Here is something Ike threw together since I’m in 100x childbirth pain and I don’t  care who that pisses off.

A look at 6-0 Notre Dame… To start, here’s a Pat Narduzzi quote ” I think they walk into high schools, they get what they want”. Well not exactly 100% true but darn near. ND has come into and blitzed western PA football recruits and grounds the past few years to the tune of Phil Jurkovic, Kurt Hinish, David Adams, Andrew Kristofic and Robert Hansey. That would be the start and making of a good football team right there. (Adams career ended early due to injury) BUT, they are not here they are there and doing fairly well so far.?

Notre Dame plays at some supposedly hallowed ground called, simply enough, Notre Dame Stadium which holds 77,622 fans. Mostly on refurbished bleachers. Staying as far away as I can from the religion rule I will only say they have a false idol there named touchdown Hesus. Moving on..

About this team. 6-0, hmm… This #5 rated team in the country has beaten Michigan 24-17, Ball State 24-16, Vanderbilt 22-17 Wake Forest 56-17, Stanford 38-17 and Virginia 45-23 in which I understand the game was a lot closer than that score. That’s not all that impressive people. Beating an ok Ball State team by 8 makes me go hmm again.

More on the player


Notre Dame has two QB’s that have played a good bit this year. The likely starter will be Ian Book and here is the short book on Book. 6’0, 200 lbs. He’s 77-105 for 887 yards with 9 TD’s and 1 interception. A 177. QB rating, now that is not too bad. The other QB and former starter is Brandon Wimbush who is bigger at 6’2″ 220 lbs. on the year he’s thrown for 589 yards completing 42-76 passes. 1 TD 4 interceptions for a 107.7 QB rating. Easy to see why he’s been replaced. A final note on the QB’s, Wimbush runs the ball a lot more than Book.


Dexter Williams 5’11” 215 lbs has run for 339 yards for an 8.9 average per run.
Tony Jones jr 5’11” 220 lbs has run 58 times for 302 yards and a 6.5 ypc
Jafar Armstrong who is listed as a WR and stands 6’1 227 lbs but must be a running back has gained 245 yards on 47 carries.

Looks like a very solid and deep group, more like a 3 headed monster?


Miles Boykin at 6’4″ 230 lbs with 28 catches for 428 yds
Chris Finke at 5′ 10″ 180 lbs 19-243 yds
Alize Mack at 6’5″ 247 lbs 19 catches for 209 yards
Chase Claypool 6’4″ 227 lbs who has caught 18 passes for 200 yards.

Couple notes on this group. Boykin is a big WR and seems to be the main target. Mack is actually a tight end and is being used. Plenty of targets to go around.

On defense there are three players to look out for.

Jeremy Tillery 6′ 7″ 305 lbs defensive tackle
Drue Tranquill 6′ 2″ 235 middle linebacker
Te’von Coney 6′ 1″ 240 lbs linebacker

This ND defense will be difficult to run against with those three guys in the box. All three are projected to the NFL next year however, Notre Dame’s defense is ranked at # 49 in the nation. When considering their # 45 ranked offense along with a fairly mild schedule it once again makes you go hmm, can PITT hang with these guys? …

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  1. I see ND stuffing the run and Pitt not having a passing game. The D will be on the field the entire game.

    This isn’t syracuse.

    ND 45 – Pitt 10


  2. The Ball St and Vandy scores give me hope, the Stanford and VT game make me anxious. I would absolutely love a Pitt win and would celebrate it just as much if not more than a PSU win. I think we make it interesting but….
    ND 31
    Pitt 21


  3. They won’t have to pass too much since they will be on offense most of the game. Pitt may set the record for the most 3 and outs by any team playing against ND this year. Repeat prediction: ND 52 Pitt 10


  4. The trend says that this team is getting better as it goes along. Probably has a lot to do with the switch to Book at QB, and him getting very comfortable in the offense. I watched some of the VT / ND game. These guys are talented. Are they #5 in the country talented? IDK. But they are more talented than us.

    They will score 7 touchdowns. We will score 3.

    ND 35, Pitt 21


  5. Can’t really construct an analytical case for a close game, but my instinct (which has definitely led me wrong before) suggests Pitt might surprise and hang around for a bit. Pitt generally exceeds expectations against Notre Dame, much like they do against Virginia Tech, so there’s at least some historical reason for hope.
    On the other hand, this Pitt team lacks the playmakers to compensate for the deficit in depth and overall talent when compared to Notre Dame. No Shadys, Dions, Grahams, Fitzgeralds, or even Baldwins or Palkos will take the field on Saturday. What’s worse, Pitt’s one area of strength, the running game, plays into the heart of Notre Dame’s defense. And we know that Pitt has shown little ability to balance the run with a downfield passing attack.

    If Pitt plans to stay in the game for more than 30 minutes, they’ll need the kitchen sink offense. Empty the playbook and call an aggressive, unpredictable game from the start. Stanford is a far better power run and defense team than Pitt could ever hope to be at this point – they’ve built their hugely successful program on those principles – and still got trounced by the Domers.

    Depart from character (it hasn’t gotten you that far, anyway), spread the field, throw on early downs, sprinkle in the wildcat, take some shots down the field, and at least give Notre Dame something to think about defensively. Sure, it could result in a bunch of turnovers and an embarrassing blowout, but you’ve already suffered two of those playing conservatively, so what do you have to lose by taking some risks?

    I understand the above is a basically a fantasy scenario, so the prediction is: Notre Dame 41, Pitt 27.


  6. for Pitt to win they must throw the Domers a curveball on both sides of the ball.

    They need to spread out the O and pass, pass, pass

    They need to bring the blitz and press their receivers to offset the timing

    and of course win the turnover battle and have good special teams

    and, and, play disciplined ball without taking penalties; there will be at last 1-2 calls going the Domers way…need to overcome that

    if they execute those things, they have a chance to win

    i do expect Pitt to cover at least


  7. No Chance unless the Domers….blow up. Much like Syracuse last week. But ND is not Cuse.

    Domers are only avg’g 1 turnover per game. Although Cuse was too and had 3 huge ones vs us last week.

    Does Nardo get his win over a Top 10 team this week, for the 3rd year in a row ? Lots of articles this week about ND not having to play a 13th game, a league championship game like everyone else to get into
    the Playoff. So does that factor in to this game. Who knows ? ND has no more ranked teams left of their
    remaining schedule. A couple of former bigtime programs(FSU & USC) having off years.

    Pitt 27
    ND 24

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  8. Forgot to mention this post syracuse, but pretty sure when Dungy was running down the sideline, and he tried to stiff arm a Pitt tackler, the Pitt defender pulled him down by the arm.

    Dungy didn’t seem as accurate throwing after that point.

    Here’s hoping the Pitt clan gets after notre dame with a nice balanced display of physicality and brains.

    Pitt 25 notre dame 20.


  9. I think Pitt will beat that 21 point spread since they like to play in these games against the Domers. Kelly will want to run up the score as someone in the previous thread pointed out. My theory is because he’s basically a jagoff and he loves his recruiting base here.

    I do wonder who the refs will be this time around though. With them in the Top 5, don’t think for a moment they will let us even close, let alone win.

    ND – 40
    Pitt – 24


  10. Pittman4ever Predicts:
    PITT: 16
    Also, if anybody watched Texas Tech play last night I was really impressed with how they had lost their 2 starting “passing” QBs and in a weeks time their HC totally changed their “Air Raid” passing offense (which averaged 600+ yards per game) to a running game last night because the 3rd stringer can run well but not pass well – and they beat TCU at TCU! Cliff Kingsberry is one impressive HC. Could you see our coach’s being able to totally change our offense in one week? I think not.


  11. Agreed Ike…Pitt is outmanned at every position. ND covers 21 in the first quarter. A shame because head coaching prowess is about even in this one. Kelly is a clown as a HC. If Pitt could pass just a little, they might hang but Pitt’s O line is a sieve in pass protection.

    ND 66-Pitt 10. I pray no one else gets hurt.


  12. Great job and thank you ike on the “Know thy Enema” article and the Reed status update. Wow, your game prediction is something else! I don’t expect a Pitt win but I can’t predict that much of a spread, in part because I think Kelly is right up there with Franklin in the jagoff department. That said my prediction is
    ND 35 Pitt 17 😦


    1. That was who I was in schoolyard pickup games and touch football on the street. I could throw it the farthest. Or my buddy Jimmy Katz.


      1. Cool kman…i was also a huge fan of the Minny Vikings in that era. I still have the team ball signed by all that Vikes of that era….Joe Kapp, Gene Washington, Carl Eller, Alan Page, Jim Marshall of the Purple People Eaters and Paul Krause, and the all-pro center Mick Tinglehoff, Bill Brown, Pitt Man and PK Fred Cox. Don’t know what I would have done if that era Vikes and Raiders met in the SB. When they finally did, I was no longer a Raiders fan since their rivalry with the Steelers had bloomed.


  13. Can’t see ND being all that fired up here. But talent trumps scheme and Pitt is lacking in both areas. I had Syracuse over Pitt with a passing game that never really materialized. ND is not all that great but Pitt simply is not close to a very good program so ND 34-Pitt 17.


  14. Hate to say it. But we will get destroyed tomorrow. I have already scheduled fall yard cleanup. Erie Express: you have room in your foursome? I’ll drive to Lancaster or York or wherever. Anything to avoid watching our boys get embarrassed in South Bend tomorrow. Maybe Reed needs a masseuse. I’ll drive to Maryland for our fearless leader. Just don’t make me watch!!!

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  15. Nice work, Ike.

    I don’t understand the predictions where we score double digit points. Our passing game is dreadful. And they aren’t going to give us any freebies.

    Pitt – 3
    Dome – 52.



  16. Darryl Lamonica aka The Mad Bomber starred for Notre Dame (go figure) in the early 60’s. Was the MVP of the 1962 East-West Shrine game. Again go figure 🙂


  17. Nasty day in Domerville today, only low 40’s and rain. Good thing we play tomorrow…where the Sun will shine on the Pitt side of the field.


  18. I was at the hallowed grounds a few weeks ago for my son’s hockey tournament. Even if you don’t like ND, the place reeks of college football history. I thought the stadium was great, except for the field turf. Notre Dame seems like a place that just ought to have grass. A little trivia…why does Notre Dame Stadium have diagonal lines in the end zones? A tribute to 1842, the year it was founded. Each end zone has 9 lines (9+9=18) at 42 degree angles. Don’t think the Heinz Field end zone slashes have any meaning.

    Pitt has played 6 games in South Bend since 2000, going 2-4 in that span. Nobody can forget the last trip to ND in 2012; a devastating 3OT loss after Harper missed a 33-yard chip shot to win it. After the game, Sunseri throws the kicker under the bus and leaves everyone uttering SOP! In the 4 wins, ND’s margin of victory averaged 8.5 points, and Pitt was within a TD in the last three losses.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Pitt keeps it close this week. Notre Dame is really good with athletes all over the field. Since they put Wimbush on the scrap heap, this team has found another gear offensively. As ND has its sights set on the playoff, I don’t see them letting down or taking their foot off the gas. I like the Irish to win and cover soundly: 42-17.


  19. If ND shuts down the run it’s lights out I’m afraid. Watson is going to have to call a very cerebral game plan to keep the Irish off balance if, in fact, that can be accomplished. A mix of runs, passes and some creative plays to keep the chains moving on offense is needed. PN is no stranger to South Bend. He played ND regularly while coaching at MSU. That alone gives me a ray of hope. I want to see our boys play hard to the end. Play like this game means something, and it does. My heart says PITT-28, ND-27. My head says ND by 2 TDs.


    1. A side question: Considering it’s success last week, I wonder how much Wildcat we’ll see tomorrow?


    1. That would the type of creative plays I’m talking about Ike. They’re going to have to do something out of the ordinary to help the O stay on the field.


  20. Reed, per your suggestion… took time to read Peak. Disagree with him on a few points.

    Expect Reynolds, not Pine… to get most of the Playing Time in place of Wirginis. Unlike Peak, I do NOT expect much of a Dropoff. In fact, I actually think Reynolds might make an IMPACT from an individual standpoint but MORE IMPORTANTLY in the overall play of the Defense.

    Peak believes Pitt JET SWEEPS will work against the ND Defense. Maybe… once. But I doubt it. They are so PREDICTABLE given the way Watson runs them.

    And finally, Peak says he thinks the departed Tyler Sear “has the ability to be a good tight end.” WHAT? Seen enough of Sear and the other remaining Tight Ends to know that Blocking, Running and Catching present a MAJOR challenge.


    1. Peak isnt watching the same game as me
      He’s been far more wrong that right in the past 2 year based on his opinions and beliefs
      I dont read his dribble anymore


  21. Notre Dame 45
    Pitt 10
    Notre Dame will load the box stop the run and we will have no answers. I hope I am wrong but I’m done predicting what I want to happen. I am currently predicting in reality hopefully they rise up and play game of their life.


  22. Notre Dame is over rated –

    Does Pitt have enough to win?
    – An run oriented offense with poor pass protect
    – A slightly improved defense but the loss of a senior middle linebacker
    – Multiple national articles on Pitt being a giant killer — makes future opponents more focused.
    – A coach doing his best; but is his best good enough?

    Pitt 30
    Notre Dame 27

    Pitt 24
    Notre Dame 37


  23. I believe Pitt will be competitive and be within 6 at the half and 10 in the going into the 4th before ND pours it on late.

    Good Guys 24
    Golden Domers 48



  24. I have seen us lose against ND badly a couple of times. I fear another may be coming but hope springs eternal.


  25. Pitt always seems to play ND tough. There is a lot of history between these two teams. Is there a collective karma built over the years that will somehow mitigate the blowout that most people think will occur? Surely losing Wirginis certainly does not help us, but you know what? I think this game just might surprise a few people. ND 31 PITT 24.


  26. For the UNC game, it was my head that thought we’d win and my heart that has been broaden too often that feared we’d lose. Just the opposite with ND. My heart is feeling that we’ll toss a WVU style stunner. Low score, 19-17, in favor of the good guys—Pitt gets a flukish TD despite all the PI non-calls and bangs in 4 FG; Domers start slowly and fail to get enough extra downs or phones targeting calls to get close enough for the game winner.

    My head says that there’s a crap load of bad juju in the air, and that sometimes worshipers of a banal simulacrum triumph over the forces of good. Agon is supposed to be brutal. I will not add to the dark forces with pitiful numbers that quantify the spread of fecal matter vigorously fanned, except to say that failing a close, low scoring game, tomorrow could a reference point in what will be remembered by generations yet unborn as the beginning of a very long road to recovery for Pitt football. I pray my head is wrong.



  27. PS Autocorrect screws up broken (broaden) and phony (phones), but is fine with simulacrum. Bad juju.


  28. Yinz CrazĒ @Ike REF Oct 13 2018 vs ND

    Ike, with all due respect — and thank you for your contribution in Reed’s absence — I need disagree with your line of questioning, particularly soundings-off with regard to statements classed “hmmm”(?)) in ref to this ND team.

    Bolstering my argument with fact, it’s not too hard to callout, contest and rebuke your eval/assessment of this 2018 rendition of Notre Dame football. That is to say that this C. Kelly-led team (or squad, if you’d prefer call it) has distinguished and more precisely identified their selves (collectively) as an elite grouping of football players in their last three contests.

    Yeah, sure, I wouldn’t differ to say that they struggled and somewhat underwhelmed in their first three games. But to suggest the last 2.5 games with Ian Book hasn’t merited the escalation of the Irish’s national standing would be equally naive and incorrect.

    What I mean to say to you, Ike, make no mistake: I enjoy the perspectives of brethren found @POV. And you yourself are an undaunted forerunner willing to shake-it-up and challenge the rest of us readers to indulge in your specifically conceived “hmmm” factors and subsequent ‘food for thought’ arguments.

    In the case of the game to be played tomorrow, however, the “hmmm” factors included in your column above are dawgon weak. Like anemic, weak; sorry but ya just cannot discount Irish wins over Michigan, and a good Stanford team; and thereafter winning the games that a ‘good team’ is supposed to “win” IS EXACTLY WHAT ELITE TEAMS DO.

    And once more I think it’s of true import to consider the point differentials in ND’s last three games especially. Notta even close, those matchups.

    So the emphasis is now on an Ian Book led team, and the matchups nightmares @LOS the offensive presents vs a Pitt defense perpetually struggling under the guise of legendary defensive Guru; B1G DC Champ and Broyles Award winner, HCPN. (Did I mention, too, that their D is stifling in run/stop?)

    In sum, when you refer to a Virginia game and blowout that wasn’t remotely ‘closer than it appeared,’ as you’d attest, I beg get your head checked!!

    Busting’ your balls, bud. All in good fun!

    PITT 28 | IRISH 57


  29. ND is in the hunt this year for a (to them, a loooog awaited) National Championship. They won’t blow their chances this weekend against Pitt. Time to impress the nation. All the big boys are running up the scores; ND will follow suit.

    ND — 65
    Pitt — 3

    Lyke finally starts the search.


  30. Brian Batko@BrianBatko
    11 hours ago
    I’ve now had an Uber driver and bartender in South Bend tell me how busy it is this weekend. One said it feels like St. Patrick’s Day. “The Pittsburgh fans? They’re everywhere.”

    the above from PG writer …. too bad the fabs don’t show up Heinz like this


  31. an omen?? 58 years ago today Maz hit his famous HR to beat the heavily favored Yanks, The Yanks won games 10-0, 12-0 and 16-3. Pirates won 2-0, 3-2 5-2 and 10-9. Yanks scored twice as many runs …. and had Mantle, Maris, Berra, Skowron, Richardson, Boyer and Whitey Ford.

    Will history repeat? nah … ND 30, Pitt 20


    1. Right you are Anonymous! I have a copy of the Pittsburgh Post’s Sports pages from October 14 and there it is, Maz running into home plate with a stunned Casey Stengal looking on.


  32. I bet most of those Pittsburgh peeps are Catholics who will root against PITT just like it was in my PITT Stadium years.

    I am glad Notre Dame is back..much like Cassius Clay, Howard Cossell, Al DeRogatis and Tiger Woods .. sometime it’s fun to “ hate.” Old Time hate- in the same league as “ we are going to kill you” as we would say to our opponent…

    Pitt 26 ND 35… in a well fought game.. and we leave South Bend proud…


    1. not officially. It does not count in the standings for Coastal title. ND’s ties to the ACC calls for them to play 5 ACC teams every year ,,, but neither their or their opponents’ results are factored in the ACC standings. wwb


  33. wwb.. my 3rd grade teacher brought a TV ( Black white) with rabbit ears and we saw it live !!! Baseball was king in those days.


    1. yes it was …. no doubt. A couple years later when I was in Little League, all I wanted to be when I grew was an MLBer.



  34. ^^ No sweat Neil, happy to get you out of the woodwork makes it worthwhile. Anyways, halfway through reading your comment I found myself going hmmm.

    No question that Mr Book has helped make ND a better team yet even so, an 8 pt win against a Ball State team? … and why wasn’t Book starting then. Perhaps Kelly has a little Narduzzi in him?

    Looking forward to the slaughtering of the PITT Panthers later today. Should be fun.. Can’t wait for the “Let’s Kill the Coach Article”… err I mean the Game Thread Article.

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    1. The coach is already dead. A win against Notre Dame wont resurrect him. Unless ike, you buried him in Pet Cemetery.


    2. Ref to @Ike | Yinz CrĀzy
      (This sane response will be found on the ND GAME DAY THREAD)
      Ty, Ike. Very nice that my comment in reply to your article (see yesterday’s thread) was met with tact and diplomacy on your behalf. I appreciate good sportsmanship here on the board @POV.



      Ike, you took my post for what it is/was: an argument for arguments sake but also one in which I was certain about an outcome of a game that’s proving to be very wrong at this point in the ballgame; defense is stout and RPOx remain incredulously intact for Pitt.

      Now, of course, just waiting for an inevitable let down in the 2nd half here. (Please prove Me Wrong, Pitt FB!)

      I am no different from the other 99% of our die-hard Pitt fan base in saying I’ll be damned if our Panthers pull the upset and fulfill the ‘Giant Killer’ role claim to fame.

      But gotta give credit where credit is due. Your a great contributor here, Ike. And although I find you glass 1/2 full attitude a bit much to digest (this year, particularly), it’s pretty obvious that without your commentary and good natured vibes, we’d all forever, as Panther fans, be stuck in hell for the rest of eternity.


  35. Expect lots of flags on Pitt’s secondary, lots of hands up in the air as to say “what did I do?”

    On offense, lots of linemen getting manhandled and screaming after the play.

    ND – 42
    Pitt – 10


  36. ND 44 – PITT 24
    Hope the POV PITT contingent at ND has a great time. On to yard work before TV time.


  37. Chris Peak claims Reeves was dismissed.
    Others say he bolted and Coach Pat tried to chase him down.
    Anyone know the truth?……aside from the fact our only tight end is a transfer from Arkansas, a freshman defensive end and a redshirt.


  38. BigB,
    Speaking of the 1960 Pirates slaying the Yankees in game 7 – that was my 6 year old birthday present on 10/13. Maybe today our Panthers will give me a surprise 64th birthday present in South Bend! Now that would be one heck of a surprise!!!!! :>)

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    1. Happy birthday, my 17yo today too. He will be hopefully winning some tough matches in a big wrestling duals tournament while Pitt is on fire in South Bend.

      ND 37
      Pitt 10 on fire burning, not lighting it up 😦


  39. As usually logic and routing for Pitt always seem to be at odds.

    Somehow Pitt keeps and it’s close but in SOP fashion we come up short.

    ND 35. Pitt 24


  40. One thing that is a wildcard is weather. This is a game that will be played in colder wet weather for the first time for Pitt and ND. I anticipated that to be an issue when the nits who were heavy underdogs to OSU in 2016. You never know how that can affect things.


    1. Chet, wasn’t it kinda of cold and very wet for the PITT vs psu game this year? I was there so I know it was. Colder than people than most realized, at least for the fans.

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  41. It isn’t speculation Mr Speculation. I was told that by a close PITT insider. Your name fits you well as you are the one who speculates… Mr Coward would be a nice fit as well.


  42. Just finished the front nine – rainy and a tad chilly (great golf weather) –

    I’d lyke to see Ricky Town and/or Boy George Jr if KP struggles early today.

    Why not?

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  43. I’m thinking the same thing Rick (EE) today’s the day we see a backup QB play. Plus I do “THINK” KP’s knee is more banged up then PITT let’s on. << but, that is only speculation on my part…


  44. 99% of posters on this board were so high on Kenny this year. This will not be a popular thought on this board but its true. Kenny needs to play better. He hasn’t been anywhere close to a difference maker.


      1. You are hilarious jrn. Before the season you were pounding the table on how good he was going to be THIS year. You posted that Kenny was going to make everybody around him better, the OL, TE, WR and even Watson.


  45. Drinking at the tailgate for a while…Pitt represented well today in the lots.
    Good guys win 31 – 28.
    Stumbled on the ND pep rally last night…they aren’t taking us seriously.

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  46. It truly is a sad day when PITT is about to be crushed and at the same time I agree with something, anything that Bj says.

    However it’s great to hear Fran is at South Bend and representing….. simply a great ambassador.

    Getting ready to fire up the smoker and smoke a Boston Butt after the game.


  47. its my experience that the Domers have plenty of subway alum from Pittsburgh. Hoping that Pitt fans made the trip. A place everyone should visit at least once to see campus and the stadium. I dont recommend Heinz to anyone.


  48. I’m preparing myself mentally fo the. Pitt Note Dame game.. I’m fearing this will be like a bad accident. You don’t want to look but you can’t avert your gaze. .Hope I’m wrong.


  49. As for my prediction…

    Well, let me start again by saying that I NEVER pick against Pitt. These days, that makes picking Winners very limiting.

    Question is… Is the “U” word in play today?

    Previously laid out that I expect the Defense to SHOW UP today. Much of this has to do with Randy Bates and the changes being made.

    Expect Reynolds playing in place of Wirginis, Brightwell on the Outside and Pinnock remaining at Corner opposite of Jackson… all to have a POSITIVE IMPACT. The changes come just in time as Notre Dame Quarterback Ian Book looks to create HAVOC with an uncanny ability to buy time and improvise in a way remindful of a certain Pittsburgh Quarterback.

    Problem is… even with expected improvement with the Pitt Defense… the funny thing about the Game of Football is there is also something called OFFENSE.

    Not hard to imagine Notre Dame’s Front Seven unleashing HELL on Kenny Pickett and the PASS Game. However, when he actually has time to throw… which might not be all that often… some SURPRISING connections can be made. Matthews is a name that comes to mind.

    Something else surprising… in the end, we might actually see it is passing more than running that keeps Pitt in the Game.

    Closer than what MOST expect with the Pitt Defense playing a KEY role in keeping the scoring down.

    Final 24-21

    Anyway you want to look at it… a WINNER for this Pitt Team.


  50. It is not unusual for players to flunk out in August. If they fall slightly below the line at the end of the Spring semester, they will have the Summer sessions to Ace their classes and get back in the good graces for the Fall (i.e. taking basket weaving 101). If they don’t make the Summer grades then it’s goodbye Pitt.

    I cannot believe that Pitt can score against this rugged ND defense, and don’t know how you guys can predict Pitt scoring in the 20s. I’m sticking with my 49-10 prediction.


  51. So seven games on at noon, not one ACC game. How are we supposed to develop rivalries when we can’t watch our conference foes. This is definitely not ACC country. One being carried on the ACC Network at 12:30.


  52. Was watching Emel’s old time NFL films last night and came upon the Top 100 players list. 4 guys from Pitt, 8 were Steelers.


  53. I will NOT be making a prediction this week– I know that makes you all sad (I’m 4-2 SU & ATS in Pitt games this season) because it’s 37 degrees and rainy at my cabin and after working all morning, I prefer to just drink and HOPE. At least we’re repping the right jerseys..

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  54. It’s only a 43″ TV.. and I only have the BASIC dishtv package.. LOL

    …and I’m more of a bourbon or scotch guy.

    Let’s Go Pitt!


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