New Thread to Talk About Whatever…

New Thread to Talk About Whatever…

The season’s a bit more than halfway over with us standing (more like sitting) at 3-4. We’ve lost the three games almost all but the real die-hard Pitt fans though we would then stuck a sharp stick in our eye with another mind-boggling loss to North Carolina.

Of course that win over us is their only one in their schedule so far. Why? Because contrary to some Pitt fan’s beliefs we are still mired in the Same Old Pitt syndrome. With four current losses we are capped to an 8-4 if the miraculous happens…which it won’t.

But we will win a couple more games I believe…maybe even three more which would give us a .500 regular season and a reason for the more delusional fans to sing Narduzzi’s praises once again. Not that we have any of those types on the POV…😉.

This season’s ACC teams are unpredictable as hell, at least to me.  There doesn’t appear to be any team on our remaining schedule that I can point to and say “That’s a definite win.” or vice versa.  But let’s take a shot at predicting the end result after 12 regular season games.

I called for a 5-7 season when camp broke and will stick with that…

Duke – Win

@ UVA – Loss

Wake Forest – Win

@ VT – Loss

@ Miami – Loss

I actually think Duke will handle us but it is in PGH so who knows? That plays out to a 5-7 season again.