POV Prediction Thread: Miami

Here are the all-important Game Notes for Miami…

This is a tough game to get a handle on.  I don’t think either team has any measure of “mojo” going into the game.  Pitt is coming off a tough and embarrassing loss to Virginia Tech and Miami is rolling in a four game losing streak.

I say that VT game was embarrassing because it showed the national audience just how futile it was for our defensive backs to try to stop the most basic of passes which is the fade where even an inaccurate QB can throw the ball up in a general area and make a completion.

And that is exactly what happened last week.  VT’s Evans wasn’t all that great in placing his passes when he threw the ball downfield yet he ended up with 406 yards and two TDs.

Which makes me wonder why every team before VT didn’t throw fades all day also.  That’s right!  They didn’t have to because we suck at defending any passes at all regardless of the patterns run.

Here are the Hurricanes top receivers:


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