POV Game Day Thread; Syracuse

Here we are in the last Saturday of the regular season and this game is not looking like it’s going to surprise anyone. At least it doesn’t feel that way.

Let’s hope Pitt plays to form today against Syracuse.  If so will have our eighth win on the season to match the winning total of last year, something that clearly shows progress from 2015.

We had our predictions posted  yesterday… I didn’t see anyone picking Syracuse to win so it’s pretty much a sure bet we’re going to take this game.  Then again we’re talking about Pitt football and there isn’t a college team anywhere who is so good as to not lose a football game given the right circumstances…right Clemson?

We won’t see that today. I think we’ll pull out a good win and get us on the road to preparing for a good Bowl showing unlike Navy last season.

And hopefully we can send James Connor out of Heinz Field with rousing ovations of genuine thanks at the end of this game, his last one at home.  Although Aaron Donald did return for his fourth year… remember?

Let’s hear what you guys have to say as things unfold.

HTP !!!