Pitt’s Mid-Season Grades; Offense

Pitt’s Mid-Season Grades; Offense

Here is a good look at Pitt’s offensive units and their production and effectiveness written and submitted by POV’s finest Erie Express, or when not using his stage name, Rick.

Pitt has a bye week in front of them at a perfect time. There is no doubt we have saw improvement these last two weeks that give hope for a strong second half of the season. Wait, there has been nothing “strong” about the 2nd half of anything Pitt this season. Oh well, here are my mid-season grades –

Oline = C

This unit is very good at run blocking but below average for pass protection.

Back-ups = Incomplete

TE’s = D –

OL Gabe Houy was playing TE to start the ND game after former starter Tyler Sear walked out of practice this past week. Blocking has been weak and pass catching nearly non-existent.

Back-ups = Incomplete

WR’s = C –

This is an average to below average group that is not getting the ball – see QB.

Back-ups = D

RB’s = B

The 2 seniors are above average to very good (at times).

Back-ups = Incomplete

QB = D –

Other than the Albany game, Kenny Pickett’s passing is well below average. He does a nice job of handing the ball to the RB’s though.

Back-ups – Incomplete (literally)

OC = D –

Shawn Watson has not had a good 2nd season at Pitt (yet). His play calling is too conservative.

Lets hear your thoughts on these units but at first read these look pretty accurate to me…