POV’s Prediction Thread: Duke

“It’s Difficult to Make Predictions, Especially About the Future”

Neils Bohr

The time has come for all of us guys who predicted last week’s outcome correctly to give it another shot for Saturday’s game against Duke.  Do not count me in on the above – I figured Pitt would lose by 17 points.

Yesterday we had POV’s Know the Enemy article so if you read that it might help with your choice for tomorrow… or not.  Honestly this season has been a tricky one in predicting games, at least it has been for me.  I sit at .500 in my picks.

One thing that has been constant, and IMO will most probably stay constant, is our terrible pass defense.  I’d say it was clicking along at a steady rate of passing yards per game given up by the Panthers but that isn’t true either.

We actually dropped one spot in the national rankings from #126  to #127 after we gave up 586 yards to Clemson.  Yes – it has been a record-setting year for Pitt and we can now add most yards given up in an ACC game to our list of Pitt records.  It is so bad it isn’t even enjoyable to make fun of any longer.

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