Wed. Night POV Roundtable Call-In

(Note: when you log into the Meeting URL to participate please ensure that you have all radios and TVs near you off and no other web pages loaded up on your computer… the Bluejeans people said any of those might have been the problem two weeks ago.  Thanks)

Let’s get back in the saddle and try this again.  I hope it works out.

Here is the info to get into the Bluejeans Roundtable meeting  for 7/5/17; 07:45 pm – 09:00 pm…

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Enter the meeting ID and pass code followed by #  (404863#We’ll get that pass code later and post it in a comment.

24 thoughts on “Wed. Night POV Roundtable Call-In

  1. Reed, hope you and Rich can get a few others to join in tonight. Not feeling all that well today.

    We don’t have much longer to wait until fall practice fellows and Gals.

    We need to get this round-table gig down before the iron gets really hot. The concept will be a real hoot come PITT football season!

    Be There! ….ike


  2. About a month, huh, Ike, before camp starts?
    Who will start?
    Who will have a break out season?
    Which freshman will play?
    Who is the #2 QB?
    Questions, questions, questions.
    And Pitt’s approach to generating enthusiasm? Asking Reed and the rest of the press to vacate the premises right after the jumping jacks are completed.


  3. Richman, Pitt-Cocks in SC and I had fun last night.

    I’m taking a mental health first aid class this morning and tomorrow morning so I’ll have that article and the video of the round table up sometime later this afternoon.

    Thanks guys really appreciate the work last night…


  4. This was on the internet so it must be true. Dan Marino’s net worth.

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  5. from wiki:

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    1. Also, when I worked at Pittsburgh Children’s, Marino was chairman of the fundraising gala event (circa 2004) which raised about $3 or $4M.


  6. Great questions Gasman, it would be fun to go over these one more time before fall practice begins. Can’t wait to listen into the round-table discussion.

    The season is looming large and for all kinds of reasons it seems the past umpteen years, PITT fans can only take a wild guess as to how the year will play out. Lot’s of unknowns again this year.

    Variety may be the spice of life but continuity is the herb that holds life together.. ike


  7. I read a 2015 article that said Marino was almost broke. Keep in mind, everything is relative. Broke to him would be a fortune to Ike. Below is one of his investments.

    Dan Marino, a former quarterback for the Miami Dolphins with a decorated NFL career, recently suffered a major financial setback after losing big in a major investment.

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  8. Ike,
    Very surprising!
    You don’t strike me as the type to have an herbal garden in your yard! :>)


  9. Pittman, I won’t get into my checkered past, remember we can never look back. It’s just too painful.

    Anony, I actually consider myself wealthy with just enough greenbacks coming in monthly without having to answer to the man anymore. Go to bed when I want and get up out of bed when my wife tells me. 🙂

    …..but I do get what you’re saying. I’ll exchange my portfolio with the money Marino lights his cigars with every year. BTW, he was or is, heavily involved/invested with Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza which I have to say makes a really good pizza pie and great wings… No a moray for now …ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need


  10. BigB, I have my doubts about Hendrix being able to stay injury free for any length of time.


  11. I was reading over on the Lair and a old message board poster Dr Von Yinzer, who I have so much respect for (from different screen names) has a really good post concerning uniforms and especially the ole PITT Stadium.

    Reed if I’m breaking any type of rule by saying this I won’t be upset if deleted.

    He points out and correctly imo, that by not keeping PITT stadium’s maintenance up throughout the years it became a built in excuse to tear it down. Those of you that feel it was a worn down, broke down old girl are partly correct but who’s fault was that?

    If we don’t fix our leaking roof’s or update the wiring and plumbing, what shape would our house’s be in after 70 years? Of course most of our houses weren’t built like a roman coliseum either yet we can still rehabilitate them. I will never get over the tearing down of that iconic stadium only for the reason, no one will be able to explain to me why it wasn’t taken care of in the first place.

    PITT fans and more importantly the current PITT student gets ripped off by the absolutely piss poor BOT management making that piss poor decision. imo …. ike


  12. jrnpitt- Soft tissue ailments are a concern for being injury-prone. They tend to re-occur. Hendrix broke a bone. The fact he hasn’t played a lot of football recently is a concern but I wouldn’t be worried about him being injury-prone. I’d be more worried about endurance for an entire season and hitting the proverbial wall.


  13. I think for a kick I’m going to write an article and go back to all the preseason predictions by ESPN and other outlets and see just how well they turned out that year. I did this a little bit last week and it was just outstanding how wrong everyone was… almost way more than they were correct.

    One even had our defensive backfield being one of the best in the ACC for 2016.

    I think that was ESPN but I’m not sure. I take all this with a grain of salt because we know more as Pitt fans and we know more about these players than these stringers do, especially ones that don’t live anywhere near Pittsburgh or don’t really follow the team.

    What these guys do is go on blogs and message boards and glean enough about a subject so they sound like they know what they are saying. Then they put it on a website like ESPN and everyone believes it.


  14. Reed, do you have any of our thoughts down on paper considering this coming season? If not we should discuss again. Gasman had some good questions to ponder.. ike


  15. Jrnpitt… I totally understand… with a 39 year professional career as all -knowing grizzled veteran physical therapist, 3 years ago I went on the Blather and rendered my expert “I know a thing or 2 cause I’ve done a thing or 2” judgement “Ejuan Price’s repaired torn pectoral muscles will never stand up to the demands that will be placed on it.
    That’s what I love about the POV… knowledge and opinions!!!


  16. Jrnpitt I have the same concern about Wirginis who seemed to be not dressed for a lot of games over the past two years for minor injuries even though I believe him to be the second best athlete on the defense. We shall see what we shall see. BigB in last years opener I keyed on Hendrix on several plays and thought gosh is he slow. Of course he was he had broken his foot. 🙂


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