Duke Know The Enemy & Game Predictions

Duke Know The Enemy & Game Predictions

At 3:30 in the afternoon this coming Saturday Pitt will begin a five game series that will go a long way in seeing which direction the football program is heading.  We’ll host the Duke Blue Devils for our “Family Day” Game.

Duke schedDuke has been spotty lately – they came out of the gates with a 4-1 record beating some pretty decent teams then screech to a halt with a 1-2 over the last three weeks.

Not that is terrible mind you, after all we also are 1-3 over our last four games.

We need this game to get some sort of momentum going into our last bit of the ACC games we’ll play.  As of right now the only feather in Pitt’s helmet is that we “almost won” against Notre Dame.  Fans were happy with that because like our other two ‘big games’ we didn’t get our asses handed to us by a 36+ yard average Other than that we’ve been pretty mediocre…

This one’s outcome might allow us a seven win seasons but a loss might see us with the reverse with seven losses.

duke team

Skill Player Stats

duke skill

Here where Duke sits nationally:


Duke National

This one is tricky because we’ve seen Narduzzi’s teams come out of a tough game like ND and do well the next game …and the opposite also.  Duke has some good things going for them like their passing game – 17 TDs to 4 INTs is a nice job and their 3rd down conversion defense – both things that we are poor at this season.

Here how the oddsmakers over at Sharkodds.com see the game:

Duke Odds

This will be a close one but I think Pitt has something left in the tank for winning two more games – this might be one of them.  We’ll have to run like hell over the Blue Devils though I don’t see our offense becoming pass accurate all of a sudden.

Pitt 37 – DUKE 31