POV Prediction Thread: Miami

Here are the all-important Game Notes for Miami…

This is a tough game to get a handle on.  I don’t think either team has any measure of “mojo” going into the game.  Pitt is coming off a tough and embarrassing loss to Virginia Tech and Miami is rolling in a four game losing streak.

I say that VT game was embarrassing because it showed the national audience just how futile it was for our defensive backs to try to stop the most basic of passes which is the fade where even an inaccurate QB can throw the ball up in a general area and make a completion.

And that is exactly what happened last week.  VT’s Evans wasn’t all that great in placing his passes when he threw the ball downfield yet he ended up with 406 yards and two TDs.

Which makes me wonder why every team before VT didn’t throw fades all day also.  That’s right!  They didn’t have to because we suck at defending any passes at all regardless of the patterns run.

Here are the Hurricanes top receivers:


But here may be the most important stat for these guys; Richards is 6’1″, Coley- 6’1″, Walton – 5’9″.  Those guys are all about the normal height for WRs and I’m sure they will be part of Kaaya’s passing plans tomorrow.  Especially Ahmmon Richards because that 21.2 ypc scares me.

But if I was Miami’s OC I’d give TE David Njoku and TE Herndon stage front as they are both 6’4″ and can sky over our DBs.  Now, they are TEs so they won’t be the fastest guys on the team but hell, no one needs speed against our DBs.  They just have to have two hands and at least one eyeball to make a catch.

I know I’ve been writing a lot about our pass defense lately but it is truly the evil-smelling elephant in the meeting room.  I truly think that we have to try to do something about it ASAP or we may end up with three more losses before the end of the season.

I’m not the only one either – every odds-maker I can find on the internet has Pitt losing this game – and it isn’t because of any tenuous home field advantage either.  It is based on us giving up 312 ypg in the air.

Here is some info from the website www.oddshark.com which I have used in the prediction articles in the past. I find that they have been pretty accurate overall this year.

They have us losing and you know that the only reason that at this point in the season Pitt is an underdog at all, with our good offense and a great rushing defense, is our crapitudinal passing defense. It is what it is and let’s keep our fingers crossed something changes in that regard because up to this point Miami is averaging 252 yards passing already.

Some vitals:










An 18.8 ppg Miami defense is nothing to overlook when trying to figure out what might happen.  They have held our common opponents to these point totals…:

NC – 20 (Pitt – 37);   VT – 37 (Pitt – 39) and   GT – 21 (Pitt – 34)

…so in each case they did better in that regard and pretty dramatically when you see that NC was a 17 point differential and GT was a 13 pointer. That shows me something… and they also held #23 Florida State to only 20 points.

On the flip side our offense has been doing very well all year – our 39 ppg is the best we have done in 37 years and that is truly impressive.  However Miami isn’t too bad against the rush in holding a 151 ypg line there. Overall I think Pitt is going to have a bit of a down day on offense tomorrow unless Canada allows the passing game to be a big part of the offense… and Peterman can avoid the type of game he had against the Hurricanes last season.

We’ll score some points against Miami but I think it won’t be up to our 39 average – more like in the low 30s.  The odds-makers above have the predicted score to be  Miami 37.7 – Pitt 26.6 but I’ll go with us being on the short end of the stick in a tough away game by a score of 37-31.

Miami 37 Pitt 31

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  1. Big game for Pitt. There are some changes on corners and I feel they may have some better athletes we are more disciplined and hungry to be a Winner Pitt wins 38-35. Watch Clemson will be closer than you think. It’s mind set and believing in yourself. H2P


  2. Will or will not Miami show up? That is the question.

    On the ESPN ACC Blog, 3 of the 4 writers picked Pitt …. so who am I to dispute?

    Pitt – 34 The U – 30


  3. My predication is based on the assumption that Duzz will remain hard headed and stubborn and refuse to give his corners any safety help. If so, I think we will lose again. What’s sad to be is here you have James Conner coming back from cancer and leaving it all out on the field in “Beast mode” to win a game and watching the team lose, and lose again, and lose again because our corners are left out on an island with no rescue mission help from our safetys! SAD!
    Pittman4ever sadly predicts :<(
    Miami: 41
    PITT: 31


  4. excerpt from today’s PittsburghSportsNow: After a loss to Notre Dame that saw the Hurricanes gain 18 yards rushing (yards lost on sacks included), college football analyst and former Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt stated that Miami must commit to the run, even when the team is struggling

    Hey Miami .. are you listening?


  5. I don’t know what is more depressing watching Pitt play pass defense or coming on here and reading about it 24/7. Think we all should just move on because I have never seen a coach change a game plan because fans on a blog want them to do so. Narduzzi will stubbornly play press man coverage and everyone will stubbornly whine about it. I want Pitt to win so for one week we can talk about something else before they get obliterated by Clemson. I just envision this game will be similar to last year, Miami starts out fast and hangs on against a typical furious Pitt rally that falls short…WHY? Because Pitt, that’s why. Miami 38 Pitt 34.


  6. wwb – I saw that DW analysis also. Disagree completely – unless he’s assuming their passing game is going to be very effective on every pass. Again – it goes back to if an opponent has to run or not.

    Pitt is giving up only 3.4 yards per carry so committing to that is kind of silly when they can probably get 400+ yards passing.

    We’ll get pressure up front but if the Miami OC watched our VT game he’ll know his QB can get the ball out quickly on that ‘doesn’t have to be perfectly accurate’ fade pattern that killed us.

    The truth is that other teams haven’t had to run against us – and they are running for only 32 times a game. But they are passing for 36 times a game – when was the last time we saw that if ever?

    That is a run/pass that shows others run the ball only 47% of the time… which is why our running yards given up is so low. But really – a 47% to 53% run/pass percentage is almost unheard of.


  7. My Florida friends tell me Miami’s quarterback, Brad Kaaya, isn’t accurate when hurried, and that Miami’s offensive line hasn’t been providing him with great protection. I see us able to apply strong pressure up front (especially because Miami isn’t an up tempo team) and, as a result, doing a better job defensively this week against the pass. Hamlin seems to be more comfortable and his play will show it. Also, our offensive line will do well against Miami’s defensive front (50th in run defense) and so Conner, Moss and Henderson will have strong games Saturday. Those three can take over the game in the 4th quarter. Look for some new wrinkles on offense from Canada as he relies less on the jet sweep, and we’ll also see more reliance on the strength of our offensive line to open holes straight ahead, especially if Peterman can show Miami that they can’t just load the box and that they have to respect the pass. We are going to win Saturday. Miami won’t respond well, given their 4 losses in a row, once we hit them in the mouth a few times. Pitt wins 34-28. HTP!


  8. Pitt can move the ball on Miami no doubt.

    Miami has a suspect offensive line and the Miami QB is a bit banged up.

    I think the Pitt defense can apply a bit of pressure on the QB causing a few issues.

    Pitt 37
    Miami 36


  9. Pitt 37 Miami 35. Well one of their receivers is 5’9″ so we got that going for us. 🙂 No real reason but next week I must pick against Pitt.


  10. I’m not sure why I feel this but I see us losing to Miami and Syracuse and beating Clemson and Duke.
    Which leads me to ask, would you rather finish 7-5 with a win over Clemson or finish 8-4 with the only remaining loss being to Clemson?


  11. I picked PITT last week and lost… will pick Miami this week and hope I am wrong again.. Miami 34 to 27…

    If we score 40 a game we will go undefeated the rest of the way


  12. Reed can never be accused of being a homer but Miami is a bad team, we win and continue the streak of 36 points. Pitt 37 – Miami 23


  13. Stop with the constant sky is falling with Pitt. No one was embarrassed by 39 points if Vtech wasn’t embarrassed by 36.
    You’re starting to sound like an angry old man. Hell Tech got 9 when they could have gotten 21. Were you embarrassed by the offense turning it over in our end of the field?
    I predict we show up and play hard.


  14. I think this game is going to be a shoot out where the defenses go into hiding and we see a 45-41 score with us on top. We are overdue to win one of these games! HTP!


  15. Now that “The Pursuit” appears to be over for this season, I say we throw the kitchen sink at the miami QB and a little bit of Conner at DE. Rock him Hard at their stadium.

    Our Oline MUST show up for this brawl or our Canadian offense will stall. If they show up, Conner may get his first 200 game since 2014 and NP will win the game with his arm.

    Rock them hurricanes HARD!



  16. My prediction is Miami 34, Pitt 27.

    Simple reason – It is hard to bet against a good team like Miami losing 5 in a row, especially against Pitt, who is not as good as the previous four. If this was two or three games ago, I would give Pitt the edge.


  17. Kaaya is a good to decent pocket passer but can he the snap take two steps back and heave it? It’s not PITT pass rushers fault that the past games it’s nearly impossible to get to the QB most times. To me, Kaaya seems a bit different. I think he likes to take his time and look through his progressions. I notice that he doesn’t have one particular favorite wr. Also I do hope they throw to those big tight ends. I trust Whitehead and Mitchell to knock they ball away more than the corners. Miami is just so dam athletic though. PITT needs to control the clock one and two no bad plays (penalties and turnovers).



  18. The spreads I have seen are in the range of 3 points, which one gets for being the home team

    The Canes won’t draw very well – their stadium is 21 miles from campus as well. At a 4-4 record, I’m struggling to imagine a difficult atmosphere for the Panthers.

    In short, this game is a toss-up. Turnovers and penalties will decide who wins. Who is the more disciplined of the two.

    I will take the over (58 pts)
    The winner wins by less than 10.


  19. Until they prove otherwise, I have a hard time counting on the Pitt DB’s to win many of those jump ball fades on any given week. All Miami has to do is watch the Pitt game tapes for the entire season to understand just what offensive plays they should be calling 80% of the time. Miami 42 Pitt 28


  20. Pitt wins one more game – they go to a shitty bowl. Pitt wins out – they go to a shitty bowl. All thanks for having shitty fans.

    VT had a mediocre OL but was able to give enough time for a 3-step drop. Assuming Miami has a competent coaching staff – they should win easily – but they don’t.

    Pitt 34 Miami 28


  21. Reed: 1st of all, who is the Hottie with the crystal ball???

    Pitt DBs play FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to Maimi’s Hurricane Kaaya. The problem is FEMA is brought in AFTER the damage has been done, in order to repair and rebuild! So, No help there! Instead, Pitt’s DL and LBs play “Low Pressure Front From the West” to stop the advance of the Hurricane. AND IT WORKS!!! Soto and Jarrett play all day at 93 millibars, and the LB corps amazes everybody with a constant 90 millibars. Kaaya can’t stand the “Reverse Pressure” and the only fade he completes is when he FADES (to the prone position), completely out of sight!

    Our DEs rush with a tropical force wind of 121 MPH, and blow up pass attempt after pass attempt. The LBs stuff “wave after wave” of the ground game. And Blewett (has there ever been a better name conceived to defeat a “Hurricane”??) kicks 3/3 field goals. The Hurricanes exhibit their best “Blow Job” of the season, and lose, going away (so to speak), 44-24!!

    Afterwards, Herman gets a telegram from the Birmingham Bowl Committee!! Say it ain’t so!!!


  22. A fired up 4,500 fans will see the official end of Miami’s season as Conner runs wild and our front 4 turn up the pressure with some safety blitzes. Early Christmas present-no emel and reed pie charts and Duzz bashing for a week.
    Pitt 31
    Miami 23


  23. Defense plays a bit better, and offense plays a bit worse. We take another kick to the groin area.

    Miami 33, Pitt 30 (OT)

    Pitt gets the ball first in OT and elects to kick a FG on 4th & 2 from the 6.
    Miami quickly scores a TD, and we go crazy again, as Narduzzi puts the game in the hands of the defense.


  24. DK – I don’t have time this afternoon! But I watched about 1 minute, and my half full glass began to overflow! I’m afraid I’ll drown, if I watch the rest!!


  25. LOL OKAY AFTER THE SILLY HIPPY SHIZZZ 🙂 🙂 🙂 —- (Yet!) *C’mon, man, Cheer-Up @Reed (i.e., *the tone-setter here** 🙂 )

    @PatNarduzzi — IGNORE THE “NEGATIVE NANCIES” —- YET — WE ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY HAVE TO WIN THIS GAME!!! And all Pitt-Supporters know that!!

    Again, even though it’s Unfair-Pressure: #NathanPeterman’sGameit’s tough being the Starting QB!!!!!

    #HailToPitt 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  26. SFpitt… can you honestly say you weren’t embarrassed by the way the Virginia Tech quarterback was completing all those fade patterns, right left, right left, and putting up 400 yards on us when everyone knew exactly what pass he was going throw?

    It was embarrassing as hell especially since all other aspects of Pitt’s play was done well. This is recurring theme with our losses and we haven’t seen the end of it yet.

    Ike – you like to play Jr psychologist on here. I don’t dislike our coach but do disagree with some things he’s done, some times strongly. I’ve said many times that Narduzzi’s control of the team off the field is admirable and to me that’s actually just as important as winning games.

    I don’t really spend as much time as you guys think I do on this. I don’t think much about Piit football after I write an article and post it up. After I do that then I go about my day but you all check the site probably as much as I do.

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the fact that whenever Scott Barnes is on the field the Pitt band plays The Munsters theme song. I figured UPitt would make sure we all knew about that.


  27. 49-21
    Da bad guys.
    Mark Richt instructs his players to play pitch and catch all the live long day.
    HCPN plays corner press coverage much the dismay of everyone watching, but at least he doesn’t throw his headset.
    We then limp into the last three games, winning two, barely, to secure a trip to balmy El Paso


  28. It’s just my opinion Reed. You come off sounding very much like you don’t like the guy. It’s not just the X’s and O’s you have talked about constantly but just about everything Narduzzi. I’ll hold back from now on.


  29. This is a game that I sincerely feel is in the bag for Pitt. Concurrently, I agree completely with Pittman4ever. Conner is 100% committed in every game & Narduzzi is stubborn in every game. The difference in this one our DBs make just enough plays to turn back the Hurricanes passing attack. Good luck to Damar Hamlin, since he is our future star at CB.

    The thing is, Miami is not Pitt. This Pitt team is much more of a “team” than Miami is. Miami, more talent. Pitt more synergy. We win this one as a team effort.

    Pitt 38, Miami 34.


  30. Gut check time again. Season still on the line and can be salvaged with a victory. A loss and return to SOP territory.
    We should get the win in another high scoring affair as long as we can hold onto the ball.

    42-39 Pitt wins


  31. Uniform combo as posted on PSN – gold helmet, white jersey and gold pants (or shorts if you are E.Price) –


    Other notes of interest – 4 star DB from Clairton, Lamont Wade narrowed his list to four with Pitt, pedo state, wvcc and Tennessee. Decision to come in early December. All four schools are looking at Wade as a 2-way player.

    Watched the OK vs Iowa State game last night – I saw numerous OK starters wearing “E.Price shorts”. Hmmm… Pitt setting trends?

    Rock the canes Hard in their pro stadium, 21 miles from campus.



  32. Reed. Read.
    If you are going to be embarrassed then save it for a day when the foe gets 12.1 per attempt and Pitt gets 9.
    Vtech threw 43 times….now I know this is going to hurt you, but 19 if those were not completed.
    I get embarrassed when it takes me longer to go #1 than #2.


  33. I heard Wade say on Walsh’s KDKA TV interview tonight that the Pitt win over the pedos was, quote: “….huge!” I think it’s between Pitt and Tennessee. He did say that he likes the coaches at Pitt and they were the first to offer. I think he’s a strong Pitt lean.

    He called Pitt his local school. I think if he has any smarts that only Pitt will realistically give him offensive snaps. He mentioned he wanted to play a little offense. He has to see what Pitt did with Whitehead and how Duzz will use Conner on defense some.


  34. Jackagain – we need JW and JC to be 2-way players for the remainder of this season. The athletes playing for miami and clemscum are top notch – Pitt only has a small handful that could crack the 2-deep on either team.

    Pitt needs to play every available “top notch” athlete that is ready on D. I’d like to see more of Brightwell and Wirginis at LB, Conner for a few plays at DE and of course Hamlin, all afternoon.

    The offense should include more of Whitehead, The Jester, Orndoff and of course James “the beast” Conner. Tipton, Henderson, QO and Moss are athletic and keys to our future success.

    This is another critical game that sets the tone for how this team finishes the regular season.

    With “The Pursuit” almost certainly over for 2016, it is time to play the guys who you will win with next year. Sorry, but the SR LBers played hard for us, but Pitt needs to give the remaining reps to the LBers who have eligibility left and are ready to play. Same can be said for the secondary, but not so much for the Dline. We can rotate more for fresher legs.

    Score, score and score some more. That sounds like a winning formula for tomorrow.

    Go Pitt!


  35. Well, Narduzzi had the PITT semi equipment truck backed up to the Jeannette McKee stadium last week for the Clairton game. You can only lead the big horse to water. Stay home Lamont. Don’t be a Foster.


  36. It’s that time of the season when it’s tough to have any confidence in Pitt winning a big game – and I consider this a big game since we just lost to VT and we have Clemson next week. Three Ls in a row is not good.

    But I’m just used to Pitt losing games like this – games that we really need. I’m afraid that Peterman is going to throw a couple of INTs – he’s been lucky lately to get some drops on what should have been INTs… That luck is due to run out.

    Sorry, but I see Miami 42 – Pitt 30.

    Go Pitt.


  37. Gradually getting over the depression from the VT game. First time I could even look at POV for a week! Never should have lost to VT OR UNC. Should not lose to this raggedy Miami team. Our O is really good. Better than It’s not just the overall average, but the consistency. A high/low range of about 9 points against D1 schools for a team averaging about 40 points is really rare. Miami’s D is good, on par with VT and more consistent, but Pitt has scored at the high end of all of our D1 opponents’ range–and we should be able to put up points even in sloppy conditions. At worst, we should score in the low 30s. Miami’s O isn’t close to VT levels, low 30s. I can’t pick against my Panthers, so I’ll of for 34-31, Pitt. (Yes, 2 FG + 2 rush, 1 “other,” and 1 Pass TD).


  38. I have no insight on the Wade decision but right now PSU’s play of late should give them the inside track. Conversely Pitt’s dismal display in the secondary should them the inside track on any 4 or 5 star DB’s that want to get on the field early and often.—Narduzzi has to use the early play card on all incoming recruits because he has little else to offer against those schools that can pack in 100,000 plus per home game.


  39. jrnpitt – well said, even though I personally don’t like it.

    This miami game today is a must win game in my book. HCPN has a good team and HE has to come up with a defensive plan along with DC Conklin to HELP win this game. The Canadian offense has been enjoyable to watch, but the deplorable D has been “throw your hands in the air and look away” awful.

    Price needs another rushing mate on every down, whether that is a LB, safety or occasionally Conner from the other DE spot. This season, I see our LBers standing over plays after the tackle is made, way too much. Let the younger guys play and get experience – the SR’s are ready to move on with their life’s work – they (SR’s) have been loyal, committed and we as fans thank them for being good players. We want great players and we want to win now.

    Today is a new game day – come on coach, try something new. I heard in HCPN’s Thursday press conference that he will rotate CB’s to keep them fresh. That’s a start, but not the end all. This miami QB needs to be pressured – he was sacked 13 times in the past 2 games. We need to hit him hard and often – and it cannot only be Price. Mr. Allen Edwards, this is your chance in the miami sun – show us some highlights to make us proud. Quinton Wirginis, you have shown us glimps’ of your speed and nose for the football – coach, if you are listening (reading), GET HIM IN THE GAME!

    And Pittsburgh natives, Rori Blair and Jordan Whitehead – strap on those gold helmets with the Pitt script and make your home town proud today. You both have done that numerous times in your young careers, but for some reason, this year you both have disappeared at times. No more – we need you both today – you are both talented enough to start for the canes and that says a lot. Now go show the ACC viewers and us Pitt fans how good you really are.

    Lastly, I have enjoyed the workmanlike efforts of our 2 SR DT’s – keep doing what you are doing and continue to show the NFL scouts and future recruits that Pitt is where DT’s come to get ready for Sundays, the home team of The Aaron Donald and the many other Pitt greats of the past (and future). Today Amir Watts will give you a breather or two, but watch out, cause Amir is going to have a coming out party in South Florida at Hard Rock Stadium.

    Win this game for you captain, James Conner AND yourself.

    Slug and Thug today!



  40. This is THEE game today! We really need everyone on the field 100% involved on every play. A good solid win today will catapult us into Death Valley sky high, and ready for 13-9 Redeux!!!

    Matt C can throw in the rest of his playbook today. It’ll give the next three opponents way too much to prepare for.

    A Win today, guys, sets the momentum high for the rest of the year. It’ll carry us thru the end of the season. Today is THEE game!!

    H2P. The Hurricanes will be downgraded to “Partly cloudy, with a slight chance of rain!”


  41. So let me get this straight. First quarter we see both a Henderson fumble & a Peterman INT. Then a Pitt defensive INT denied because of an offsides call (one of many committed by the Pitt line early on).

    So Reed, if your POV is that our defensive secondary was an embarrassment in the VT game, then I’m just going to have to assume that you got into the press box late due to drinking too much at some parking lot tailgate that went through that 1st quarter. A SOP team would never of made a game of it after that 1st Q debacle, but this isn’t a SOP team.

    No doubt about it, Pitt’s secondary lost the battle against superior VT QB & WR play but come on man, did you see those plays that VT made? That game was portrayed accurately by Coach Duzz. Somebody has got to make a play. The bad guys did, the good guys didn’t and that was the difference.

    So here we are, going into Miami against a team struggling in the meat of their schedule on a four game skid and Pitt is not going to roll over and let Miami break the downward spiral.

    Somebody has got to make a play! I was at the UNC game. That last desperation UNC drive was a thing of beauty if you were a UNC fan. One play on any of those 4th down conversions & that highlight reel one handed catch in the end zone to win it for the Tarheels never even materializes. One play by Henderson in the VT game like making a definitive cut against the grain, rather than letting your ball carrying arm to get hooked and fumbling results in a ten point swing when that cut results in another Henderson 50 yard kickoff return to set Pitt up on a short field for Pitt to begin their own scoring fest. That is how close this team is to being 7-1.

    Yeah, with a couple plays we could of lost to PSU, I know. And what could have happened in OT against GT if Blewitt’s FG at the end bounced out rather than through the goal posts? We could just as easily be 3-5. It goes both ways.

    But anybody who has followed Pitt football, like most of us on this blog, who argues the POV that “I’m going with the talking heads and the stats to predict a Pitt loss in this one” has just NOT been paying attention to the transformation occurring within our program.

    This team is a work in progress. But there is “progress” being made. Pitt has never been out of any game this season. They won’t be out of this one either. But Coach Duzz has presented the challenge, “somebody has gotta make a play”!

    The Panthers are going to have three guys in the game today capable of doing that, who are fresh faces, now earning their stripes, right now, Hamlin, Edwards & Jackson. Edwards is coming home to Miami, playing in front of his family & home boys. Think he may be motivated to “make a play” from his DE position today?

    And how soon we forget about the preseason hype surrounding Damar Hamlin!?!?! Well, now the hype for Hamlin is for real! This kid is going to be a force in the secondary soon for the Panthers. How soon, maybe today? Damar, you ready to make a play?

    Then we’ve got an athletic 6 foot CB named Dane Jackson that continues to gain game experience. Remember it’s impossible to coach up a 5’9″ player an additional 3 inches in height, can’t do it, but a 6 footer, which also includes a longer wingspan when you’re 6 feet tall to begin with, let the coaching up begin with that guy! . So Jackson, are you able to make a play today? Are you ready to be GREAT Dane? Then make a play.

    That’s how close this team is, somebody has got to make a play. Do that and Pitt is 6-3 come this evening.

    You won’t see that factor in any statistics that Reed likes to mull over. You won’t get that from any national media sports prognosticator because they don’t know this team. I do. I’ve seen what this team can do when things go their way, when they want it more than the other team, when they feel slighted and have something to prove.

    As coach Narduzzi stated pregame before beating Penn State, “they don’t respect you, they don’t respect,,,,,, they’re going to find out”!!!

    Make a play Panthers there are more out there needing to be convinced that you guys are for real. Panthers, are you ready to make a play? Prove it! Hail to Pitt!


  42. Dr Tom – it’s pointless. Reed gets caught up in being “real” and can’t see the positives or progress. It’s kind of like those news programs that invite guests on under the guise of opposing view. However, the host dictates the tone, questioning, messaging and uses the other guests as ammunition. It’s stacked against the opposing view while still being able to say “What? We had another view on the program.”

    Reed does not like Narduzzi. It comes across very clearly. I think it stems from the closed practices and has just snow balled. College football has changed a lot over the last several decades. Pitt has a coach that understands the college game and the way it’s trending.

    The only SOP moment this year was Marshall … and Pitt emphatically killed it at the end … unlike past SOP teams would not have. The losses to UNC, OKST and VT were just hard fought games that Pitt came up short with; showing they aren’t quite there yet.

    Narduzzi is 10-1 when favored. That’s a real stat. SOP teams don’t have that stat. Pretenders don’t have that stat. Pitt is who they are right now. They’re a 5-3 team competing with the best teams on the schedule. The have a win against the #12 team in the country.

    Last year Pitt played hard until the end making some games closer than they really were. This year, Pitt is playing hard until the end and those games really are that close. That’s real progress.

    Year’s 3 and 4 is when you will see Pitt take the next step and start beating some of those teams.


  43. TT – gotta push back a little. I like Narduzzi a lot more than Reed, but I don’t think he’s factually incorrect and is inspiring debate on here. Many of Reed’s observations are right on – I may not like it but I don’t think he’s wrong at this point. My observation is more positive because I am willing to be patient and let him grow as a head coach, see how his recruiting goes over the next two years, and what he can do with “his guys”……IF he can’t do that, then obviously all bets are off.

    I think we win a very frustrating game today. The corner play will be bad again against superior athletes. But, we dominate time of possession and keep the ball away. We win 34-31 as Miami misses a 46 yard field goal with 3 seconds on the clock.


  44. Dr Tom: great call on the 3 inches. There were many plays that the PITT defender had good coverage only to not bat the ball away by a matter of just a few inches.

    TT: You posted this “Reed does not like Narduzzi. It comes across very clearly. I think it stems from the closed practices and has just snow balled”.

    How come you get away with that when I said the same thing and Reed called me a “jr psychologist”. and assured me that this is simply not the case? They no doubt got off on the wrong foot together. 🙂 🙂


  45. Sorry guys but I think Reed is much more in touch with reality than you Narduzzi apologists.

    Let’s see how we do today, and for the rest of the season.

    A coach gets to coach with the players he has today, not the ones he wishes he has or the ones he may have down the road.

    Last year we had an offensive coordinator who tried to make a passing team out of a power running team. How well did that go?

    The facts are that we are good enough to beat anyone on our schedule but Clemson.

    There is no dramatic advantage between us and any of our opponents, right now.

    Coaching makes the difference. The decision to not throw the ball vs OKST and UNC probably cost us those games.

    Sticking with a scheme that forces teams to throw against corners one on one, who have not been capable is a bad coaching decision.

    How many teams tried to play Larry Fitz or Tyler Boyd one on one? What would you expect to happen if they did?

    I don’t buy the argument that we are learning this scheme for next year or two or three years down the road. Two thirds of these guys will be gone next year and you are taking away their best chance to win.


  46. The thing is, Boyd broke all LF’s records and Larry himself should have won the Heisman. I think they had plenty one on one chances with all due respect gc.


  47. For what it’s worth I like the direction Narduzzi is taking the program. Do I think he has made all the right calls this year? No, but the team doesn’t give up and IMO is trying its best. It’s just that on many plays we are over matched by some of the opposition stars(particularly in the secondary). I do believe that will change in the coming years as Narduzzi and staff get their full line of recruits in place.


  48. Good QB’s lick their chops when they have a quality receiver one on one. Sorry Ike but Fitz and Boyd received double coverage most of the time, as do most quality receivers.

    I like Narduzzi and the overall direction of the program, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find fault with things that we disagree with.

    It wasn’t his fault that Henderson fumbled or that Ford quit on his rout, anymore than it was Chyst’s fault when we set a fumbling record, but I do remember many blaming him.

    Narduzzi has benefited from the great offensive players left to him. In my opinion he is not taking full advantage of it because he has the worst pass defense probably in Pitt history. His players are better than that. Good coaches try to overcome their players deficiencies, Narduzzi puts them on an island and tells them they need to make plays. Or worse blames the refs.


  49. It’s Reed’s blog so his POV. No issues with that. I do think Reed hides behind being a “realist” which would imply being impartial. Reed’s writing conveys a dislike for Narduzzi. I’m fine with that too but I wish he would come out and say it. There is less grey area then and less trying to be jr. psychologist.

    I come here because I enjoy most commenters and I like Reed’s passion even if I think it’s misguided.

    I also think Reed is great for Pitt which is why I’d like to see some less pessimistic posts.

    Just my opinion so don’t take it as an indictment against Reed or his blog.

    Out of respect for Reed, I post less here than the Blather. I respect his opinion and his blog, I just assimilate more to Chas’ POV.


  50. And to be fair, Reed is very consistent. He was just as critical of Chryst at times, although, he also conveyed a clear liking of Chryst which he doesn’t with Narduzzi. I argued with Reed at times back then as well for being too critical.


  51. gc – that’s great commentary. The pass defense gets all the attention … we all know it’s bad. The reason Pitt has lost, hasn’t necessarily been on all the them though. Oklahoma is #12 in the country with a worse pass defense. It’s not the end all be all. If Pitt’s going to be that bad in one area, they have to make up for it in others. In the three losses, they haven’t been able to do it.


  52. Sadly I predict another Lose that is more of the same just like a lot of the other folks on here.

    Alright lets waste a couple of hours that I will never get back.


  53. TT funny how we didn’t take advantage of OKST pass defense.

    Good coaches find the opposition’s weakness and go after it.

    That is why they watch so much film.

    Not too difficult to find Pitt’s weakness.


  54. Gc – yep. That type of commentary is why I keep coming back. The piling on and repetitive complaints become annoying. What you posted was real analysis.

    Btw – people complain about Pitt attendence… how about the Hurricane’s? It’s a problem most urban campuses have. Not the same as the big state schools.


  55. Well, this will flood my conditioned depression response. What an awful defensive performance and a lame offensive one, too! Miami is not THAT good. I think we’ll even do better against Clemson.


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