POV’s Monday Bits and Pieces

Solar Eclipse today – first time in decades.  Here is a link so you can figure out when and where the best viewing is.

Pittsburgh Sports News didn’t hesitate to fire Tim Benz after his uber-critical tweet regarding James Conner’s first actions as a Steeler RB…

Here is that tweet feed of Benz’s

When discussing Conner’s 90+ yards in the game:

“It was against 4th stringers and he had two drops earlier.

 “Conner must be stunned. May not be used to a crowd this big at Heinz Field.”

EJ Borghetti fired back with:

“The man had a chemo port in his chest 14 months ago but go ahead and belittle what today meant. https://twitter.com/timbenzpgh/sta”

I was just strolling through Pitt football stuff today when i ran across this question to Chris Peak in his Rivals Mailbag.  Guess the author and win a free pair of Solar Eclipse glasses – mailed out to you tomorrow morning:

Sorry — again, but I had to ask an “Offensive Question” (lol) —- You sir have been around, and gotten to personally interact with Pitt Quarterbacks face-to-face and feel their Energy in the past… This brings a lot to the “IT-Factor” test (as every Big-Time Quarterback regardless of ‘Star-Ranking’ shows that “IT-FACTOR”) —- how do Max Browne, and Ben DiNucci seem in-person when they interact? Do they seem like they have the ‘Spark’, based on your personal-interaction, to be guys who can lead the Pitt team and excite the Supporters?? Thanks!!

Yeah – I’m sure it was one of us.

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