POV Bits and Pieces; 10/23/18

POV Bits and Pieces; 10/23/18

It the “firm grasp of the obvious” department Narduzzi gets what others have been saying about our offense since halftime against Albany. Here’s a piece from the P-G that’s a good read:

But when you narrow the focus and drill down to the issues that are glaring weaknesses, those obvious to anyone inside or outside the locker room, Narduzzi provides some subtle hints about the evaluation process of his personnel -— players and coaches.

“Sometimes. There’s no doubt about it,” Narduzzi replied when asked if his offense has been too conservative, and if that’s a reason offensive coordinator Shawn Watson’s passing game has been stuck in neutral. “It’s players, it’s coaches involved in it. We’ve talked about that as well.”

Honest to God… every time he says something now I have to laugh instead of cry – which is a mark of progress for us long-suffering Pitt fans.

The Tribune Review responds with this article from Jerry DiPaola about our (poor) passing game.  It asks what fans have been asking for three years now – what is up with highly touted recruits Mathews and Tipton?  Here is a listing of our top receiver by catches:

'18 catches

In their third eligible years of their careers Mathews has 25 catches for 269 yards and 0 TDs (10.76 ypc) and Tipton has stumbled along with 14 for 156 yards and 1 TD (11.1 ypc). Very disappointing and as far our WR recruiting has suffered a lot since PN took over the reins.

Transfer Taysir Mack is doing well as far as yards per catch goes with  22.1 but his number of catches and number of TDs ain’t so hot.  It’s a moot point anyway for this week as it looks like he’ll miss playing time again on Saturday.

We are all disappointed in Pickett’s play so far – and please let’s not make his knee an excuse – it hasn’t hindered his passing game one bit – but really where we are in dire straits for the rest of this season and the future is in our receiving corps and the OL.  Oh – and maybe QB also.

Here is what the great stable of passers Narduzzi and Watson have built with their own two hands are doing this season…

qbs 18

Now Pitt fans – can you look at that and honestly say that you are happy Ben DiNucci is off the roster?  I think if you are being honest, and not to sound snotty here… know football at all, you’ll wish he was back on roster.

In the “This is No Surprise At All” department we have been informed that transfer Jeff George, Jr is now the QB2 replacing both Town and Patti (who was listed as QB3 earlier in the beginning of the season).

This was a no-brainer as soon as it was announced that he was coming to Pitt on his barnstorming tour. Of course you are going to play a kid who had nine D1 starts (seven against Power 5 schools) as opposed to a vagabond rent-a-QB in Ricky Town who in four different schools has taken one in-game snap.

And forget about playing 2018 recruit QB Nick Patti at all this season fans.  Why would you?  He’s a true freshman with zero experience and should he get hurt playing in a fake-redshirt year and can’t play next season then we are stuck with the same crappy backups we have now.

I’m not sure it can get much worse Pitt fans (of course it can, after all it is Pitt football) when you have pinned your hopes and dreams on a QB who is averaging only 143 yards passing per game and whose yard per completion average is only 9.4. (Really bad!)

No wonder our 3rd down conversion percentage is only 33.3% – tied for 116th in D1.

But we can run the ball pretty well – can’t seem to score many TDs on the ground but we do move the sticks via the run so – if we can dominate that aspect of offense we’ll pull out a win this weekend.

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