POV’s MMQB; Pitt loses to ND, 19-14

POV’s MMQB; Pitt loses to ND, 19-14

This will be a short one again.  Better to hear from you all anyway. I’ll just add this one thing on a disappointed weekend for Pitt.

When I watched Kenny Pickett being interviewed  about that foolish fake punt on our 2nd to last possession and heard him say this my heart dropped a bit:

It’s coach Duzz’s call, and I back him till death,” Pickett said. “I love that guy to death, so whatever he thinks is best, is best. You know, everyone else wants to be a football expert out in this world and they have no clue what the hell they’re talking about — a majority of the time.

“No offense to any of you guys [in the media] but sometimes it’s you guys, too. That’s just the flat-out truth of it. That’s coach Duzz’s call, and I back him 100 percent.”

That language and the “Us against the world.” mentality behind it is absolutely not what you want to hear come out of the mouth of a 20 year old college student – football player or not.  To me it smacks of delusion and used-car salesman leadership.

Granted he’s a young man but he’s no novice in being interviewed…a simple “That’s not my decision to discuss” not only would have sufficed but thown the blame spotlight squarely back where it belongs – glaring directly into Narduzi’s eyes.  That was a sad thing to happen in a season of surprises, both good and bad.

So, chip in below with your the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

…and thanks for all the well wishes. I’m ahead of schedule on recovery.