Will the Pitt Exodus Continue?

Will the Pitt Exodus Continue?

I want you all to think about something for a moment. When is the last time, if ever, Pitt had four players declare they were transferring out of Pitt on the same day?  As Q. Henderson tweeted yesterday “Dang, they all leaving.”

I can’t remember it ever happening and yesterday’s block departure, to me at least, is indicative that it wasn’t all that voluntary.  Not when you have four at one time. As Chris Peak wrote yesterday it ‘looks like it was a mutual agreement between the staff and the four players’ (to paraphrase). Which pretty much means there is a reason they are off the roster.

I think that those four players won’t be the last we see of players leaving the football program either.

Here are the still-eligible players have left the Pitt team so far: (Blue are the declared NFL draft players and past star players for us).

Whitehead, 4* Star player, FR AA , ALL-ACC (NFL Draft)
Carter, 4*
Pugh, 4*
Miller, 3*
Moss, 3*  (Dismissed from team)
MacVittie, 3*
Q.Henderson, 3* Star player, AA, ALL-ACC (NFL Draft)
O’Neill, 3* Star player, AA, ALL-ACC  (NFL Draft)
DiNucci, 2*, Experienced backup QB

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