POV Quick Quiz: Who Am I?

POV Quick Quiz:  Who Am I?

Pitt Style: Some obscure, some very easy… A quiz submitted by Andrew aka ajs32

How many can you get?

1)  I am a former Iowa State head coach who was a DC in Pittsburgh that had the famous, “read and react,” defense.

2)  I am the holder who botched a snap in the de facto Big East Title game that cost the Panthers a trip to the Sugar Bowl against Tim and Urban.

3)  I am a former Pitt starting QB in the 1986 and 1987 seasons who was so bad, I made Tino Sunseri look good.  Darnell Dickerson replaced me in the 1987 Syracuse game.

4) I am a former chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh who decided in the late 1980’s to make academic standards tougher, de-emphasize athletics, and anger Coach Gottfried to begin the Hackett years.

5)  I was one of the few bright spots for Pitt basketball in the early 1990’s.  I ended up getting drafted in the first round by the Milwaukee Bucks and finished my career with the Vancouver Grizzlies.

6)  After really struggling as a starting QB against Michigan State and Grambling, I gave up the football thing for baseball and I am currently the back-up catcher for the Chicago White Sox.

7)   I was recruited by Johnny Majors during his second stint and I was supposed to be the next Dan Marino.  I had a redshirt burned after a blow-out loss to Ohio State and didn’t feel confident in myself or my work habits. Then I transferred to Duqusene having one hell of a career and earning a degree in education.

8) We are the last two Pitt QB’s from the great state of Texas but we never got a fair shake. 

A.  I got to play in a bunch of games but that dang John Ryan kept taking playing time away from me.  I wore number 28.

B.  I was recruited in 2008 out of Houston because I am small and can run a spread.  Please don’t say Trey Anderson, that’s not the answer.  I never got a shot at QB and had stints on special teams and safety.

9)  In the 2000 Insight.com Bowl, I was the Iowa State QB who defeated the Panthers.  I jumped around several NFL teams without ever really making a mark.

10)  In the 2005 game against Nebraska we lost 7-6 when Greg Lee was pulled down by the slowest white guy ever and I had the most gruesome leg injury as a member of the Pitt secondary.

11)  Speaking of Pitt QB’s who never get a chance; I left all the fun of Kansas to come to Pitt and got one stinking moment in the sun on a scramble touchdown against Iowa.  I bet Pitt never beats Iowa again.

12)  In the 2008 Sun Bowl as a senior, I got my first start on the offensive line due to injury and things did not go well in our 3 to 0 defeat.  Even though I was six foot seven and over three hundred pounds, I was destined to just be someone that tries to block extra points.

13)  I was a third string Pitt QB behind Palko and Flacco and often sent offensive signals calls in for Coach Walt Harris.  I  saw snaps in only two games during my career (Kent State 2003 and South Florida 2004).  During the South Florida game, I came in during garbage time and fumbled my first and only snap of the day.

14)  Speaking of South Florida, I gave their fans the finger when I caught a touchdown against them during the Wanny years.  I turned down a scholarship from Auburn to play tight end at Pitt…was that a mistake?

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