A Few Quick Thoughts on the Pitt QBs

Because this is a Blog and what I and Chris do on here is not journalism per se we can be personal and write our own opinions about Pitt football in more 1st person views and more positive and/or negative terms than can other Pitt football media sites. 

The papers won’t do that in any detail – they keep the writer’s personal opinions almost 100% away from the readers. The free sites that carry sponsorship rarely will do it and the recruiting sites, save Rivals.com sometimes, shy away from it also.

But we ain’t them so we can toot our horn a bit on here… and go out on a limb.

So the POV is different and with that here are my personal thoughts on our current and future QB situation based on the string of reader’s comments we have had on the subject lately… most specifically addressing the underclassmen rsFR Thomas MacVitte and FR Kenny Pickett on the roster.

First off – look folks,  when was the last time you heard rsFR Thomas MacVittie‘s name prominently and positively mentioned by anyone not named Ike?  You really haven’t, especially in discussions of the Pitt QBs in general.  For that matter when have we heard anything at all about MacVittie really after he signed his LOI back in Feb of 2016? 

Hardly a word actually except in passing mention and never in any real context to playing time.  That is understandable when MacVittie was a true freshman last season,  but this year, when fans would expect there to be just a little buzz about him?  Nothing at all.

I wrote after last season ended that MacVittie’s name was going to fade from hearing after Ben DiNucci played in the Pinstripe Bowl in front of proposed QB2 Manny Stocker and that’s what has happened.  As surprised as I was that DiNucci went in – I also figured that was the vote of confidence that head coach Pat Narduzzi was giving DiNucci for the future.

If you recall it was soon after the regular season ended, two weeks before that bowl game, when Max Browne announced his transfer to Pitt back in mid-December.  Between that news, and then DiNucci’s getting the call in the bowl game, it set the stage for the QB competition going into 2017’s spring practices.  That was also when we started wondering if Tom MacVittie was even in the narrowing picture any longer for lack of his being mentioned in the news or elsewhere.

But ever since class of ’17 recruit FR QB Kenny Pickett enrolled in early in January to get a jump on the QB work here it seems like his name has usually been the first (or second) word out of everyone’s mouth – staff’s and sportswriters’ – when they discuss how the QBs have been playing. There is a valid reason for that.

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