Answer the Question Please

During the April Spring Practice Media Day I attended a Pat Narduzzi press conference and asked him a pretty simple question: “What do you see the difference is between defending against Big 10 offenses and now that you are at Pitt, defending against ACC offense?”

The answer was, not so surprisingly, a minimal and rather snarky response where he said (to paraphrase) ‘There are no differences in college football offenses, we’ll line up and play them as they come.  which was an eyebrow raiser for me and for the other media types in the press room. 

Why?  Because everyone and their brother knows that the Big Ten offenses rely on the run first and foremost and the ACC is almost the exact opposite.

Let me steal a couple of charts from that article linked above.  It was written in 2015 but my follow-up research shows its messages haven’t changed much at all. This is a preface to the charts –

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