Meet The New Defensive Lieutenant!

Meet The New Defensive Lieutenant!

Well, Pitt has spun the bottle and instead of getting kissed by the gods of college football we got a rather firm handshake.  Our new Defensive Coordinator, ex-Northwestern LB coach Randy Bates, has decided to jump up a rung of the coaching ladder and I suppose that is a good thing for Pitt.

My first reaction was… who? But then I started to feel better mainly because it means that Josh Conklin really is gone.

NU Headshots July 29, 2013 in Evanston, Ill.I just wish he didn’t look like Vladimir Putin so much – it unnerves me, especially since he probably held a Secret Classification while in the Naval Reserves.

His bio reads in part: Randy Bates has led the Northwestern linebackers for 11 seasons and has spent 36 years overall in the coaching profession. Bates assumed his current role at NU after Pat Fitzgerald was named the Wildcats’ head coach in July, 2006.

Here is the full press release by Pitt last night on this hire.

OK – so he’s not a young up and comer like some wanted… matter of fact he has exactly one year of DC experience with the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs way back in 2005 and the story the stats tell of that work is… well… blah.  Here are those ’05 LSU stats:LSU D

I think Narduzzi likes defensive coaches who do well with the turnover margin because, much like Conklin before him, that’s the thing he did best as a previous DC.

Keep in mind those numbers to the left are from 2005 and 13 years is a long time in college ball.  Lately he has been the linebackers coach for the team that beat us in Narduzzi’s second bowl loss back in 2016 (had to get that in, right?) the Big Ten powerhouse Northwestern University’s Wildcats.

His work there has been good overall. Because I love stats and really – they are facts – let’s look at the NW defenses  over the last few years and I think you’ll see that overall it is rather impressive.  One point to consider though;  Bates’ work was only with the LBs and as we know almost all defensive stats are results of a combination of the whole defense playing as one.

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