Preaching to a Tough Congregation

Preaching to a Tough Congregation

Here is a piece on Pitt’s ‘modern’ history by our own Dr. Tom 

That was quite a win by Alabama in the National Championship game last night. Roll Tide! it has been 38 years since Georgia played for a national championship. Good for them getting there in the first place;  too bad they came up short.

Yep, us Pitt fans remember our own National Championships, that is, if you’re old enough! Pitt fans are probably no different from any other rabid fan base, although they’re probably a smaller brother/sisterhood than most college football programs that have such a storied history like the University of Pittsburgh does.

We fans therefore have expectations. After all, this is a program that claims nine National Championships with historical names of the past like Coach Jock Sutherland, Coach Pop Warner, Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, Dan Marino, Larry Fitzgerald & Aaron Donald to just mention a few. So when our expectations fall short, many of us fans get frustrated by those less than the stellar results from our beloved Pitt Panthers.

That being said, even in the darkest of times when such prevailing attitudes permeate our psyche with gloom and doom there are still bright spots to savor, if one cares to remember them. Enjoying those moments when they occur provides both immediate pleasure as well as hope for the future.

That’s what this article is all about.

I was motivated to write this piece because I’m tired of reading that Pitt football is a dysfunctional, misfit program according to some commenters on this blog. Believe me, I am well aware of all of the shortcomings of this program over the 45 years that I’ve followed the Panthers. However, a gloom & doom attitude right now is not only overly pessimistic to entertain but it also permits such negativity to leach into our rational thoughts to allow our minds to rewrite history so as to suit our present attitude.

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