Meet Our New POV Contributor

A Real POV Surprise…

Yesterday my friend Chris Logue emailed me and asked if he could contribute articles to the POV  on a regular basis because, well, he wanted to be associated with the best there is.

chris Logue headshotChris will be starting today and will take up the quill for one or two days a week article writing giving me a little bit more time for other things I have going on. One series he will be doing will be the “Know The Enemy” Wednesday pieces during the season. His will be better researched and with more detail than mine were I’m sure. 

I asked Chris not to hold back on any opinions or observations he has about Pitt football – positive or negative – because that is what the Pitt POV is built on. Please welcome him and have at it.

Here is Chris’ first piece for the POV as an actual staff writer:

My Two & Two Breakouts

Nothing is closing in faster than the beginning of football season. Not just any season however as this is a season filled with weighted expectations for both Narduzzi and our Panthers. We know graduating losses were sustained and the shifting athleticism on the field will have to account for shortcomings that may occur from that. That’s not a jab at the Mario-sized height of Avonte Maddox or is….

True freshman, sophomores, and the underclassmen redshirt players will be the focal points of the Panthers if we wish to contend for the ACC Coastal championship early and then sustain the contention for the course of the season.

Now, back to the position losses; who just steps up – but who really breaks through and relishes the bright lights more than the others? There’s a pair of players on either side of the ball that deserve our attention more than the rest, at least as far as having breakout years are concerned.

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