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Hello all, enjoy the above Podcast and here is some supporting text to mull over while you listen:

Recruiting vs Attracting

USC coach Clay Helton said Wednesday he had not been contacted by any coaches interested in Browne, but would do whatever he could to help him during the process.

Browne graduated from USC prior to this season and is two semesters short of an MBA. He said he plans to finish that program eventually.

Recruit Flipping – Here is an interesting article by Brian Batko of the P-G regarding recruits changing their minds after verbally committing to one school – note that in the class of 2017 we had six players who committed elsewhere sign LOIs with us:

The marquee college program in this town won its share of other schools’ losses. Of Pitt’s 22 committed or already-enrolled players in the 2017 recruiting class entering signing day, eight were originally pledged to another school, including three of its most highly regarded.

Two of those eight picked the Panthers in mid-December, then arrived on campus less than a month later. Defensive end Deslin Alexandre was a true “flip,” announcing that he was decommitting from North Carolina State and committing to Pitt at the same time. It wasn’t something he took lightly but felt it was better late than never to get it right.

Pitt placed 10 players on Athlon Magazine’s All-ACC four (!) deep listing. 

Here is the article:

PITTSBURGH—The Pitt football team received 10 selections to the recently released Athlon Sports’ 2017 All-ACC Team as the widely recognized college sports magazine published its predictions for the first team through fourth team performers in the ACC this upcoming season.
Returning consensus All-American Quadree Henderson led the way with three total selections. After Henderson joined Tony Dorsett in 2016 as the only players in Pitt football history to top 2,000 all-purpose yards in a season, Athlon touted the junior wide receiver as a preseason first team kick returner, second team offensive all-purpose player and second team punt returner for 2017.
After Pitt had its most potent offense in school history in 2016, Athlon expects the Panthers to be talented and explosive again on the offensive side of the ball, naming six Panthers to its preseason All-ACC Team for 2017.

Junior offensive tackle Brian O’Neill, a second team All-ACC selection in 2016 by the league’s coaches, received 2017 first team offensive line recognition by Athlon, while senior Alex Officer (second team) and junior Alex Bookser (third team) both earned mention as well.

Joining Henderson in garnering Athlon 2017 All-ACC honors among the offensive skill positions, senior wide receiver Jester Weah and junior running back Qadree Ollison were both touted as third team performers at their positions. Weah will be the nation’s returning leader in yards per catch after he averaged 24.2 yards per reception last season with six touchdowns of 50+ yards. And Ollison, the 2015 ACC Offensive Rookie of the Year, hopes to lead a Pitt backfield looking to replace James Conner.
Safety Jordan Whitehead received recognition from Athlon as a 2017 second team All-ACC talent at his position. The junior recorded 65 total tackles in nine games last season with a 59-yard interception return for a touchdown at Virginia and a nine-yard fumble return against Penn State before he suffered an injury at Clemson that cut his campaign short.
Rounding out Pitt’s Athlon preseason honorees is senior punter Ryan Winslow, who was touted as a fourth team All-ACC selection as he returns for his fourth consecutive season as the Panthers’ punter. Winslow averaged a career-high 42.6 yards per punt in 2016 with seven boots of 50+ yards.

Athlon Job Offer to Reed in May – forgot to mention this in the Podcast. They offered me a serious writing gig to cover Pitt football.  That was the 3rd offer I have gotten from various websites and publications… said no to all.  Will never work for anyone else as would probably kill any boss I had.

New Reduced ticket prices for 3 yr alumni

Under the new Young Alumni program, any Pitt student who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh since 2014 with an undergraduate degree is eligible to purchase two (2) football season tickets at a 30% discount. Football season tickets under the new recent graduate program start at only $102 (regular price is $147).

“Our players consistently say they play better when Heinz Field is packed,” says head football coach Pat Narduzzi. “We need our young alumni to bring the same passion and excitement every Saturday to Heinz Field, just as they did when they were in The Panther Pitt.”

Cardiac Hill Poll Topics: (Link Here)

Will Whitehead leave early?   Yes 69%;   No – 31%

Will Weah get 1,000 yards receiving?   Yes – 72%   No -28%

PSU Line 2.png

New-Look Pitt athletics website nice to look at; hard to do research in.

New Website


95 thoughts on “POV: Sunday Podcast; July 2nd, 2017

  1. 72% believe Jester will eclipse 1,000 yards.
    Ive been a Jester man since he signed. Still, every time a ball is thrown his way i hold my breath.


  2. Here’s a hold over post from last article that speaks to part of Reed’s podcast.

    frank, you’re right I really don’t think there is any difference what so ever between a 5.7 and 5.8. The people who decide between that one decimal point are armed with much more info than the common football fan but to dissect players that they really have never seen in person is a little (way more) than subjective.

    It’s exactly why I’m not fussed up about PITT recruiting at this point. Look what happened last year? Average 3 stars defeating the eventual National Champs and their top ten recruiting classes.

    About Ollison, I hedge my opinion on him until I see evidence of him moving towards the good graces of the coaching staff. PITT is darn lucky to have the nice stable of RB’s and I expect them all to be used including at least one of the freshman coming in.

    Let’s face it, 90% of what is discussed on the POV is history. Recent history but history none the less. I do admit, I can get stuck on certain topics but mostly it’s more relevant than some may think. After-all PITT is still suffering the effects of bad business in Oakland.

    BTW Reed, enjoyed the podcast per usual… ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need


  3. Gasman – me too. Lol. Loved the break-out season but I think to myself “don’t drop it!” EVERY.SINGLE.TIME the ball goes his way.

    I don’t think Weah gets to 1K but still builds on last season. He may not even get to last year’s numbers but I don’t think it will be his fault. I think Henderson will be the focal point in the passing game (in addition to the sweeps) on the offense under Watson, plus Clarke at TE will be heavily utilized and, not to mention, the run game … I just don’t think he’ll get enough balls his way.


  4. Reed,
    THANK YOU so very much for providing us diehard Pitt fans a place to talk about our Panthers!!!!
    For example, if not for the POV I would only have one person to talk Pitt sports with and that is my cousin Pete (which reminds me of the great 3 Dog Night song “One…is the loneliest number…. – had the 45! :>)
    Getting to talk Pitt football with you, Ike, BigB, rkb, Gasman, Upitt, Dr. Tom, etc. etc. etc. is filling a large void in my life!!!! So thanks again for your labor of love!!!!!

    We ain’t got squat
    We need a lot
    [trying to “be like Ike”] :>)


  5. Watson didn’t use the TEs much in his other teams’ offense playbook so I’ll wait on that.

    I do think Weah will get his ’16 numbers, maybe not 24.2 ypc which is awesome, but beat his 800 plus yards. Henderson is not that great a ball catcher and almost all the other receivers are untested in getting lots of PT.

    Browne is supposed to have a strong deep ball so that is Weah’s strength right there.

    I guess I’m just not sold on Moss and Hall as starters, especially since Ollison is a proven back. Plus the RBs will be behind a patched up OL.

    But as concerned as I am about the offense it all boils down to the back 7 on defense. If they falter we are screwed.


  6. Reed,
    not giving the ball to Ollison last year was the greatest mystery since “who shot JR?”
    He should definitely be our starting #1 back hands down IMHO this season!


  7. You’re right again Pittman. Not giving the ball to Ollison was and still is a great mystery to the PITT fan nation. The one thing I’ll add is, I don’t think it was a mystery to the PITT coaches.

    BTW, not the biggest fan of Three Dog Night but I do feel like I’m in Shangri-La when I visit the POV. Is that too sappy or corny?… I kinda of think so ike


  8. I hereby offer Reed $5/night to read me bedtime stories, what a velvety voice. This gives Reed 4 offers (kind of like recruiting offers). 🙂 Stay Reed, unless you are offered color commentary on ESPN football or to host the Pat Narduzzi Show (i understand they have a few openings at ESPN). Again an enjoyable listen.


  9. On Weah he could get one k but it will depend more on his QB and less on his hands He still needs to concentrate on each catch, with concentration he could be awesome. I too have heart palpations each time the ball is thrown his way but he made me eat my words as i thought he would just be a track star with hands of stone. Good improvement Jester.
    I am in the QO camp, if it was his weight I hope he leads by example and comes back strong. His FR year was awesome when we needed it. This is why open practices are important as I remember Reed gushing on his practice performance. If the Q comes back healthy and in shape and he is beaten out by someone esle that someone else would be special.
    Ditto pittforever. I used to think I was the only Pitt football fan around. Good job all.


  10. Below are quotes from our new OC when he was with Nebraska or maybe Louisville:

    “Your team better be able to run the ball well, period.”

    “You always have to remember who you are,” he said. “And honestly, it starts with rushing the football. I’ll argue with anybody who wants to argue that point. I know this: Championships are won by teams that rush the football. It opens up the passing game.

    “That said, there have been years when I’ve had to use the passing game to set up the running game. But you still have to develop a run game. You absolutely have to garner that respect from the defense”.

    I liked the play calling last year. It kept opposing defenses on their toes. While I agree with Watson’s offensive philosophy, I don’t think Pitt will be able to line up and pound the ball via the standard running game. We will need the jet sweeps, the shovel pass, the TE off tackle pitch play, the trick pass play to O’Neal, the flea flicker and the rest of the kitchen sink to stay competitive. I hope that Duzz made that clear to Watson.


  11. Miss Anonymous,
    Agree, 40.9 was GREAT!
    Not allowing an ACC player of the year to not carry the ball is not great – it’s ridiculous!


  12. Agree.
    Didn’t understand ostracizing QO.
    And, i would have tried harder to make Chris James stick around.
    And i agree with Moss and Hall as non-starters.


  13. I am not ostracizing QO. If he plays, great, If the coaches deem others players are ahead of him, great. I believe he is very talented and has a better resolve for this year, and if so, great.


  14. So easy to temper expectations with the 2018 pass D after watching this Ryan Switzerland PITT highlight film


    1. The Pitt secondary goes through a complete overhaul this season. Whitehead moves his position. Hamlin healthy, M. Henderson is going to be a force. New guys Coleman, Miller, Campbell all vying for playing time pushing guys like Dane Jackson to be better. Not to mention Paris Ford.
      You’ll see.


  15. Reed, am throwing out suggestions for dinner /drinks gathering , what about a central location like say Southern Tier on the north shore. If not there are other places down town or places near me in mt lebo. Give me a call to discuss if you like. I have some other ideas.


  16. I think part of the coaching psychology was to get Moss some carries to burn his redshirt…and because he was talented. By giving him a taste, he has a couple of choices. Work out harder than his competition next year. Same with QO. He had 1500 as a freshman and was held out behind Conner which was legitimate. Had they played QO in what was essentially mop up duty, it would have created a perception that QO was the leader coming into 2017-18. If that perception was seen by Moss, he may have just tranferred because of the numbers and not wanting to be behind QO for the next two years. It was a great psychological move by Narduzzi.

    All of the finagling of running backs created a great competition for this year, with no perceptions of who is the incumbent. My sense is that QO comes to camp in great shape. Same with Moss. Same with Hall. Competition creates improvement. It’s the American way.

    It’s never how things appear in major sports. There is more psychological manipulation of players minds than you can imagine. Great coaches master this.


  17. psychology is key in motivating players. ask jimmy johnson and his psych degree from arkansas. how bout them panthers.


  18. Reed – I was implying more usage with Henderson in the screen game based on what I saw IU run last season and what he did at Louisville. He likes to get playmakers the ball in space. Weah will still be the deep threat but I wouldn’t be surprised if his numbers dipped a little.

    Regarding tight ends, I think you’re confusing him with someone else. He was originally a TE coach and he was hired at Nebraska as a TE coach before being promoted to OC. He’s put several into the NFL.


  19. Tossing, when I have a minute I will go back and look up Sean Watson’s offenses and his other pit stops so that I can see if I was making a mistake or not, but I think I did that once before and saw that the tight ends weren’t a big part of it. But I’ll go ahead and research that today and I’ll post a comment up later.


  20. @TexP – At some point I will share an Urb story I witnessed four years ago. Talk about a psychological manipulator with his players…whewwww! A head shaker!

    Would anyone have guessed that Canada would have called the plays he did at Pitt in his history? I think the great OC’s adapt the playbook to their personnel. Regardless of what Watson did 5 years ago or three years ago, you would have to hope that he takes the talent he has inherited and calls plays that will give the troops the best opportunity for success.

    As an example, if he had 3 zero stars playing tight end two years ago and he didn’t use them much, that doesn’t necessarily mean he was anti-tight end. He may have just had crappy materials to work with. It’s all relative. Everyone have safe travels this independence day!


  21. Reed and TT I am absolutely positive I read that Watson hadn’t used his TE’s much in the passing game while at Indiana. That in particular was much talked about.

    Huff, I agree with you concerning the use of a TE. You’re right that he may not be anti-TE but I’m sure he hadn’t used them at his most recent stop.

    Pittman, you’ve been a little ornery lately you must be feeling well… ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need


  22. Jones-Smith, Officer, O’Neil, and Bookser all have played tons of football. Hardly pieced together. The line should be great this year.

    Next year will be a rebuild of the O line especially if O’Neil goes pro which is likely. Another good year he is a number one pick.


  23. ^Again I agree here. Dantino or every steps up to win the fifth O-Line job will become the only player who is not experienced. Little doubt there will be a drop off from last year but just how significant it will be remains up for debate. imo it will not be as profound as some may think.

    I’ll include Browne, Watson and the receivers in lessening the impact of losing Biz and DJ. I still contend that the short passing game will be the emphasis especially early on in the season.

    ….and on Dantino, I’ve heard and yes it’s just talk at this point but I understand he’s quite the maniac on the football field. Sort of like a bull in a china shop type. ike


  24. Reed – first off I just made a long overdue donation. I (like many) really appreciate your columns and above all the open forum. I enjoy the insights of ALL the regulars. Important question – what the heck is going on with our coveted incoming freshman DB – PF… can you give us the real skinny? my sense is that he is NOT on campus with his classmates???


  25. Sure hope there is a really good freshman running back because I don’t see it on the roster now.

    Chris James was the best back not named Conner.


  26. @not rocket – I don’t disagree on rb situation. For pure straight ahead speed, it’s Hall. He doesn’t have the vision. For vision and quickness, Moss is the guy. For power and SOME Conner like ability, it’s Ollison. In my opinion Pitt does not have a running back that has all of those attributes. Maybe one of the freshman.

    Chris James to me is very similar to Hall, but with a little more shiftiness like Moss. He will have a very good year at Wisconsin for sure.

    The swing pass game is where I see a slight regression this year although it won’t be for a lack of attempts. Some will say that Henderson will pick up that slack. If I am a D-Coord and Henderson lines up in the backfield, he would be getting the ball either on a pitch or a swing pass. Time will tell on that important aspect of the game.


  27. “It’s exactly why I’m not fussed up about PITT recruiting at this point. Look what happened last year? Average 3 stars defeating the eventual National Champs and their top ten recruiting classes…”

    Just a side note- those 3* players finished the season 8-5.


    1. Imagine you are a CEO of a company putting together an executive team. Do you hire the smartest? Do you hire the most creative? Do you hire the most industrious? Do you hire the best leader? What hiring practices will make the best executive team? You won’t get answers from me but I’ll tell you this, skill sets that separate one company’s capability’s from another or 50 others do exist. Does CEO PN have the superior skill sets to uncover the less coveted players that will enable it to have the player personnel that average 3.0 stars that are able to outperform the teams that have an average of 3.3 stars? We will find out because as Ike would say that’s “all we got”. My opinion, CEO PD is a star at evaluating talent.


  28. Ike – Watson didn’t call plays at Indiana. He was a quality control coach and he has said he took the job to study the offense.

    Reed – The TE was a staple at Colorado, Louisville and Nebraska. By staple, I mean involved – I’m not implying they were focal points. I doubt he’s ever had a 5 star TE before, either. I also think you may have miss interpreted my original post. I think Clarke will be a top 3 receiver on this team. Most likely behind Weah and Henderson. I was only implying he’ll take some receptions away from Weah. Additionally, Clarke will be less of an in-line TE and more of modern TE operating as an extra WR (or he should be anyways – it will be tragic if he’s not). He should fit into a spread/west coast hybrid offense that Watson has had the most success in.

    By the way, this is by far the best exposé on Watson. The good, bad and meh. It does not include the ugly as it pre-dates his tenure at TX. It was written as he was brought on board there.

    It’s worth the read. It details, in depth, every stop.


    He’s definitely not without risk but he’s also spent his entire career with risk-adverse coaches. He’ll have a freedom under Narduzzi that he hasn’t had before.


  29. Yeah TT thank you but for whatever reason it was clearly stated that the TE has not been a weapon Watson used as much as some other coaches. Which could mean anything I suppose?

    …. and again you’re right for I feel Browne will be a more possession passer early season which should bring the TE’s into play. It really does suck to have 3 OC’s in 3 years.

    Jay: you’re right, 3 star players can lose to anyone as well as the mega star Clemson players can.


  30. Any team can lose to any other on any given day. However, the OVERWHELMING data shows that 7-5 or 8-4 teams usually have recruiting rankings in the 40’s and 10-2 or 11-1 teams have rankings consistently in the top 15. Coaching and scheme can overcome some weaknesses or lack of talent on ONE or TWO Saturdays but talent is needed to win consistently. That point simply can not be in dispute.


  31. What really didn’t use his tight end very much in his career. See below…

    Those last two years at Louisville are the highest he passed with tight ends and that was because of Teddy Bridgewater who obviously was a great passer and threw the ball all over the field.

    We do not have that in that Browne. So I don’t think we’re going to see the tight end you as much as wide receivers or on the running backs in the passing game.

    UL w/ Bridgewater

    2011 – 30 TE catches for 3 TDS
    2012 – 27 for 3
    2013 – 42 for 4


    2014 – 21 for 3
    2015 – 19 for 2


    2016 – 10 for 2


  32. Tossing,
    The article on Watson was highly informative, very interesting, and greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  33. Jay not to continue the debate much further and your points are absolutely correct. My point is that PITT’s 3 stars accomplished something no others could. Plus the difference between the rankings of # 25-40 is subjective and negligible. imo.

    Taking that one step further I think it sports politics. No doubt the rich boys win all the time in the recruiting wars though.


  34. Our TEs are so inexperienced I would be surprised even with an experienced QB that they would get more than 10-15 max this year.


  35. The Tossing article on the elementary Watson was quite encouraging in that Watson is a well documented QB guru, which should be greatly advantageous for Max Browne and the Pitt offense. While O’ Canada was off the charts successful, I believe The Elementary One will be overall effective and successful. #H2P


  36. Pitt, last year, had 39 receptions and 5 TD’s at TE. 35/5 from Orndorff. I’d consider 35/5 receptions heavily utilized and I expect Clarke to improve in both yards and TD’s while hauling in similar receptions. FWIW, Ordorff had the 2nd most receptions after Weah. Clark is the same size as Orndorff and a couple of tenths faster. He’s going to be a 22 year old, 260 pound, glorified wide receiver this season.

    Why are TX and Indiana listed?

    At Texas, Watson replaced an OC in-season in 2014 and only was OC for one game in 2015 before, himself, being replaced. Plus, the TX administration was making Strong switch to a spread offense to fit into the Big 12 better. His tenure there was an unmitigated disaster that you can’t really pull much information from. I would not read too much into it. Charlie Strong to the wide open, air raid, Big 12 was always going to end in disaster.

    At Indiana, Watson was only an offensive assistant and was not involved in the game plan.

    At Louisville, Watson used the tight end about as much as Pitt did last year. He averaged 33 TE receptions a season vs. 39 for Pitt.

    Would you really be surprised if Clark is the third leading receiver on this team behind Henderson and Weah? I guess a RB could sneak in there. Clark, in reality, could even contend for top receiver this season.


  37. Random Totally Unrelated Question…

    Do any commenters on this board by any chance have kept an Official Football Program that was sold during games, from any game in 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972? I have a question about a certain page in the program during one of those years.


  38. Pittman/Rocky – A friend/old co-worker who lives in Austin sent that to me … he’s a professional tailgater too (yes, that’s a real thing). His tailgates are sponsored by a beer company, a hot dog company and a potato chip company. Something to aspire to.

    Anyways, I think I posted it when Watson first got hired. If not, I meant to 🙂

    I like the article because it’s really pretty neutral and it paints a good picture of what his career has been with the ups and downs and everything in-between. Plus, it gives good context into who he worked for and how that shaped his offenses.

    He’s been under some very controlling and conservative coaches with Barnett, Bill Callahan and Bo Pelini. Canada had a similar history working for control freaks Bielema and Dave Doeren. Canada was also a little braver and challenged Bielema and Doeren leading to his exodus with both. Canada wasn’t afraid to challenge the status-quo. I really hope Watson saw this and takes advantage of his situation.

    Hopefully, the freedom leads to creativity. Otherwise, we’re going back to a very bland conservative offense. I really hope Watson keeps the pedal to the metal. Duzz has continued to say he wants an attacking offense so that give me hope. I think part of the chemistry issues with Chaney were that Chaney wasn’t aggressive enough. Ultimately, IMO, Watson has to be very aggressive for this to work.


  39. I would add, our O may need to exercise a little more ball control/clock consumption to help keep the ball out of our opponents hands in order to give our young D some rest and game planning on the sideline. It’s TRICKY knowing how often to score and when to consume clock. Last year we probably lost a game or 2 by actually scoring too quickly and throwing a depleted/exhausted D back on the field. This trickiness is why
    I guess Duzz makes the big bucks!


  40. Suggestion for the July 15 dinner location — The Porch across from the Cathedral, on Schenley Plaza. If there are enough people, the chef might be able to do something special (suckling pig?) on the barbecue. He is originally from Kansas City.

    I would rule out any of the North Shore places — Pirates game at 7 p.m.


  41. ^Absolutely reverend (no offense intended if not appropriate) Ball control is what I expect to see in diamonds this year. In order to take advantage of great receivers you need to run the ball first. ike


  42. notrocket, two 4-stars RBs are joining the squad. Experience shows that RB is a position where a first year player can make a definite impact. Too bad the others positions aren’t stocked liked this one is


  43. Interesting info on Watson today, did a little looking into his resume at first but I found the link and updating interesting. Boy, but the variables are really daunting imo. My middle name should be continuity as it just makes it so hard to keep any momentum a team may find from one year to another.


  44. ike – I don’t think we’ll see ball control at all. At least not in the iteration that we’re used to. Everything Narduzzi says, and based off of last year’s offense, is that he wants to score as many points as possible as quickly as possible. Narduzzi consistently says he wants an attacking offense.

    He understands the modern game.

    Look no further than Alabama. As great as that defense was all year, the Clemson offense won the game. Ball control didn’t help. The pace of the game tired that great defense out and eventually they collapsed after being on the field for 100 plays. We saw the same thing in the Super Bowl. NE ran 90+ plays and the Falcons just died in the 4th on defense.

    It’s a new era of football. The run game is important but if it’s not leading to points, it’s pointless … see what I did there? Yogi Berra would be proud.

    Oregon operates a run first offense, but it’s up-tempo. Tempo and number of plays trumps ToP in the modern game. It may lead to winning ToP but it’s a different strategy of getting there. No more milking the clock at the sake of scoring points. A score first mentality is the name of the game. The game has evolved.

    So we may see Pitt running the ball … and a lot of it … but I think we’ll see Pitt play at a similar pace as last season. Maybe not fast by Clemson and Oregon standards, but a quick strike and score first attack vs. traditional ball control.

    Browne ran a no-huddle at USC so it would be playing to his strengths as well.


    1. How does controlling the ball and winning time of possession translate to a tired defense in the 4th quarter. To my mind both the Clemson/Alabama game and the Super Bowl showed that how a team plays when tired is critical. Sucking it up was important in the past and important now. It’s what we love about sports.


  45. It’s so hard to really evaluate a running back because the offensive line’s performance is so directly connected to a back’s performance. If the line opens a highway for a back and the back breaks off 45yds because the defense was on the other side of the field why credit the back. I think Moss is no speedster but is fast enough. I think his field vision and cutting ability is very good (not great though). What I think he excels at is his ability to not be brought down. I think his teammates saw this and it was the reason he was picked first in last year’s spring game. I just believe that QO’s 2015 stats were the OL’s. My confidence rating about this: medium.


  46. lots of good thoughts here. I’ve always believed a great OL is the best asset a team can have. It helps make up for a lot of defects


  47. Just a thought but a no huddle offense does not necessarily mean throwing the ball all over the field. imo quite the contrary in many cases including the Steelers. Which BTW I love that concept in keeping a particular defensive unit or players on the field to play to a teams strength.

    Browne could very well hit the longer pass to Weah, Henderson etc but ball control may be the strategist that opens up the WR’s and TE’s for those longer passes… ike


  48. 6&34 – By dictating tempo and forcing the opponent to play faster than they want to, leading to mistakes or turnovers or quick series … Or forcing them to change their game plan completely and abandon their principals.

    I was just pointing out that it’s where the game is going. The old 3 yards and a cloud of dust approach has been a dying breed for years. The Alabama loss may have put it on life support.

    In fact, after the game, Alabama, decided to skip it’s original plan of replacing Kiffin with Sarkisian and, instead, grab a Patriot/Belicick up-tempo protege as it’s next OC (Brian Daboll).

    Times are-a-changing.


  49. Anonymous – I don’t think in the new game that has changed. O-line and D-line are the hallmarks of any good team. That philosophy transcends the style of play and is true across era’s.


  50. No huddle doesn’t all mean dictating the tempo. It can also mean limiting substitutions and getting the match-ups a team desires. ike


  51. If Narduzzi and company learn anything from their practice partners, they will note that the Steeler OL is mainly first round picks if I recall. The big uglies make it all work. For Pitt this year, we look good along the OL, if we stay healthy. I think my grade this year was a push to a slight improvement.

    Reed, thanks again for the podcast yesterday! Good stuff.


  52. I saw on the Pitt Fan Fanatics FB page that Pitt is starting to send out emails regarding available Pitt vs PSU FB tix to season ticket holders . I haven’t gotten this email, have any of you? If so and you can’t use the tix I’d love to buy them or if you’d like to go but only need one I’m available and willing to drive!


    1. PittPT, my son in law received the email said he wasn’t going to use them, I’ll ask him if he promised them to anyone else and let you know, if you haven’t already found tickets. He only gets two now that I bought them on my own this year. ike


  53. LOL Huff…and the Dick Cheney line. God I love live radio. I listened to the podcast yesterday while playing with my 1 year old dog in the yard. When I throw the ball he runs away from me for 10 steps and instinctively TURNS TO LOOK FOR THE BALL. I had to laugh out loud. All we needed was a curly coat retriever to show our d backs how to do it. Happy 4th.


  54. Pulled this from a CBS article written last month where they ranked each ACC team – Reed may have mentioned it, but this was my first time catching the details –

    “Pittsburgh — 6.5 (Over): The team that beat both the ACC champion and Big Ten champion has lost many of its key contributors, but Pat Narduzzi can point to those wins as proof that Pitt is ready to win at the highest levels in college football. The defense has to be better (something we never thought we’d say about the Panthers under Narduzzi) with another year of changeover offensively, but there’s enough playmakers left to think they can still put points on the board. I think Pitt and Miami are contending for the ACC Coastal in November, making their meeting on Friday, Nov. 24 at Heinz Field a potential division title game.”

    If that post-Thanksgiving game with Miami plays out as CBS predicts, does Pitt fill the “house” or will the attendance be disappointing? Students stay and help pack the “house” is my prediction. Duzz and Lyke work hard to change the culture and make Pitt a winner on the field and in the stands – that’s my optimistic opinion (spin).

    Enjoy your 4th of July celebration!

    Missing DK (already) and Emel of course.



  55. Huff you are indeed an optimist on the OL. We have Oneill and Bookser. Then we have JJS – big fat and no footwork, coming off knee surgery and never known for being in great shape, , Officer cant hike to the QB even when the QB is standing over center. Two unknowns to replace Bis and DJ. Ugh..Very inexperienced to boot. You are right about the Steeler OL but except for Oneil not one meets that criteria Hope you are right..
    HAIL TO PITT!!!!!


  56. A few years ago I had the honor of meeting George Zambelli Sr and his family in his room in the Hilton at Point Park for the 4th of July fireworks show.. This would be Mr. Zambelli’s last 4th of July shoot as he was gravely ill … He turned to me, a former pyrotechnician, and said ” This is America’s most important holiday.” Today, we celebrate the birth of our great nation. Happy 4th POV brothers and sisters.


  57. Couldn’t agree more BigB!
    We gained our freedoms and independence as citizens of this great country – the greatest country on the globe hands down.


  58. Happy 4th … and remember that while we are all thankfully able to express our opinions (about Pitt and otherwise) … in the end, we are all on the same side


  59. Yep, I hope everyone has a safe Holiday and Happy Birthday to us…..

    PittPT I’ll let you know a little later in the day. ike


  60. Every year my Dad would make his illegal fireworks run to West Virginia and bring back a stuffed trunk full of fireworks. You may be thinking “Wow, he probably made a fortune selling them.” NOPE, not one cent!!!!
    They were ALL for him and me to shoot off on our own (right in our little neighborhood in Dormont). Most neighbors loved it, neighbors with dogs didn’t!. Anyway, this one year he was really excited with his purchase, the reason?, he convinced a WVA hillbilly to sell him a commercial rocket (you know, the kind that the professionals put in a mortar launch type pipe to shoot). This thing was YUGE!!! ( 3 ft. long with a 5 to 6″ diameter). He couldn’t wait to shoot this thing off and the second it was dark enough he was in the back yard ready to light it. I was about 15 yrs. old at the time and in my Dad’s excitement he was already pulling out his cigarette matches to light the thing. As he tries lighting it (which he couldn’t do because, no kidding, the fuse was as thick as a grown mans finger) I said “Hey Dad, I think that rocket needs some kind of launching pad.” He stepped back a moment, looked over the situation and said, “Jim, you’re probably right!” So we run into the garage and start bringing out any and everything that could build a makeshift launch pad (broom, rake, bricks, etc.) The goal was to have the rocket facing straight up and we accomplished that goal and then tried to relight the fuse. This time my dad tightly rolls up a section of the Pittsburgh Press and lights it like a torch and holds it at the bottom of the fuse. All of a sudden the fuse lights and the amount of flame from the fuse startles my dad and as he starts to run he accidently kicks the rake which drops the rocket to a horizontal position facing our neighbors house, Mr. Ragu.
    My dad considered going back to re straighten it but decided it was too late. As I looked at Mr. Ragu’s house, his side large picture window was not yet draped and there he is sitting on his couch smoking a pipe and reading the newspaper! (the rocket was now aimed directly at that window). The distance to the window was about 80 to 100ft (there was our small back yard, an alley, his side yard, driveway, and the window.) As the lighted fuse slowly made it’s way to the rocket I envisioned the rocket going right thru his living room in front of him as he read his paper and out the other side of the house! Finally, for what seemed like an eternity, the rocket ignites, and as feared, is heading directly toward that large picture window!!! At the last second, as if touched by an angel, the rocket veers a little to the left and strikes the house brick, missing the window by at most 2-4″!!! Mr. Ragu, who hears this loud thud on his house, runs out to see what the heck is going on and suddenly finds himself in the middle of his driveway and in a fight for his life with a runaway rocket which is now exploding firework displays and loud thunderous explosions! At this point my dad and I run into the house and turn off all the lights! (LOL).



  61. PittPT-bro… to answer your question.. I had a license from the state of North Carolina( screw the Tarheels!) … I survived so you could call me a pro who did it for the love of the game…my gyno buddy Dan Terryberry literally had the largest non- municipal fireworks show in the UDA according to Zambelli who we bought our product from. My daughter was in the same class at Duquesne as George Jrs daughter hence the connection… love to blow %$=&^”> up ( apologies) My o my how the 4th has changed haven’t heard and explosion or bang all day… well time to go to the gun cabinet and break out the black powder… “Wife, get me a Chilly!”


  62. PittPT bro… I guess I am a pro because I survive 15 shoots…never got paid… We had the largest non-municipal private fireworks shoot in the United States of America according to Zambelli international who provided it’ never got paid… We had the largest non-municipal private fireworks shoot in the United States of America according to Zambelli international who provided their product… My daughter was a classmate of the granddaughter of founder George Zambelli… my gyno buddy, Buffalo New York born and bred Dan Terryberry was and remains my partner in crime… We would have 2 to 3000 people attend our firework shows down here… We had a blast! Three days of work for a 10 minute standing ovation from your fans… Still get goosebumps thinking about it… learn to shoot the fireworks at the Carolina Mudcats minor-league baseball game… Nearly blew my head off with the first shot…


  63. I dictated that last one… Try to figure it out if it doesn’t make sense… I have not heard one firecracker or explosion all day… Things are way different from when I was a kid in Apollo Pennsylvania… Woke up to the sound of people/kids blowing crap up… “Wife, get me a beer I’m going to get the black powder out of the gun safe!” Have fun tonight guys make some noise…


  64. Lastrow

    “All we needed was a curly coat retriever to show our d backs how to do it.” yup, after you fool them once or twice they get it!


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