Fall Camp #15 in the Books

2017 Pitt Football Camp, Day 15 Recap

Narduzzi, Watson and Players Give Updates on Pitt Camp

 PITTSBURGH—A third consecutive hot and humid morning on the South Side of Pittsburgh saw the Pitt football team complete its 15th practice of training camp at the UPMC Sports Performance Complex.

Head coach Pat Narduzzi held his morning media session before practice. Following the workout, offensive coordinator Shawn Watson, quarterback Max Browne, tight ends Chris Clark and Matt Flanagan and wide receiver Ruben Flowers III also participated in interviews.

Coach Interview Videos: Narduzzi | Watson

 Player Interview Videos: Browne | Clark | Flanagan | Flowers

 Below are transcripts from all six media sessions.

Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Opening statement:

“We have about seven more days of training camp. I think that we have a total of 16 days ‘til gameday, or something like that. We’re getting a lot of good work done. We’re getting some scout team work as well, which is good. It’s teaching our scout team guys how to service the offense, defense or special teams, which I think is critical to teach this time of year. We can’t wait ‘til week one to finally say, ‘hey, we need to get a look.’ Those are some of the things that we focused on the past three days; our scouts were a lot better than what we expected. Every guy out there is critical. It’s not just the starter or backup; it’s the entire team. That’s why they call it a team.”

On what he is looking for in the final week of training camp:

“We’re looking for the guys to get better every day. ‘Get three percent better’ has kind of been our motto, and you are looking for those guys that can hang. You get into that 15th day of fall camp, can they continue to progress or do they just hit the wall like, ‘I’m tired, I’m exhausted…’? Some guys will just be like, ‘I have no more for you, coach.’ It’s understood, but tough guys can push through it. So we’re looking for that toughness and that guy who is going to be with you every day.”

On if age is a factor in the players’ ability to handle being tired in camp:

“I don’t think that age has anything to do with it because I don’t get tired and I’m an old guy. You would be shocked that it doesn’t really come down to age. Sometimes, the young guys are so hungry that they don’t get tired and the older guys are like, ‘this is my fifth camp, I’m going to shut it down.’ So our guys have shown no sign of that. They have shown great resilience, and I’m happy with where they are. They just have to keep pushing, and that is our job as coaches.”

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