New!! Pitt POV Fantasy Football!!

I have never played Fantasy Football although I’ve always thought it would be a great thing for a sports blog to do with it’s readers.  So, I believe we should develop a Fantasy League for Pitt football  – I just don’t know how to do it.

Can anyone suggest a good fantasy site and/or moderate such a thing for the POV?  I looked at various sites on the Internet but since I have no knowledge of how these leagues work I’d like to defer to someone who does.

Of course, I will provide a cash prize at the end of the season to whoever wins all the marbles.  I promise to keep the prize low enough so that you don’t get kicked up into  a higher tax bracket.

Here is what I found in just a short search – I’m sure some POV reader knows a better free site that we can use.

I didn’t begin that league yet.  From what I gather we would have individual teams owned by our POV readers;  for example “Reed’s Renegades” and then we’d do a ‘draft‘ for players – then who ever gets the most points at the end, based on our players’ performances during each game, wins… is this correct?


This just might be the perfect season to do this as there are so many unknowns out on the field of play that their production, or lack of,  may equal out the more unfavorable draft positions.

My only concern is that we all have to do the draft at the same time – that would be like herding cats… again, is this how a draft works?  Or can we draft in sequence at different times?

You can see I have a lot of questions… so here’s one for you readers.

Who wants to take the lead on this and be “The Pitt POV’erts  League Commissioner?  Basically that means you know what you are doing with this and then you do all the work for anyone else who wants to join it.

I really think this will be very interesting and fun and will give us any other dimension of Pitt football to discuss here as the season rolls on.

But time is short if we want to get online so who is stepping up to the plate?  If no one does then I’ll do it on Yahoo (or another recommended site) but I am super stretched for time as it is with the blog so it would be a huge help for someone else to grab ahold of this.

Thanks so much guys and I’ll see you all (hopefully) on Saturday at Heinz – please don’t forget to go to the pinned Tailgate article at the top of our front page and use the Poll to let us know if you will be joining us for the YSU Tailgate.

P/S: if the only really good site for this Fantasy League is a pay site then let me know and I’ll pony up…

Notes: Here is a great site for the basics of Fantasy Football – from the “Dummies” booksellers…

31 thoughts on “New!! Pitt POV Fantasy Football!!

    1. Terry – thanks for the info – I’ll look into it. A more important question is why haven’t we seen your name on a bunch of comments on here? Please chip in – we love new blood on the POV.


  1. Reed, I’m in a Yahoo league my son-in-law runs, It’s not a fantasy league hence no need for a draft. It’s for the NFL though. You simply pick one team each week that you think will win. Caveat is that you can’t pick the same team twice. You pick a loser and you’re out. It’s called a survival league.

    Do they have a fantasy league for college football?

    It’s just another option that wouldn’t require a draft that sounds almost impossible to do. A need to know is, I certainly do not know my way around the internet to do this myself.

    Just throwing an idea out there.


    1. So let me get this straight Ike – what you are proposing is 1) not a fantasy league 2) doesn’t have a draft and 3) is not for college football.

      O for 3 right there my friend – a complete strike out.

      That’s like saying a perfect wife is fat, ugly and mean but wields a great sewing machine.

      Can’t wait for Saturday and to see you – and all kidding aside, should we grab a couple folding chairs for the tailgate?


  2. No time to run it but, I’m in if it happens. I say make it a cash league- winner gets half and the rest goes to support Reed’s expenses at POV OR to a charity of Reed’s choosing. I’m happy kicking in $50. If we get 10 teams, that’s $250 to winner and $250 donation.

    Live drafts online work best and fastest. We all have PC’s, laptops, phones, etc. Make it a weeknight after 9 pm and most people should be good (?).


  3. Reed: I’ll be parked across the street and will bring two chairs. Both my wife and I have bum knees so the three of us will alternate the usage if another kind soul doesn’t offer a chair up.


    1. only 2 seniors starting on defense; 5 on offense … and almost everyone on 2nd team is underclassmen

      natural frosh CB Mathis is an OR


  4. The offense looks strong.

    The defense worries me. The D line will be better than last year, the back seven scare me.


  5. Two players Reed listed to be invited not to come back next year are listed 2nd team – Herndon and Williams. Hall 2nd team RB, 4star Kam Carter 3rd team. Prediction Reed’s Renegades 0-12.


  6. Are the fullbacks listed going to play at all, just for YSU? Is it a Narduzzi smoke screen?

    You can hold all analysis of this team until after the PSU game. You aren’t going to see the offense and you aren’t going to see many of the D packages this weekend.

    Despite what Reed believes, Pitt won’t need the entire play book for YSU.


  7. seems to be exactly what you’re looking for – never used it, but I’ve heard good things. And I think they’re one of (if not) the only sites that runs college fantasy football, and it’s free. I’m definitely interested!


  8. FWIW, I am of little use here. I have never been part of a fantasy league nor have I ever cared to to be in one.


  9. Agreed No Trocket, I don’t think there is much chance of seeing the fullbacks listed getting the carries but maybe for blocking?

    In the 80’s I was the commissioner of a fantasy league. Way before the internet help. Every Monday morning I would go over the stats in the newspaper from the games the previous day. There were only 8 of us and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

    The one thing that was the most fun? The draft, while we sat around a table, partied, ate and poked fun of everyone’s picks. We had to buy a magazine for all the info back then.

    It was like walking 3 miles uphill to school and 3 miles uphill to get back home. I would never do that again! … ike

    I’m Not Here On Business
    I’m Only Here For Fun


  10. Just received my psu tix in the mail.
    Bad news is that I can’t go due to a family commitment.
    Good news is I will sell them for what I paid to any Pitt fan who will attend the game and resell to a nitter ( honor sustem on that).
    Upper end zone sec NKU. Row 93. 2 seats.


  11. PittPT has been looking for tickets Dino. Big Pitt fan can you wait for him to reply? He’s a good Pitt man… please and thank you…


  12. Can someone tell Coach to stop drinking that highly acidic and highly oxidizing Aquafina bottled water that he had during today’s press conference.
    I sure hope that’s not what our players have been drinking.

    That is very unhealthy water. You want to drink alkaline anti-oxidant water.
    Here is a link. At the bottom of this page you can see a huge list of most of the bottled water brands and their acidity and oxidization.


  13. PF28 you ought see what is in Pittsburgh’s water, 🙂

    Report based on anonymous sources of Reed’s selection sheet for Reed’s Renegades, my comments in brackets)
    QB- Chad Voytik (um he graduated}
    RB -Tony Dorsett (um he no longer plays, great RB though)
    FB – George Aston (um, well..)
    WR- Jester Weah (even a blind squirrel,,,)
    WR – Tre Tipton (“break” out year…um might be hurt Reed)
    TE- Nate Bossory (hey his name is Nate)
    OL – They suck (not a choice Reed)
    DE – Rory Blair ( Reed expects career year)
    DL – Telani (uh, seeing a pattern)
    DL- Inoke Breckterfield ( yeah he is everywhere Reed)
    DE- Folston (keep saying it, he’s fasssst)
    LBs – Sean whose last name I can’t pronounce.(we heard the podcast!!!)
    LB – Q Wirginis (gotta weed this one out Reed)
    CB- Avonte Maddox
    CB – Paris Ford if he is eligible ( um he is)
    SS – Jordan Whitehead (see Wirginis)
    FS – Jordan Whitehead (cant pick him twice , oh heck with it)
    Prediction: Reed goes 0-11 losing in the Ice Bowl in Nome to Ike’s Inglorius Basturds.
    Sorry but that was fun, well for me anyway
    I have never been in one and have no knowledge, Ike are you saying being comish is like the old Lincoln story about the guy who was tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail – when asked how he liked it said “If it wasn’t for the honor of it I would just as soon walk”


  14. No not really RKB, It was fun at the time. I’m tired now and would never be so involved as deeply in hobby’s that entails energy and time. Plus the internet does all the work these days.

    Much easier just typing in my inane and sometimes senseless thoughts on the POV. If it weren’t for giving Reed a rough time once in awhile, I probably would just sit here and watch the wheels go round and round. < No, no video’s tonight.

    BTW, that is a great quote. . ….ike


  15. To be honest, I think it’s odd that so much reality tv is such fantasy. Although I really prefer reality football, I think I’d get a lot more out of the games, coaching strategies, etc, if I zeroed in on a few players. A fantasy league would be a good way to do that. If we had say 16 POVers, we could have two divisions, two drafts.. Yinzers vs Exiles ( driving distance from da burgs vs we stray dogs flung about the US. maybe a reboot/redeal at the mid point. Owners could hold or trade once. . Two prizes, one for each for league winner. Maybe league winners shoot for sweetened pot with Our ACC playoff game and bowl. Anyhow, think of how we’ll be bragging in a few years bout you we saw the next Aaron Donald.

    I’ve never seen these leagues done but I’m guessing owners draft round robin by position o line, d line, te/receivers/, lb/, db, rb. k/p. Stratified random sample. Owners randomly assigned to position selection order. . Kickers and QBs can be selected same by all, but other position players can’t be on more than two teams within a league and every team can only have a two deep msomryhimg like that.


  16. I’m not sure how the prediction thread is going to happen, but I’ll need to drop mine right here as I’m heading for a business hiatus prior to the YSU game this holiday weekend.

    I hate predicting that Pitt ever gets beat, but here it is. Every game is winnable in 2017. Season prediction 9-3 with a bowl victory making it 10-3 and a top 20 poll ranking.

    YSU game – Pitt wins 45-28 QO and Mad Max have productive games and the D chips in with a pick 6.

    Pluck the Penguins!


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