Clemson Prediction Thread

It’s game day tomorrow and what do you think will happen?  Is there a major upset in the making down in Death Valley or do the two teams play to form and Clemson wins at home?

On second thought that ‘playing to form’ in Pitt’s case is a bit confusing as there is two ways to look at Pitt’s form.  Will we play like we did in the first half of the season when we were 4-2 with a productive offense and a great rushing defense?

Maybe we’ll play more like we have in our last three games where we are 2-1 and lost the last two by a  combined score of 90-64.  As in all sports no one really knows what will happen until it happens… but I think it will be a tough outing for our Panthers.

Here are some head to head match ups between the two teams:


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