Pitt’s Recruit Class of 2012 – What Happened?

An article from my draft box…

Chis Peak of rivals.com put out an excellent article re-ranking Paul Chryst’s first full recruiting class of 2012. I wish I had though of that but Chis handles it superbly.  It is found here and I don’t believe it is behind the pay wall but it could be.

If you remember that class consisted of these recruits and they are listed by their rankings as shown:

6.1 = Five-star prospect

6.0-5.8 = Four-star prospect

5.7-5.5 = Three-star prospect

5.2-5.4 = Two-star prospect




Then Chris re-ranks them according to their worth to Pitt over their career and other schools (Shell and Voytik were the two big “transfers”).

As we had talked about in my in-depth recruiting article of a while back a lot of recruits don’t complete their four years of eligibility at Pitt and in this case it was 10 out of the original 16 who left early for various reasons.  As you can see out of our top seven recruits only one stuck it out at Pitt full term in Bisnowaty.



This is why I never get excited about recruiting – in some ways it means almost nothing at all.  As you can see a bunch those guys didn’t stick with Pitt more than two or three years… and they would have been the backbone of the 2016 team.

That’s not saying I’d give up the starters or two-deep 2016 kids for the recruits who didn’t finish out their careers at Pitt – except maybe Voytik as he would have won that Pinstripe Bowl in relief I believe.

Please do read that article linked above -it is very informative, as is all of Peak’s work over on Rivals.com – 2nd best guy writing about Pitt football around!!  Just kidding – he’s the best by far IMO.