Here are Ike’s thoughts on the NC game…

Well as I stated earlier, I’m not sure which way I want to go with this game. Trying to think about a PITT game with my brain is most probably the toughest thing I do in life. Hey, isn’t life grand? << (ike’s got it made)

Breaking this game down should be easy. For once, PITT’s numbers shout out louder than the opponents but… but. Can PITT beat this UNC football team for the first time in five years? Some of you may know, I do not give a rat’s behind about what happened five years ago much less 30 years. So we go on this year and look at how the two teams stack up.

UNC is a hurting puppy and PITT’s defense is just now emerging. Important need to know here. Looks like the first game this year where PITT will play a team in real life (Albany excluded) that isn’t a match-up nightmare for our team. 2-1 so far is good but 3-1 is even better. I’m going with my gut on this one and I don’t think UNC can score that many points on this PITT defense and the offense will definitely be on KP duty tomorrow. PITT breakout in the second half and end all the talk concerning the lack of scoring… PITT wins! PITT wins! PITT wins!


Editor’s Notes:  Here is some interesting stats and facts about the Panthers so far…

Pitt Stats Game 3

This next chart bothers me a lot in some ways. The fact that in 25 different and important categories (for the full list see here) we are in the lower half of the nation in 15 of them.  Our Passing Offense and our Scoring Offense is especially worrisome and this doesn’t split our scoring up by halfs… and as we know we’ve had a total of three (3!) points in six second half quarters so far.  We have to do better there.

Pitt Stats NCAA

44th in rushing is about where we left off last season. When you look at our Rushing ‘splits’ below it tells a different story.  Take a look at what we have done in our first two quarters of play as opposed to our last two quarters of play in the three matches we’ve had so far:

Pitt Rushing game 3

If we have any close games ahead of us this has to change. So far we’ve been able to jump out to big leads in our two wins… but we can’t live on doing that – not against balanced offense teams witch GT wasn’t.

That fact that against our two D1 teams we have faced we’ve given up 35 ppg hurts also.

I’m following Ike’s lead and expect a close win down in Chapel Hill:

Pitt 31 – NC 24

85 thoughts on “Pitt vs NC Predictions Thread

  1. Pitt will finally exorcise its Demons and will beat the Heels solidly. I mean this beating could get them arrested.

    Pitt 35
    NC 17


  2. I’m predicting a close win for Pitt. The passing game is just not developing the way it should with Pickett as QB. The running game will control the clock and produce a victory.
    PITT: 27
    NC: 21


  3. After being wrong the past 2 weeks, I have no clue how Pitt is going to play tomorrow. Last week just about everyone picked GT, many in a romp.

    UNC got blown out last time around in week 2, like Pitt did. And it was a similar type blow out as well, as the game was 19-21 at halftime, but like Pitt, the Holes didn’t score a point in the 2nd half and 3 fumbles killed them. As did the 4 interceptions their QB threw in game 1 against Cal, not to mention the 13 penalties for 125 yards Yet they didn’t get blown out, losing only 17-24, albeit they had 2 late scores.

    So they have been self-destructing. The question is : will it continue.

    Just enough to allow Pitt to win 21-20


  4. This is a hard game to figure. The fact that Carolina got its doors blown off against ECU suggests that Pitt is in a good position to break the losing streak against the Tarheels. On the other hand, UNC went on the road — cross-country — and held Cal’s offense, which is more potent than Pitt’s, to 24 points. And that’s with UNC quarterbacks turning the ball over 4 times. Those stats, coupled with the Heels success against the run and overall athleticism, give me pause.

    On the other hand, UNC was annihilated by ECU who then turned around and lost at home to NC A&T! Classic letdown game, but still. Add in the suspensions, the fact that UNC looks a bit turnover prone, and seemingly lacks the diversity of options on offense it’s had in the recent past and I like Pitt in a close one.

    Pitt 27
    UNC 24


          1. Yep it was great growing up in Pgh in the 1970’s, as a teenager. The Steelers were great, the Pirates were mostly great, was at 2 World Series and many NLCS games and Pitt was in one of their rare ‘up’ modes after Johnny and Jackie came and of course 1976 was special.

            It was a great time to be alive in the Steel City.

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      1. We’re definitely on the same wavelength. As soon as I posted my comment, i saw yours above it and thought “people are going to think I’m copying of emails test!” You’re right about the sequence of games, apologies for the error. Just got to hope the turnover fest continues against Pitt.


  5. Since the Tarheels have been stealing our signs the last few years we should apply to the NCAA to vacate NCs wins and give them to us. I’m waiting for Narduzzi to make the announcement.

    Because it can’t be that 1) Narduzzi coached poorly in those games or 2) he wasn’t smart enough to develop secret squirrel crap.


    1. I fail to see why you are taking Narduzzi to task for this. Haven’t you seen what I have? Pat said that he got a call from Tomlin who had learned it from his players. Ryan Switzer and another player on the Steelers roster were Tarholes. Seems like an obvious connection to me. Narduzzi has since changed their system of communication because of it but you think he’s making it up to cover his ass? Please.

      Pitt 42- 21



  6. Interesting sidenote I came across, both Pitt and the Tarholes have been to 33 Bowl Games.

    Pitt is 13 wins 20 losses in those 33 Bowl Games
    UNC is 14 wins 19 losses in their 33.

    Pitt has been Ranked 19 times in the Final Poll (and mostly just rank when not)
    UNC has been Ranked 16 times in the Final Poll.

    Two programs of mostly mediocrity meet tomorrow to determine who goes to a Low Mediocrity Bowl
    (of which there are many )


  7. Tough to determine which Pitt team will show up – Pitt wins 27-24 – last minute interception seals the victory!


  8. Further similarities outside of football.

    There is a Pittsburg, North Carolina, with one of most famous BBQ places in the South by the name of
    Keaton’s BBQ, nearby. Place has been around since like 1953 and ppl come from all over the country
    to stand in line, eat off paper plates with plastic knives and forks. The Chicken is incredible btw.

    There is also a Pittsboro, North Carolina.

    And there is also a Pitt County, in NC. Greenville is the county seat, and East Carolina University in is Greenville as well. And their sports teams are called the Pirates.

    And all of these places and many more across America are named after:
    William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham

    (we got the double whammy with Chatham College in Pittsburgh)


  9. As if we need another reason to dislike PSU, they either have the luckiest scheduling in the world or are just really smart in how they schedule … they get to play Illinois tonight, giving them an extra day of rest leading into next Saturday’s matchup with OSU. I don’t know if the Big 10 Network or some other network forced this Friday night game on them, but it’s really fortuitous with the buckeyes coming up next week.


  10. Pitt 34
    UNC 27

    Extra week to get healthy and study film helps but they are a bad team.

    Fans get excited then UCF destroys us and Narduzzi finishes with 4 wins


  11. ike — I hate trying to predict Pitt games — glad you landed on the side of a Pitt win.

    And I hope your team wins. 😊

    Should be a Pitt win, but UNC is going to be very confident since Pitt’s coming to town.

    My wild guess:
    UNC — 27: Pitt Panthers —31

    Go Pitt.


  12. I’m usually more of an optimist and I hate to say it, but…unc 28-pitt 21. I went against the grain and was right about the tech game and I’m doing the same with this one. I think unc comes out emotional and tough at home, and stacks the box early to slow down the run. And I don’t think the passing game is there yet to be enough of a factor to carry us to victory.

    Here’s to hoping u guys are right and I’m wrong, but I just don’t trust Narduzzi enough right now to come up with the right game plan against a more traditional offense.

    Hope Pitt blows em out! H2P


  13. Pitt defense continues to show signs of life. Pickett finally is able to find some receivers and the running game allows Pitt to dominate time of possession.
    That all leads to:
    Pitt 24
    NC 14


  14. I am watching West Allegheny at Upper St Clair. USC is one of the larger schools in the WPIAL, and it is a match-up of two very successful programs.

    There can’t be more than 300 people in the stands. Western PA FB is dead.

    When I was a student at New Castle, there would be anywhere from 9k to 12k in the stands


    1. Wonder how many of the 300 are more engaged with their phones, than something real. We went up to New Castle circa early ’70’s, and the Hurricanes were ranked #1 in the state and had Bruce Clark, the monster NoseGuard and future 1st round NFL pick. We beat em ! By a couple TD’s even.


  15. I’m actually feeling like the Panthers should come out of this one with a W (which scares the crap out of me because usually, when I feel confident, Pitt craps the bed). Anyway, I’ll still go with:

    Pitt 24
    UNC 21


  16. It’s a bit ironic, one would think Paranoid Pat would have double secret play signals fearing the possibility of sign stealing .


  17. I’m not big on predictions, but prefer expectations instead.

    I expect a Pitt win this week – something Lyke Pitt 29 – unc 19

    Predictions below:

    Pitt gets 3 TD’s, 2 PAT’s (1 missed) and 3 FG’s

    Houdini is pulled out of Narduzzi’s hat and runs Lyke a rabbit through the tarhole’s turf.

    P.Ford scores 1 TD, QO has 1 and Houdini finds pay dirt. The D is stingy in the first half but losses it’s legs in the 2nd half as unc torches a SR or two in the secondary.

    The win gets Pitt to 3-1, but many fans are left feeling bad about the future.

    KP has another pedestrian Lyke game, but gains momentum as a leader with a gritty, and gutsy performance.

    Duzz gives the game ball to DE Weaver who has 2 sacks, a fumble recovery and 4 TFL’s. He never leaves the field for even one defensive play. Fortunately for Pitt fans, the NFL is two years away.


  18. PITT-27 NC-17 A run heavy offense controls game tempo to the tune of 270 yds plus. The defense continues to improve and has several ‘splash’ plays. It will be a very rewarding win for all of us who have trusted the process.


  19. My UNC buddy and tailgate host Greg and I just rolled into Raleigh from the hurricane zone on Topsail Island….

    Tailgate is on at Emerson Drive at 10am… SPECIAL GUEST appearance by PITT ALL- AMERICAN Wrestler Dr. Jeff Jelic..

    I counted this as a win on my pre-season W-L prediction..I am guessing PITT 27- Heels 25.


  20. Most Everyone went with the Yellowjackets last week…. now everyone has given PITT the thumbs up… 👍… hope we are better in our predictions this week…


  21. My heart says PITT wins.
    My head says NC 28 Pitt 14
    And if anybody is watching UCF on TV tonight, Wow are they potent on offense. They might score 50 on Pitt


  22. I’m rolling with keeping the faith, we gotta have faith. Why else do you root for this PITT team? and no not George Micheal……. but this wacky group. LET’S GO PITT!!… H2P


  23. If I recall from summer camp, Narduzzi dawned a fedora and he will continue to wear it out by beating the other fedora on the field. Funny how Narduzzi locks out the local press in order to keep things a secret, but perhaps doesn’t take precaution on the sideline. Good grief if this is true!!

    If NC knows, and they have perfected cheating, than who else knows?

    That said, Pitt rolls big time and blows out UNC 24-23.


  24. Agree Etna – they are fast and have some nice schemes. They have the run pass option where the qb runs around end towards line and shovel passes to receiver on or near the sideline. When that happens narduzzi better be pushing for illegal men down field,. They showed this alot in the game and it wasn’t called. They are fast….and talented. Good dline pressure and containment of the qb is necessary.


  25. Pitt will finally beat North Carolina but it will not be easy or pretty. Final score will be 24-21. Pitt football never does the expected.


  26. Pitt has had one bad defensive half. UNC will get lucky once or twice, but Pitt will prevail—at least that’s what my head says. My heart is nervous as it always is in games we should win. Pitt by 11, 31-20.


  27. In the preseason predictions, I said Pitt would split the two home games (PSU & GT), and split the next 2 on the road. I don’t see any way Pitt can handle the speed of UCF; therefore, Pitt wins tomorrow afternoon. However, I would probably take UNC plus the 4.5 points based on history. How many times has Pitt won an ACC conference game as a road favorite? Not many outside of Duke that I can think of.

    I think this game provides a tremendous situational advantage for Pitt. The hurricane was tragic for those in the Carolinas, but Pitt should benefit.

    1`) If Carolina plays last week, the suspended players would be eligible to play tomorrow. Now they have to sit out tomorrow’s game.

    2) If Carolina plays UCF, they experience an opponent with team speed that will surely prepare them for the matchup against Pitt.

    3) Last week was not the typical bye week for Carolina. Last week was spent preparing for UCF. The end of the week was spent worrying about friends and family, relatives and possessions. Last week reminded UNC players that life is much more important than a scheduled football game. That is the ultimate distraction. I think it will be hard for the players to refocus on the Panthers this Saturday.

    I say Pitt 24 UNC 21.


  28. Last week I went against the Panthers.. and gladly I was wrong.

    Im going to do it again and just maybe that helps us again because SOP won’t leave my mind. Pitt always seems to lose a game it shouldn’t just as I gain some faith.

    UNC 28 Pitt 20


  29. No way we get this monkey off our back with this ragtag collection of two and three star players.

    Pitt 19 – UNC 21


  30. After yet again stealing our signals, NC goes on to steal our cheerleaders, dance team, and Roc the Panther. They win the game late when our ailing punter, suffering from bad shrimp on the bar-b, punts the ball 37 yards backwards and out of our own endzone for a safety. Afterwards, the University announces they are changing their names from the “Tarholes” to the “Stealers.”
    NC- 23
    UP- 21

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  31. NOT a good matchup for Pitt.

    Both Teams need to PASS in order to win. Unfortunately, even without Starters in the Secondary and the Team’s No. 1 Sacker, the North Carolina Defense is still EFFECTIVE in holding down the Opposing Team’s Passing Attack.

    For that matter, the UNC Defense also PRETTY effective in avoiding BIG Run Plays.

    Question is… Really, how good is Kenny Pickett?

    Thank goodness for the SUSPENSIONS. Otherwise, it would be a very BAD matchup for Pitt.


  32. Bottom line… Do Not feel as good about Pitt this week as last against GaTech.

    But as I’ve said before… I NEVER pick against PITT. Just can’t do it.

    If only Kessman can be counted on?


  33. I think this game will be much like the Albany game…..a strong first half and then not much to show in the second half. Pitt beats the Holes 33-14


  34. In a repeat of the bottom feeders bowl, which team gets off the floor? I say Pitt finally gets the passing attack working and gets a defensive touchdown. 35-24


  35. UNC 25.5
    Pitt 24

    Kessman misses game winner and of course the bookies win.

    I actually think we win but last week worked out for us with me picking GT, so…

    BTW, how is it we are 3.5 pt favorites on ESPN game page but it also has UNC with 65.9% chance to win? Math majors only need answer plz.


  36. I missed the uniform reveal. What colors will PITT be wearing today? Yes I care, I want the team I root for to look the part of a winner.

    Hendrix has a good game today…. and btw… I thought he played a solid game last week as well. He did the little things. ike


      1. I hate it…….HEATHER!!!! Get with the program!

        The white pants must have been on special. PITT shops like my wife. If it’s on sale she will buy it, always said one day she will bring home used underwear that was on sale. When will PITT ever get it right? Yes I care…


  37. Agree with POD. Tar Heels will stack the box — will this be a breakout game for Pickett? Prediction: PITT 35 Tar Heels 21


  38. Heels receivers are wide open all day long …. Not enough talent to also overcome officiating.

    UNC – 38
    Pitt – 31


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