, a win over their in state arch rival!

      Those arrogant bastards, failed to learn their lesson last year. The excuses flowed fast and furious, we had so many starters sidelined, you guys where clapping, our jockstraps were too tight, whaa, whaa, whaa! Never once heard the accurate analysis by a nitter like I heard from MULTIPLE Clemson fans on our long walk back to our parking lot that day at Death Valley. Comments like, “Man, you guys played a great game”, or we just got beat by you tonight, you got some offense”. Never once, from a nitter. They still haven’t learned.

      “THEY DON’T RESPECT, THEY’RE GONE FIND OUT! Lesson #2 begins on September 9th.

      Hail to Pitt!


  21. The other positive factor to consider for Max Browne are the weapons he is inheriting.

    An Oline with 4 of the 5 projected starters having “starting” experience. Officer 3 years, Bookser & O’Neil 2 years and JJS a partial season.
    TE Chris Clark – a former 5 star recruit who was the #1 rated TE in his class with limited game experience at UCLA. This guy has the same type of NFL aspirations as Max.
    WR J.Weah with his 24+ ypc last season. He is a game changer (proven last season), speed burner with an NFL body.
    All-American, All-Purpose Q.Henderson who is working hard this off-season on his ball security.
    To compliment Weah, Pitt has A.Mathews, R.Flowers and the truFR Smith from FL. All three will be pushing Weah for playing time.
    And speaking of All-Purpose, how about Mo Ffrench, Tre Tipton and AJLopes.
    FB George “the animal” Aston returns with his (10) TDs and his hard-nosed Pittsburgh-esque style that Pitt fans love. He can run, block and catch with the best of them.
    Finally, we get to maybe the deepest position – RB. I’m a big Q.Ollison fan as he filled in nicely as a RS FR two seasons ago when Conner went down in game one with a knee injury. The guy had an award winning season at RB with a pass happy OC (let that memory sink in). I cannot explain his disappearance last season, other than Pitt had James Conner back on the field.

    Moss and Hall are good and need reps to show how good… the two FR will be fun to watch and could take over on day one, they are both that talented.

    As far as the new OC – he will have total freedom coming out of the gate to tweak the Canadian offense to fit the new personnel, as HCPN focuses on building a defense that can win a championship.

    The Pursuit is on!


  22. Let’s talk about the defense that everyone (except Dr. Tom) is down on –

    There is starting experience at just about every position but NT.

    DE – 3 with starting experience (Hendrix, Blair and Edwards)
    DT – 1 (A.Watts)
    LB – 3 (Brightwell, Zeise and Idowu) with Wirginis play a lot in his 1st three years at Pitt
    CB – 3 (Maddox, Dane Jackson and P.Motely)
    S – 1 (Whitehead)

    Game day experience is there for depth as well –

    DE – Folston
    DT – Roy
    NT – Herndon
    LB – Williams and Wirginis (as mentioned above)
    CB – Hamlin (may move to Safety)
    S – Briggs and Jayzee Stocker

    And a whole lot of young, fast and talented guys that HCPN recruited.

    Improvement on the D is coming…


    1. And I’m betting that Kam Carter, fresh from his year at EMCC & their one loss season there, just might be anxiously looking forward to his belated homecoming to creepy valley where he screwed up his first chance of Div I success. It would be a nice coming out party for him if he produced a sack or two at Beaver Stadium, don’t you think?


      1. That alone is worth the price of admission to the Cat Fight in Creepy Valley. HCPN’s energy is a close 2nd.

        But, a chance to beat the nit wits and James from State College get’s my attention all by itself.


  23. P is for Pitt; P is for Panthers; P is for Potential. And there is much potential on this 2017 team …. on both sides of the ball. We will be arguing for the next 50 days about who can do what. And that’s great, It’s what this site is for.

    But right now, nobody is mostly right (except me of course) and nobody is mostly wrong (except you of course).


  24. and 6’4″ 300 pound juco redshirt sophomore Kam Carter has the size, strength, speed, and talent to play a lot immediately. He could even start.


  25. Huff – exactly. We’re on the same page and Robert Foster is a great example.


    1. Dominate – it’s a good day to hit someone in the mouth – WE DON’T NEED NO GAME BALL!!!



  26. Great discussion guys. You’re firing me up for the season. Darkie, you don’t need to be clairvoyant…just your normal prescient self. By the way glad to see your stylistic font returned. (and it coincided with the full moon) 😃


  27. Good stuff this morning, who said POV knows nothing about Pitt Football?

    No doubt this year is about living up to potential and all of these individual parts becoming a team.

    Should be loads of competition at many positions. Have not had that for a long, long time.

    On offense, not enough plays to go around for all of the individual talent. Guys better be ready to show what they’ve got right away, or they will miss their opportunity.


  28. Maybe I am misremembering things but QH to RB does not make sense to me for a few reasons mentioned by posters above but mostly because I have concerns with QH’s ball security issues. Maybe stats don’t bear this out as to fumbles per carry, but he sure did lose a couple at critical times.

    And as RKB indicates above about his size, add carries and the beating that will happen eventually, I think you gain some potential game breaking highlights, but no way does QH last the season.

    I like the creative thoughts of moving players into occasional roles including of course JW to offense and Oneill to receiver etc., and applaud HCPN for allowing this freedom, but don’t see our current running back situation needing a fix yet. I am not so down on Moss and think QO can return to form, so at this point have no desire to see QH’s role changed at all. Zero sum gain with tooo much down-side potential IMO.

    BTW, the thought occurs to me, that it would be highly entertaining to have DK on the Wednesday night forum along with……well, anyone. Let’s see what comments arise from THAT hour of entertainment. And if possible(you know Western Psych allowing it), can there be one session with and then one without meds? I can’t even imagine what viewing pleasure we’d be in store for.

    As for fund raising ideas, promote THAT show along with Upitt, Dr. Tom, and any of a couple others like EE, Big B, or RKB, etc. for balance(sanity) and I guarantee you’d have a pay-per-view event worth something. Fireworks for sure. Link that show to Peak’s site and let the comments fly. LOL!!!

    HTP, and keep up the great work Reed and ALL CONTRIBUTORS(well almost all) here.


    1. POV SMACKDOWN,,,,
      Fake News Upitt vs. The Supreme Optomist, Dr. Tom.

      Let me at him! By the time I get done with him he’ll look like the Abominable Snowman after Herbie got to him with a pair of pliers!


  29. Erie… excellent suggestion having the AD soliciting money from businesses and
    getting tickets to various youth or charitable organizations. Wonder if it is permissible from a legal perspective.
    A large lively crowd at Heinz field each game would really help us in recruiting..
    Darkie… thanks for returning to your STYLE… only found here on the POV!


    1. BigB – I’m just the idea guy – I’ll let the Compliance Queen (Heather) determine if the idea is permissible. I’m sure Ms.Lyke is all over it.


  30. It used to be legal. Back in the eighties and before when we had corporate giants in Pgh. Westinghouse, USSteel and the like would buy tickets and donate them to employees that filled the stadium.Pitt also was great at other promotions such as Band Day Cheerleader Day Boy Scout day etc. That fills seats not discounting huge blocks to Stub Hub and the like which gets $ but leaves seats MT which has been done too often.H2P


  31. Loving the discussion today. Great comments all around. DK and Dr. Tom got me all fired up. F the naysayers, POV is the place to be! Can’t wait for camp and the season to begin!


  32. I like the post guys football season is getting closer the flow of juices has started H2P


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