POV’s Monday Morning QB; Clemson

An Unhappy Clemson Fan’s Television with a Flying Remote Wound

^^ Look at that photo above – Pat Narduzzi has Darth Vader as his police escort.

This win feels almost as good for me now two days later after the fact… I say almost because as I tend to do after one task is finished, in football’s case wins or losses, I look toward the next challenge at hand.

But the upcoming Duke game is a lifetime away,  Clemson is still fresh in our minds so let’s look back at just what happened.

First off, what the Pitt football team and Head Coach Pat Narduzzi really needed to have happen this season  happened, they beat a highly ranked team that almost everyone thought they would lose to.  The icing on the cake with this win is that our opponent was the ACC Conference leading Clemson who entered the match carrying a 9-0 record.

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