Pitt POV Tailgating Info – Early Edition!!!

We are getting very close, less than a month now, to our opener against the Penguins of Youngstown State. So the smell of the grills and the whipping sound of flags flying remind us that our POV family will be tailgating at every home game during the 2017 season.

First I want to thank Fran Lokar (Lastrow), Bernie Blystaff (BigB), Ike Eicher (Ike) and Rich Tencza (Richman) for the hard work and great suggestions they have put into the tailgating brain trust.

Here is the basic info – Fran is graciously allowing us to share his tailgating spot in parking lot Red 5A. He’s had that spot for years and has opened his standing tailgate parties up to the POV’ers and our friends/families.

That lot is on situated on General Robinson Street between the Red 5 parking garage and the Renaissance Inn.  Tailgate Red 5 noted

That is smack dab under the Light Rail Transit (LRT) North Side stop where you descend right into the Red 5A lot.

Tailgate LRT Map.png

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Coaching or Recruiting Leads to Success?

Coaching or Recruiting Leads to Success?

Byline: Chris Logue

I Certainly Hope it’s Coaching

Is it the coaching or is it the recruiting?  Which side is more responsible than the other for putting the train on the tracks and moving forward? For once, I thought that ESPN, especially SportsNation, had an interesting take. If even for a moment it was refreshing.

After doing some research on recruiting ranks, records and the coaches at respective schools, I believe the answer is clearer than you might think. Get acquainted with the following chart, because it breaks it all down for you. Cheers for making it easier.

Pitt v MSU

After including the keywords under the logo’s, it should significantly reveal my hand. Michigan State is only revealed to 2014 because at that point we acquired a very hot commodity in coaching. “Give me sought-after defensive coordinators in 2014 for $1,000, Alex.”

Breaking it down as “Turmoil to Stability” and “Stability” was important in making my case and it should be very self-explanatory as to why. During the rash of hires by the athletic department, the philosophies changed as the pages turned and while the pages turned, the turn-stiles did not (man, I ‘turnt up’ as my fellow youth would proclaim).

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