New!! Pitt POV Fantasy Football!!

I have never played Fantasy Football although I’ve always thought it would be a great thing for a sports blog to do with it’s readers.  So, I believe we should develop a Fantasy League for Pitt football  – I just don’t know how to do it.

Can anyone suggest a good fantasy site and/or moderate such a thing for the POV?  I looked at various sites on the Internet but since I have no knowledge of how these leagues work I’d like to defer to someone who does.

Of course, I will provide a cash prize at the end of the season to whoever wins all the marbles.  I promise to keep the prize low enough so that you don’t get kicked up into  a higher tax bracket.

Here is what I found in just a short search – I’m sure some POV reader knows a better free site that we can use.

I didn’t begin that league yet.  From what I gather we would have individual teams owned by our POV readers;  for example “Reed’s Renegades” and then we’d do a ‘draft‘ for players – then who ever gets the most points at the end, based on our players’ performances during each game, wins… is this correct? Continue reading “New!! Pitt POV Fantasy Football!!”