POV Gameday Thread: Duke

It’s Saturday morning and I’m getting ready for the drive up to Heinz.  We are favored by seven or eight points this afternoon depending on who you are giving your money to. I think we’ll be under that but not by much.  I predicted a 41-35 Pitt win.

I just received an email from our friend Bernie (BigB) who was the guy I quoted back in July when he told me he had some Outer Banks’ bar face time with our OC and who shared with us that Matt Canada was 100% firm in his belief that ‘We’ll score a ton of points this season‘ . Hey, that happened!!

Our body surfing DC was being carried out to the middle of the Atlantic ocean in a riptide as that shore-side conversation was happening because the exact opposite has transpired under Conklin’s watch.

Bernie and I think alike – if we had even an average pass defense as we did last season we may well be 10-0 at this point.

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