This Ball Just Started Rolling….

This Ball Just Started Rolling….

To make something very clear – I do not believe in guilt by association, so please keep that in mind as you read this article.

Unless you have sequestered yourself over the last month or so you have heard the media stories about Larry Nassar and his sexual abuse of hundreds (if not thousands) of young girls who were mostly gymnasts both at Michigan State University and through his work with the U. S. Olympic Committee. It is horrifying and, unfortunately, 100% believable.

Nasser was just this week sentenced to 175 years in prison for his crimes and during that sentencing the presiding judge did this: “I’ve just signed your death warrant,” Judge Rosemarie Aquilina said in a Lansing, Michigan, courtroom. “I find that you don’t get it, that you’re a danger. That you remain a danger.”

That almost vindictive statement came on the heels of a letter Nasser wrote to here trying to explain away the situation. In that letter he wrote:

“I was a good doctor because my treatments worked, and those patients that are now speaking out are the same ones that praised and came back over and over,” Nassar wrote. “The media convinced them that everything I did was wrong and bad. They feel I broke their trust. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.  Well, I think every man among us can related to that centuries old saying – but still get sick to our stomachs to hear it used as an excuse for abhorrent and criminal actions.

But this is a Pitt football blog and what does the above have to do with us?  Well, taken separately Nasser’s actions, especially his crimes committed against the olympic gymnasts, may not have any connection.  But in situations like this you have to look to see what the avenues are where investigations and blame’s bloodletting travel.

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