POV Roundtable Is Up; 8/23/17

Many thanks to Richman, Ike, Pittman4ever, Dan72, and two new contributors; Huff and UPitt for taking the time to make me piss my pants laughing last night.  I only wish we had been in a bar with drinks in front of us – that would have been perfect.

And – that’s why we tailgate, right folks?  More on that later.

Here is the article from the Trib’s Jerry DiPaola that Ike referenced in regards to Max Browne winning the starting QB job (if you believe Narduzzi that there was a real competition going on).  I think the only time I can remember a fall camp where that wasn’t stated was last year’s with the incumbent Peterman returning.  Other than that we hear it every season regardless of who is in that QB unit.

We also talked about the two true FR who are being touted as sure to get playing time, if not start, in the defensive backfield – 3* Damarri Mathis and 3* Jason Pinnock – and how we fans had heard so much about last year’s true FR who we though would play this year as rsFR  – 3* Phil Campbell, 3* Therran Coleman, 3* Henry Miller and 3* Bricen Garner.

BTW  all those rsFR listed are between 6’1″ and 6’3″ tall and the two from the ’17 recruiting class are 5’11” and 6’0″ respectively… what happened to going with more height in that backfield.

Speaking of which Pitt fans believed that 2016 DBs recruiting was just wonderful (even if all 3*s practically) and they were the guys who were going to unseat the experienced Maddox, Briggs, Motley, etc…  My bet is we see a starting DB lineup with those experienced guys starting and the younger kids in the two deep and rotated in if needed.

We also discuss what we felt the end-of-season “points for” and “points against” were going to be after we had 40.9 PPG for and 35.2 PPG against.  Here is what the POV experts predicted…(+) is better in the defense column:

Point diff

This is interesting I think and it falls pretty much in line with the answers I get when i have asked the same question to others.  Of all the talk among Pitt fans about how much better we think the 2017 defense is going to be compared to last season the reality of opinions given was that it would only be a titch more than a field goal.  But on the other hand they believed the offense was going to drop by more than a TD this year.

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