POV’s Prediction Thread; Syracuse

Damn, we wait seven months over the off-season for Fall Camp to start – then it does and then it and the regular season go by in the blink of an eye.  We are almost at that point tomorrow when at the end of 60 minutes of play against Syracuse at Heinz Field we start the long wait again.  With a break for the bowl game of course.

But we still have that last regular season game to play against a long-time Pitt opponent.  Syracuse, even with its less than good record shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can beat us just like we can beat anyone in the nation.

We’ll see if the SOP (Same Old Pitt) curse has that last nail beaten down to trap it in its coffin tomorrow.  I think it will but any long time Pitt fan will tell you we always tend to win one game we shouldn’t (Clemson!!) and lose one we should have won… that is the outcome that’s missing this season.

Miami and VA Tech were both legitimate teams to have bested the Panthers on those days we played.  Actually so is Syracuse but give that we are major overbitches (as opposed to “underdogs”) then a loss would feel like a SOP moment.  I don’t really feel that SOP is present, I feel it is in hiatus while Narduzzi is HC here, and we’ll pull this one out for our 8th win.

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