Pitt POV’s Roundtable Video; 7/20/17

Here is the video of the best Roundtable Call-In show yet.  it works very well when we have between 4-5 participants because everyone gets a shot at talking and we get some varied answers.

We had Richman, Pitt-Cocks Fan, Missing Wlat and Pittman4ever on last night and they were excellent.

Just to refresh reader’s minds about the Call-in topics for last night here they are:

* Replacement starters on O and D? Discuss article choices…

* Henderson’s 2017 role… What if he goes down early? Who then in his offensive role?

*QB2 battle? Do you believe there actually is a QB1 battle?

* Our record after three games?  Do the non-conference games matter?

* Which positions do we switch players if the season starters fail in the first three games?

* Discuss ACC Channel required infrastructure changes… Such as Pitt radio shows, radio booth, Pitt TV channel and new studio.

*Pitt picked 4th in Coastal division.

Pitt’s National Perception – good PSN article:

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