POV’s Know The Enemy: Clemson

Here are the all important Game Notes to have when watching the game this week.

Pitt’s season has been one of opposites it seems.  We’ve had a stout run defense that is currently 13th nationally with only 111.6 ypg allowed the opposition.  Yet we have watched the coaching staff field a possible all-time worse passing defense that now sits at 126th and gives up 317 ypg.

Pitt scores a lot of points with 37 ppg production on offense… then we give up an average of 34.4.  Our running game has been executing well yet our passing game is so hot and cold, mostly cold, that it can’t be reasonably relied on to keep us in games where we are behind and have to get quick scores to keep up.

All in all we are a team that in some ways can be viewed as better than it’s 5-4 record, especially if you add in the fact that we lost very close games to strong teams in OK state and NC, both who are currently residing in the Top 25 polls. pitt-sked-clem But overall we are doing just what Pitt teams in the past seem to have done in that we are winning games we are figured to win and losing to teams that are more highly regarded that we are.

Both our ACC losses, VT and Miami, looked winnable when looking at the schedule over the off-season and they they weren’t surprise losses as the season unfolded.  The Miami game last week was surprisingly one-sided though as we dropped the match by 23 point margin when almost everyone felt that would be a closer game.

One trend that has really hurt us though has been our scoring in the 2nd half of games; we have put up 130 points and have allowed 158.  To wins games we need to hold teams close going into the 4th quarter and that’s been hard to do in our losses.

VT held a 29-21 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter and Miami was up 34-21…both times we fell short at the end.

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