Know the Enemy & Predictions: ND

Know the Enemy & Predictions: ND

Here is something Ike threw together since I’m in 100x childbirth pain and I don’t  care who that pisses off.

A look at 6-0 Notre Dame… To start, here’s a Pat Narduzzi quote ” I think they walk into high schools, they get what they want”. Well not exactly 100% true but darn near. ND has come into and blitzed western PA football recruits and grounds the past few years to the tune of Phil Jurkovic, Kurt Hinish, David Adams, Andrew Kristofic and Robert Hansey. That would be the start and making of a good football team right there. (Adams career ended early due to injury) BUT, they are not here they are there and doing fairly well so far.?

Notre Dame plays at some supposedly hallowed ground called, simply enough, Notre Dame Stadium which holds 77,622 fans. Mostly on refurbished bleachers. Staying as far away as I can from the religion rule I will only say they have a false idol there named touchdown Hesus. Moving on..

About this team. 6-0, hmm… This #5 rated team in the country has beaten Michigan 24-17, Ball State 24-16, Vanderbilt 22-17 Wake Forest 56-17, Stanford 38-17 and Virginia 45-23 in which I understand the game was a lot closer than that score. That’s not all that impressive people. Beating an ok Ball State team by 8 makes me go hmm again.

More on the player


Notre Dame has two QB’s that have played a good bit this year. The likely starter will be Ian Book and here is the short book on Book. 6’0, 200 lbs. He’s 77-105 for 887 yards with 9 TD’s and 1 interception. A 177. QB rating, now that is not too bad. The other QB and former starter is Brandon Wimbush who is bigger at 6’2″ 220 lbs. on the year he’s thrown for 589 yards completing 42-76 passes. 1 TD 4 interceptions for a 107.7 QB rating. Easy to see why he’s been replaced. A final note on the QB’s, Wimbush runs the ball a lot more than Book.


Dexter Williams 5’11” 215 lbs has run for 339 yards for an 8.9 average per run.
Tony Jones jr 5’11” 220 lbs has run 58 times for 302 yards and a 6.5 ypc
Jafar Armstrong who is listed as a WR and stands 6’1 227 lbs but must be a running back has gained 245 yards on 47 carries.

Looks like a very solid and deep group, more like a 3 headed monster?


Miles Boykin at 6’4″ 230 lbs with 28 catches for 428 yds
Chris Finke at 5′ 10″ 180 lbs 19-243 yds
Alize Mack at 6’5″ 247 lbs 19 catches for 209 yards
Chase Claypool 6’4″ 227 lbs who has caught 18 passes for 200 yards.

Couple notes on this group. Boykin is a big WR and seems to be the main target. Mack is actually a tight end and is being used. Plenty of targets to go around.

On defense there are three players to look out for.

Jeremy Tillery 6′ 7″ 305 lbs defensive tackle
Drue Tranquill 6′ 2″ 235 middle linebacker
Te’von Coney 6′ 1″ 240 lbs linebacker

This ND defense will be difficult to run against with those three guys in the box. All three are projected to the NFL next year however, Notre Dame’s defense is ranked at # 49 in the nation. When considering their # 45 ranked offense along with a fairly mild schedule it once again makes you go hmm, can PITT hang with these guys? …