Input Needed for FB Downtime

Guys can you please try to think of some of the topics you would like to have articles written about while we have all this time in between now and the bowl game and then again until the spring practices start.

I think I’ll do a quick series on departing senior starters and what their careers were like individually and of course I’m going to do one on our defense and what kind of coaching changes we may or may not see after the bowl game.

I also think I’ll do a few Pitt FB history ones. Β I do want to keep trying to post one article a day if possible, but it really is kind of hard to come up with something that’s going to be worth writing and then also worth reading and commenting on…

The ball is in your court.

Speaking of balls and courts if anyone wants to chip in and write a basketball article or two or maybe even weigh in on the Pitt Administration or coaching or whatever you want to write about please do.

I want to share some of the load here if possible so if you don’t have my email address here it is:

…and you can just drop me the draft article in an email and and if I feel like it’s something our readers would like I’ll clean it up and put some visual stuff in it then I’ll posted it.

That way you too can call other people ingrates under your breath like I do.

126 thoughts on “Input Needed for FB Downtime

  1. CBS Sports reports that ND’s QB, Malik Zaire, is set to transfer (I believe that it would be a graduate transfer, so he wouldn’t need to sit out for a season) and Pitt is one of four schools on his list. Michigan St, Wisconsin and Florida are the others.


  2. Top plays of 2016. Bowl predictions. What the QB position/competition might look like in 2017 (this might be difficult, given the limited access to practices). Best bars in Oakland – old and new.


  3. Next year’s possibilities interest me, like breaking down the schedule and players returning and some possible incoming impact players. This is a subjective topic and should spurn lots of feedback.

    Edit: Ike, I wanted to do a set on everything in the subjects you mentioned above but now I’m not because you suggested it and you are a bad man.


  4. NFL draft as it relates to us. Hoping Soto gets drafted. Under appreciated.
    Players most likely to forego their last year and get on with their life’s work – – always a touchy subject.
    Recruiting details – do we still recruit players like Jeter, whose heart is 100% set on Dome, er, I mean Meetchicken? Is his juice , and those committed elsewhere, worth the squeeze?
    Does $$$ truly equate with wins -looking forward? Texas, ND, Georgia, ASU – not really.
    What happened to…? Various players, how did they end up?
    And if we are truly bored, players we barely missed out on (Malik Zaire, Dravon Henry, Chase Winovich) – did we miss on anything much?

    Long winter, but that’s all I can generate on a Tuesday


  5. Reed – how about a topic on potential QB grad transfers? NP worked out very well and our Canadian offense is quite appealing.

    Max Browne USC
    Malik Zaire ND

    To help get it started…


  6. Give me a George Aston personal profile story.
    I can’t gets me too much George Aston, he be Pitt Football 24-7 & started as a walk-on from Virginia.


  7. Reed – You spent a lot of time comparing defenses against last years & Chryst. How about offense comparison. Maybe look at how old high-octane did at ASU or Chryst (Randolph) with ex PITT commit Alex Hornibrook at QB.

    I liked Chas (Pitt Blather) article that included the tidbit that if Dave Doreen (now at NC State) had waited a week we would still have Chryst as head coach.


  8. Short story is chryst did another QB MIRACLE JOB with hornibrook. Chryst is one of the best in college football at taking marginal QBs and crafting an offensive system and individual game plans that make them serviceable.


  9. Any recruiting news you can find….oh, and BB πŸ˜‰

    ACC bowl games and how we’ll do against the other conferences.

    Will Matt Canada be here next year and will Narduzzi fire anyone.


  10. Recruiting, Draft prospects (all as mentioned). Also looking at the 2-3 deep potential for next year – that will spark debate!

    How about beating the Terps! Great BB win tonight.



  11. Some good ideas here. Could also have some good debates about “all decade” teams from the 00s, 90s, 80s, etc.

    I’ve always wanted to do a retrospective look at old recruiting classes and how they turned out 3-5 years later in terms of wins and production. Every class seems to have some hidden gems and a few busts.


  12. I’d like to see a look at Pitt’s offensive stats from this season and compare them to past Pitt teams and to other outstanding college offenses in general. Specifically, I’m interested in the number of “big plays” this Pitt team had and how they compare. I’m talking about the number of plays of over 20 yards, over 30 yards, over 40 yards, etc.

    I sure can’t remember any Pitt team – and I go back to the 60s – having this many big plays. And taking a kickoff or punt back for a TD seemed like something Pitt did about once every couple of years, not multiple times in one season.

    And if we do get an article on PItt’s offense, could we have “Oh Canada” playing in the background?

    Go Pitt.


  13. As usual, I will go off the board and offer the following recommendation. This is about the PittPov. I think that Reed should setup a deadline for posters to give a brief biography of themselves and have Reed post one each week for the rest of the bloggers to “Get to know _______”.

    Secondly, I think it would be a great idea to take a recruiting class from the last 10-15 years and research them individually in a “Where are they now” segment. NFL, CFL, Professional, Prison, Contributing citizen, 7th year sophomore, movie star, scientist etc.

    That’s my two for now.


  14. I guess Malik Zaire would add another competitor and might help if MacVittie is not ready, but he sure didn’t show much at ND.

    Topics will present themselves if there are coaching changes and as we get more verbals.

    Articles on former Pitt players lives after football are interesting.

    Marketing ideas for how we get more fans to show up.


  15. Tony Siragusa, Sean Gilbert, and Darrelle Revis fired up the kids before the Duke Game.

    Interviews with these guys and others would be fun.

    Any word on Zack Gilbert’s status?


  16. An indepth article on Pitt Stadium, its history from construction to demolition, including the political goings on that led to its demise.

    If you’re really bored, an article about that other Oakland sports venue, Forbes Field, although I don’t know if Pitt used Forbes for any sporting events.


  17. Southside Conversation Transcript:

    Matt Canada: You want me to be here next year, guaranteed????? We do everything to bring him here. I sold-out to try and bring him to Wisconsin but Notre Dame just won-out.

    Pat Narduzzi: He’s your guy??? Alright, we’re gonna go get him. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    —> Malik Zaire starting on next year’s Pitt team, and Pitt is a guaranteed 9-3, with a resounding win at Beaver Stadium. Zaire is a Fierce Leader and he will Mentor Thomas MacVittie (Pitt’s Future STAR) to the Max.

    —- Bo Schneider was a 2 star, low 3 star QB who is a Way, Way-Slower, Weak-Armed, 6-2 Trey Anderson. Anyone who watched his tape and saw him play his Freshman Year at Central Florida knows he’s a Manny Stocker level Qb Depth guy.

    Lol Max Browne at USC was a Disaster — not a D-1 player and USC has taken-off now with an awkward throwing RS Frosh QB who was 95% on committing to Duke (CA native) but at the last minute decided to accept a USC offer.

    **Matt Canada wants Malik Zaire to be his QB next year BADLY (BIGLY!!!! haha) and Pat Narduzzi is gonna make this happen. πŸ™‚



    Ohio Recruit…..Unanimous top 150 Overall Recruit and Top-10 QB in the nation…. 6 foot, 220+ pound Powerhouse with 4.5 speed, a Rocket Arm, and absolute 99nth-percentile Character — Malik Zaire was 3-0 as a Starter at Notre Dame and lost his job to 6’4”, 230 pound “Golden Boy” DeShone Kizer simply because for some insane reason Brian Kelly fell ‘in-love’ with the “Prototype Guy”.

    Malik Zaire at Pitt Excites the Heck Outta Matt Canada and gets him Chomping-At-The-Bit game planning for 2017 — Pat Narduzzi and Canada gotta make this happen.


  19. ^^^ PS, well-known and obvious fact: Matt Canada was OC at Wisconsin when Malik Zaire deciding from his Dayton Ohio High School Days — and Matt Canada Sold OUT to try and get Malik Zaire. Matt Canada recruited this kid like he thought he was gonna be the Second Coming.

    Well — this time Matt Canada has his shot to get the (now 220+ pound, Healthy, and Fully-Matured) Malik Zaire. 2017 With Malik Zaire Mentoring RS Freshman Thomas MacVittie will be extraordinary — Pitt will continue the upward-spiral into a whole New-Level. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    A Mature Leader — and a future PITT MAN πŸ™‚


  20. Zaire I believe never turned the ball over in his time at ND. He definitely never threw an INT. The bowl win over LSU in 2014 was an impressive performance by him. When Zaire got his shot he severely injured his ankle in the second game versus Virginia, coming off the heels of a 19-22 passing day versus Texas.

    The running element that he would bring would make Pitt’s offense so much more dangerous. Pitt is the closest school for his family to come watch him play. I really hope this happens.


  21. ^^^^ SorryI meant to say that Malik Zaire never Legitmately got any chance to actually win the starting job at ND from Brian Kelly once DeShone Kizer took over (because Brian Kelly fell ‘in love’ with the 6’4”, 230 pound “Pretty Boi” vs. the Scrappy-Southpaw Zaire).

    Zaire as a Starter for Notre Dame was a Winner – his last game before his injury was a 38-3 win vs. Texas where Zaire had 313 yards passing and great runs to move the chains……Maybe his injury was a (Sorry! lol) “Blessing In Disguise” to get his path back to PITT and into Canada’s arms! (and game-plans!) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  22. How about an article on the Strength and Conditioning program. Analyze whether it is achieving what we need. My impression is that we have made a step up in the S&C program. Would be interested in knowing more. “Games are won in the trenches.”



  23. — With a (Cough, ANTI Brian Kelly, Cough) — Real Man — and Honest, Warm, PRINCIPLED and GENUINE Man in Pat Narduzzi as his Head Coach —- Malik Zaire will be a: (coinin’ this): HIT at PITT πŸ™‚

    —– Thomas MacVittie should want this more than anyone. Yes, MacVittie will get many, many snaps next year with Zaire at the Helm because even with 6′ vs. 6’5” they are Identical skill-sets, and Zaire wil take MacVittie under his wing and try to teach him absolutely everything he knows. They’re both Stand-Up, Straight-Up kids who will be Amazing Pitt Ambassadors πŸ™‚ .

    —— OMG @THEREALPatNarduzzi — bring Malik Zaire Home to his OC Matt Canada — and then get Lamont Wade AND Robert Foster to come home (get his family to make him!!! haha) and my goodness Pitt fan-base will be bursting AT THE SEAMS come 2017!!! πŸ™‚


  24. ^^^ This is the Final full game played by Malik Zaire before he got hurt:

    😦 he got his team up 12-0 in the first quarter quickly vs. Virginia the next week before he got hurt….then he never go the chance to win back the starting job from Brian Kelly.


  25. grizzly – Don’t think Pitt ever played Forbes but the Steelers used it for home games as well as the WPIAL championships on occasion.
    Emel – the pedos have the state pols in their pocket and dole out club seats like candy to keep them in their pocket.
    Huff – the bio thing has some wheels as we get bits and pieces of people in posts. I was born in a log cabin…
    Unrelated but it was nice to see John Pelusi honored as an alum for the game. Unlike the Sunseri’s who many of you swoon over the Pelusi family have been huge supporters of the University in donations and generations in attendance.
    What the heck is that Fan Committee up to? Who are its members? Any POVrs on it?
    As to Emel on the OCS I know this is dead and enough to drive Reed to hyperventilate, is there any long-term planning or thoughts as what to do when Heinz runs it course, perhaps someone can give you an answer to this Reed, though I doubt Pitt plans that far ahead.


  26. Lol, calm down?? — Pitt has the chance right now to get the QB who Matt Canada woulda chopped-off one of his thumbs-for a couple years ago, at Pitt ready to go get-it-in immediately (graduate transfer — can come in and practice all-in) with the ‘Beast’ Jester Weah, Quadree Henderson, Quadree Ollison, Darren Hall, and ( YUP soon to be All American 6’5”, 250 pound 5-star TE) Chris Clark ASAP and it’s : “calm down”??? — lol this is a Huge Opportunity for Pitt Football πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .


  27. @Reed — if you can configure-out how we can Call-In to your podcasts — so we can get he real voices to posters — this ‘Thang will Bump all Summer long until next Opening Day πŸ™‚


  28. They should be 100% all over Zaire. No brainer.

    MacVettie backs him up – gets his feet wet against YSU, Rice, and any other games in hand – then takes over as a RSS with 3 years…

    And maybe Canada gets Zaire drafted?


  29. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I remember Zaire having some interest in PITT coming out of high school.

    Zaire would be at the top of the list of incoming players next year.

    Zaire committing to PITT will help bolster this years recruiting class.

    How important is it now for PITT to extend Canada today!

    Should be lots to talk about right now but wait until middle January. That’s when we will all have to step up with some serious schitt to talk about.

    I don’t know if I want to know too much about some of you guys….:) ..Though I wouldn’t mind knowing what some of your posting history is and where you posted before.

    Yes I’m excited about the possibility of Zaire coming to PITT along with Foster, Wade and others along with the already committed players next year.


  30. Adding Zaire and Robert Foster as grad transfers would be a very interesting look for Pitt. Foster and Weah on the outside with Henderson in the slot and the new TE’s would be a monster offense. You couldn’t double Foster or Weah and they would pull a safety out of the box making both the jet sweeps and power run game very effective.

    I’m not 100% sold on Zaire but I really haven’t followed him and I really have no idea what kind of talent the kid is. Part of me wants to roll at QB with what we have and get McVittie a year of experience but I also understand having an experienced QB back there … and we saw what Canada can do with someone new to the playbook this year. Starting 3 QB’s in 3 years is not ideal though which is what would happen.

    In other words I don’t love going after Zaire but I’d be on board at the same time.


  31. Good points TT and agree with most, I am sold on Zaire though. He won the starting job at ND as an underclassman. PITT’s offense could be better next year.

    It’s kind of crazy that this has become the second big story since then end of PITT’s season. Anyone guess what was the first? Yeah keeping Canada. This young man coming to PITT could work two ways. Canada could be a draw for Malik and Malik could be a factor in Canada not wanting to leave. Although I don’t think he wants to leave but if he gets an offer, this may help his decision?

    Let’s just say we get all these new toys for Christmas? Maybe James Conner will stick around also, as the run game could explode next year with all the options on offense.

    Exciting stuff to read an article about I would say?


  32. “Write an article” and I’m still looking for the edit button down to the right of the date.

    From now on I’m rolling with whatever I type the first time. No disclaimers on typo’s. I’m only subhuman after-all.


  33. Welcome back Dark One!
    I, for one, TOTALLY AGREE with you in doing everything possible to get Malik Zaire in a Pitt uni for next season. McVitte is plenty young and would glean much from Malik. For those who do not want a graduate transfer, I ask: where would we be these last 2 seasons without graduate transfer Nate Peterman??????? An experienced Zaire for one year would be a HUGE PLUS AND ADDING FOSTER WOULD BE ICEING ON THE CAKE. Duzz, go for it! Get er’ done!!!!!!!!


  34. Zaire makes a lot of sense for all parties involved, and I can actually see that happening.

    Foster I just don’t see. Makes more sense for him to stay and play – if he’s healthy and in good position after Spring ball.. Or go play somewhere he can really produce – WVCC could actually be a good fit.


  35. Off topic but I just rewatched the highlights from Saturday’s game. Did anyone else notice that on Ffrench’s long TD run that O’Neill was his leading blocker the entire 77yds???? O’Neill is a STUD lineman.


  36. ike – yeah. Just pure speculation but a good point. No one really knows where he stands. He’d a great fit for Pitt though. He’s been in a pro-style offense for 4 years at Alabama. His best bet is to go to another pro-style offense … in his hometown. I’d tend to believe he finishes out at Bama though.


  37. I wouldn’t bet on that, Ike. “The Use of Weights to Build Muscles” is a 24 credit course at Bama. Extra 8 credits if you take “Jumping Rope to Help with Cardio Fitness.”



  38. JJ..saw and first thing I said “O’Neil is damn fast!!!” We have 3 tight end coming in this next has to wonder if this could be a trend- turning big athletic tight-ends into bigger atheletic offensive lineman..makes sense to me.


  39. I differ on Zaire…he was beaten out at ND and shunned us when he was recruited new blood on the bench chomping at the bit to get there chance..Canada will do a great job developing these new guys who will have long Pitt careers…no one and done transfer for me..


  40. We have 3 QBs currently who want on the field and recruiting others..( I know Dinucci will not play even though he was very impressive in mop-up duty during the Duke game masterfully running the Victory formation).use the scholarship to get a quality defensive player..can Zaire play DB..QB knowledge should help!


  41. Oh I’ve heard about those expedited classes pmd but aren’t they exclusive to players wanting to stay at Bama and not the ones wanting to leave? hmm… unless they want his scholie?


  42. Zaire did shun PITT if you can call it that. I mean going to ND isn’t that big of an insult I guess. He did beat out Kizer at first until the injury. Kelly sure gave him a bad deal in the end though.


  43. I have missed Dark Knight. Of course, he makes up for lost time when he reappears.

    The real question is whether Upitt will still provide his comments on the hoops team, even though this is mostly a football blog. Or, Upitt, how about you let us know how Jamie is doing at TCU?



  44. I can get aboard the Zaire train. No way to know if MacVittie is ready. As far as Foster, he never got to play at Bama, so is he really an upgrade from what we have? Maybe, we know he is fast, but very odd that he had four years and did absolutely nothing. What are the extent of his injuries?


  45. We could use a couple of fifth year seniors for our front seven, especially if the can get to the passer.

    An article on available fifth year transfers would be interesting.


  46. GC – He may not have been on the field much, but he’s also spent the last 4 years practicing in the most competitive environment outside the NFL. It’s not like that’s wasted time. He’s gotten better. And if not for injury would have started for the number 1 team in the country this year.

    He would instantly be Pitt’s WR1.

    I just don’t see it happening.


  47. That may be so BC, but he didn’t get reps as a freshman, he has lost two years to injury, so how much practice did he get? Plus there is no substitute for playing games. I don’t think he is better than Weah. Can he stay healthy enough to get on the field? Who really knows?

    Plus there is the graduation thingy.

    Weah and Henderson will start for sure. Then you have Tipton, Matthews, Flowers and Ffrench to fight it out. Hopefully Clark and Reeves will be ready to go at TE.


  48. Sun Bowl is perfect for Pitt.

    El Paso provides most of the fans as it’s like the big event of a weeklong city wide celebration. As they don’t get many big events. Maybe the rodeo still makes a stop there.


  49. I can’t see Foster coming to Pitt. If he does transfer he would most likely chose a school with an established QB(with NFL potential) in place to exploit his wide receiver skills. Right now it’s unknown who will be the QB at Pitt next year and how effective the new QB would be in the passing game. My guess is if Zaire decided to come here Pitt would be an 80% run focused team not what Foster would be looking for.


  50. What if …. Clemson and Penn State were in the NC game….just thinking…

    Robert Foster … again we got a lot of up n coming receivers… no need to give scholarship to him… find another defensive player

    What do you POVers think of QH as a receiver?????? I think he really need to work on that part of his game…


  51. You don’t turn down a 5 star WR who was going to start for Alabama as a Jr until injuries set him back. Weah and Foster outside with Henderson in the slot would create so many matchup issues. Foster may even be eligible for a red shirt. With the normal attrition after the spring game, there would not be a wasted scholly. Kids always leave and teams always have extra scholly’s at the end of summer camp for walk-ons.


  52. Reed, an article a day is a lofty goal especially in the offseason. I’d settle for 2-3 meaty pieces per week

    Here are some ideas

    1) Profile each projected starter at each position. Look objectively at his stats, strengths and weaknesses. Give us some history and interesting stories. A “chunky soup” human interest story.

    2) Famous Pitt Two stars (or less) in history that turned into serviceable starters and/or stores. I.e. guys that overperformend their star ranking and why.

    3) Profiles of incoming recruits.

    4) Insider information on upcoming redshirt freshman

    5) The definitive guide to an on-campus stadium (this is for the really dead times)

    6) An in-depth peice on Narduzzi’s defensive history. Complete with schematic diagrams about why it has worked when it’s worked and why it hasn’t when it hasn’t. (Other teams blogs do a nice job of this, one example is VA Techs “The key Play”)

    7) I like the idea of “where are they now” with previous coaches. Lets look at Fraud and Chryst’s seasons since leaving Pitt. What they inherited, what they did with it. Where are they going now? You could also do this with Matt House since he is a guy that always seemed to get a lot of publicity on this blog and somehow the defense is worse now that he is gone. Jim Chaney is another good one.

    Heck these are great ideas, I wish I had the time to write some of them myself!


  53. Oh one more… how about a ‘where are they now’ of key WPIAL recruits that we missed out on and that Pitt fans were howling about. Which succeeded and which have so far been busts? What might have happened if they’d gone to Pitt?


  54. Atlanta Panther, here’s one just in, Demetrious Cox was picked up a few days ago by campus police at 3:30 in the morning outside a bar in East Lansing. He say’s it was a case of mistaken identity. He’s from Jeannette, pa


  55. I think Pitt would beat the Pedos 80 to 57 this time. Thats on a ‘neutral’ field…probably 70/30 Pedos vs Pitt fans.

    Heinz was probably 70/30 Pitt.


  56. Kevin Stallings is

    A Shoe Salesman at Bon Ton or Belks for my Southern Breatheren.
    Brissel’s 1981 Salesman of the year.
    NY Life Insurance Adjustor
    Cesar body double actor
    A washed up never have been hoops coach at Pitt

    My first article.



  57. Cool — so Malik Zaire has officially been released from his scholarship today , which means that as of tonight Pat Narduzzi and Matt Canada are NCAA-endorsed to BLOW UP HIS PHONE and to also get him a first-class ticket ASAP to The University of Pittsburgh to come view his new digs.

    Also this whole situation is a testament to Malik Zaire’s character, as he is 110% on-track to graduate in less than a month to come be All-In for Pitt Football 2017-18 before 2017 even starts!

    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Talk about “Stars Aligning” — Malik Zaire not only Mentors and supports young RS Freshman Thomas MacVittie — but now that MacVittie is truly Eligible and Ready to ROCK in 2017 Matt Canada will find many ways to maximize the talent of both Studs.

    Expect Malik Zaire to have a true All American (as well as Firsf Team All ACC No Doubt!) season if he comes to Pitt, with young Thomas MaxVittie also playing the “Freshman Tim Tebow role” (all you Football Junkies are way ahead of me on that one lol ) —> tons of Big Time opportunities for MacVittie as he is molded to take over as Full Time starter for his RS Sophomore season. Remember what a young Pup Thomas MacVittie still is too!!!

    πŸ€˜πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€˜ so exciting!!! #HailtoPitt #MalikZaireToPitt !!!!


  58. Stallings is a coach that will take Pitt further in the tourney than Dixon’s last 6 years. Pitt will end up playing TCU in the tourney. Mark my words.


  59. Physically In the Run-Game — Imagine a 2-inch taller, Souped-Up, 20 pounds more Muscular, 4.5-speed version of Chad Voytik lol …. Only now imagine this player with Tom Savage level Arm Strength and Arm Talent with Tyler Palko Level Charisma and Character in one package .

    Again, I’m also So Hype and 101% All-In on the Talents And Capabiliity of Thomas MaxVittie was well!! — It’s just that with Malik Zaire At-The-Helm, Thomas MacVittie can get his opportunities in the absolute best spots to succeed all season (Again for Football Headz : A la Senior Chris Leak and Freshman Tim Tebow during their National Title year with Urban Meyer at Florida — then Tebow started the following 3 seasons as the Man ).

    #HailToPitt πŸ™‚ !!

    This is good, exceptionally good…..this is coming together very, very nicely. Penn State fans will be quite PI$$ED-OFF next season should this happen πŸ™‚ haha with Malik Zaire Slicin’ N’ Dicin’ their secondary and Thomas MacVittie ripping-off Monster Runs all day at Beaver Stadium.


  60. Latest Bowl Projections. Pitt to Sun Bowl to play Stanford.

    Best all around scenario, playing a team that is ranked higher than us at #17.
    Playing a team that is a rushing oriented offense. Stanford only passes for 159 ypg.
    And a big name, Power 5 opponent.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we got a better name opponent than the Pedos !


  61. Dark Knight – Damn security at Western Pysch is lackluster.

    Texas – He stinks. Dixon Stinks. He may win 20 games this year. Next year 15 then back to selling wing tips at Jos A. Banks.

    Emel – Fly to Dallas and we can drive out and tell stories about Mitchell’s and Cricket Lounge on our way to El Paso. Then we will go to Juarez for Cervaza’s and Street Tacos and more.


  62. Hey UPitt, how often do you travel to Juarez? The authorities there may have some questions for you? πŸ™‚

    Stalling is the better choice right now over Jamie.


  63. Love Mexico Ike! But border towns are a No No unless we are with Rafael Lopes Emels favorite WR. Most riff raff hangs at the border. Lots of wonderful people in other parts.

    Both stink in my eyes. ACC will knock Stsllings back to Woman’s Lingerie portion of Dillard’s.


  64. Jack – yes and he played some juggernauts. He wins 20 this year and 15 next year after Dixon’s Seniors graduate. Slog ball is gone and now we have goof ball.


  65. We better be 12-1 when conference play opens up. Did you see the first 4 ACC games.

    Notre Dame (7-0) , Virginia (7-0), @ Syracuse , @ L-ville. Somebody down Tobacco Road way
    don’t like the Blue & Gold ! (reminds them of the Union army I’m thinkin)


  66. Then on top of that, we get Virginia twice, L-Ville twice, the Tarholes twice and of course Syracuse twice (who we might not own like we did with dixon).

    Those are probably 3 of the top 4 teams in the ACC we get twice. (again it’s the blue & gold, another reason to go to the Royal Blue & Yellow)


  67. On a different matter, this headline caught my attention. McQueery IMO should have decked Sandusky and he parlayed his knowledge of the dirty little secret into a job but he has been trashed by the Ped St community etc. as were some friends of mine including the brother of the trustee who fired Joe Ped. The judge has tacked on 5 million to his verdict and takes a shot at Ped State “community” – SEE PARAGRAPH 3.


  68. Zaire is almost a lock to come to Pitt IMO. First who wouldn’t want to be the starting QB in a Canada offense? And second the competition for the starting QB job for next season is quite limited. However that does not mean that he will be handed the job.


  69. Jackagain – Haha – I wasn’t being serious. I read somewhere that if Wisconsin wins there’s an outside shot of Pitt PSU rematch in the Pinstripe. I doubt either school would agree to it though … which the writer also hinted at.

    Next year has potential to be bad for Pitt basketball depending on who else leaves besides the seniors and if/who we get from the grad transfer realm. I’d expect it to be the first true rebuilding year in almost 20 years. Pretty impressive run.

    I keep hearing the coaches have really strong ties with the 2018 class. 2018 will make or break Stallings tenure at Pitt. Until we see that class come in there really won’t be much to comment/critique on IMO.


  70. While it would be great to get Zaire and Foster, they both might have an immediate impact, the real issue is filling this class with some elite players that would have a three or four year impact. Our defensive line is still looking very thin, and you can never have enough stud linebackers. Narduzzi’s scheme requires a strong if not overwhelming pass rush and shut down corners. That will not happen without a series of strong recruiting classes.

    By the same token our great offense started with a great offensive line, Narduzzi needs to continue what Chryst started a stockpile of O-linemen and tight ends.

    Big article on Canada today, will he stay or will he go? No doubt he was a huge reason for Pitt’s success this year, maybe more than anyone else. Pitt better open the vault or suffer dire consequences. At this point Canada may be more valuable to Pitt’s future than Narduzzi.


  71. rkb,
    Thanks for the PSU article. I’m semi shocked the Post Gazette printed an article that made their home boys look as disgusting as they really are. Article was probably hid in obscurity – LOL


  72. Just pointing out about MacVittie’s playing time. Some make it sound like it was his first year playing football. His team already had a star playing the position. Thomas played WR his jr year at least and probably took plenty snaps at QB in practice before his senior. He’s not rated this good a prospect for nothing. TM and MZ could be a force together next year. Then all Thomas the next two.


  73. O-line recruiting is worrisome I think. Seems like the staff is all in on Mumford, who is a Kentucky lean or is a Buckeye lock if they offer. Is Sear or Van Lynn candidates to switch to the line? I thought Lynn was recruited as a D-lineman? This was supposed to be the big recruiting year for Peterson to start replenishing what Chryst left behind, but it doesn’t look all that great. Carter Warren was a nice addition if he sticks to his LOI.


  74. About the O-Line recruiting. 4 all 3 star recruits as of now and could be a few good players in no particular order:

    G Houy 6’6″ 270 Guard
    C Van Lynn 6’7″ 255 OT
    O Drexel 6’21/2″ 270 Center
    C Warren 6’6′ 320 OT

    Also 3 commits at TE
    1. C Reeves..4 Stars 6’6″ 240
    2. G Carrigan.3 stars 6’7″ 250
    3. T Sear……..2 stars 6’5″ 255

    There looks like there may be some help in that bunch.


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